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July 4, 1900

Reagan -- L. A. Reagan, of Sugarville, who had been halting between life and death for some time, expired Friday June 22, the day after he returned from Knoxville, whither he had gone for medical treatment. He was buried in the cemetery near the old Reagan homestead the following day. Services by Rev. E. W. Ogle.

McMahan -- Dicie, relict of the late John McMahan, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. B. Bryan, three miles west of Sevierville, Thursday morning June 28th at 5 o'clock and was buried in the Shiloh Cemetery in the afternoon.

Wallace -- Mrs. Ella Wallace, wife of W. W. Wallace, died June 27th. She was the daughter of Wash Henderson. Her mother was a daughter of Maj. James Catlett. Mrs. Wallace was a member of the southern Methodist Church. She died in the faith, and was buried in at Henry's X Roads, near her home. In the absence of the pastor, Rev. W. W. Pyott, Rev. M. A. Rule kindly officiated at burial. In this sad affliction the family have the sympathy of many friends.

Duggan -- R. C. Duggan, formerly of this county, but who moved to Texas about seven years ago, died at his home near McKinney, Sunday, June 17. He was about 40? years old and leaves five children. His oldest son, Will L. Duggan, is constable of the 3rd district and four younger children accompanied him west. He was a brother to Pl__ Duggan, Esq., of Walden, and Hon. W. L. Duggan and Mrs. J. A. Thomas, of East Fork. He was sick three or four weeks.

Stott -- Jane, wife of A. F. Stott, of Middle Creek, died soon after three o'clock yesterday morning after a brief illness from fever and heart trouble. She was a daughter of J. H. Buter of Middle Creek and was an amiable Christian lady.

July 11, 1900

Stott -- Elizabeth Jane, wife of A. F. Stott, was buried at Middle Creek, Wednesday, July 4th. A vast crowd of sorrowing relatives and sympathizing friends turned out to pay her the last tribute of respect. Services were conducted by Rev. A. B. McKenzie who spoke briefly of the life and character of the deceased and exhorted those present to so live that they would meet her in Heaven. She was born Sept. 18, 1869. Professing religion at the age of eleven, she joined the Methodist Episcopal Church and lived a faithful and consistent member of the same until her death. December 18, 1898, she was united in marriage to A. F. Stott. This happy union was short but pleasant. Tuesday morning, July 3d, the Good Shepherd said it is enough come up higher. Her bereaved husband, her tender babe, her brothers, sisters parents and grand parents have the sympathy of the entire community.

Covington -- Narcissus Covington, of Boyd's Creek, died Thursday, July 5th, 1900, at the advanced age of 87 years. She was buried the following day, services by Rev. W. W. Pyott.

Hammer -- Mary Elizabeth, infant daughter of M. M. Hammer of Catlettsburg, died Tuesday, Jane 26th, 1900.

Widener -- An infant son of Harrison Widener of Boyd's Creek, died Monday, July 2d, 1900.

July 25, 1900

Rauhuff -- Sarah, wife of W. H. Rauhuff, of Pigeon Forge, died Wednesday morning, July 18th, 1900, after an illness of six weeks from fever. She was the daughter of our townsman B. M. Atchley. She was a member of the Baptist church and an exemplary lady. She leaves a husband and six children, who will keenly feel the loss of a devoted wife and an indulgent mother. She was laid to rest in the Shiloh Cemetery, Thursday morning. Services by Rev. Mark Roberts.

Butler -- R. A. Butler, or Middle Creek, who had been making a strong fight for life for two weeks yielded to the inevitable Thursday evening, July 19th, 1900. He was a young man of bright promise and was the idol of fond parents and loving brothers and sisters, and the ideal of many admiring friends. He was an apt scholar from his earliest days, an long before he was sufficiently advanced in years to take charge of a public school, he had successfully passed the teacher's examination. When he arrived at the proper age he began teaching, and at once took high rank as a teacher of ability and character. He was a Christian gentleman and was admired and respected by all who knew him His funeral at the Middle Creek Cemetery, Friday afternoon, was one of the most largely attended at that historic burying ground. Services were conducted by Revs. E. M. Wynn, J. D. Lawson, and A. B. McKenzie. His death is universally lamented, and the bereaved family have the sympathy of his entire acquaintance.

August 1, 1900

Rolen -- The people of this county learned with regret Saturday morning that Mrs. Anna Rolen, of Jones Cove had passed away. She was about ninety-three years of age. She was a member of one of the oldest and largest families of Sevier county all of who preceded her to the spirit land. In her young womanhood she was married to Joab Rolen with whom she lived happily until his death in April 1895. Unto them were born twelve children, only five of whom survive her. By industry and economy she and her husband amassed a snug little fortune. She was always kind to the poor and no deserving charity was ever turned away from her door empty handed. She was buried in the Proffitt Cemetery Sunday morning, services by Rev. W. T. Townsend.

Snapp -- Marusa, wife of J. M. Snapp, of Harrisburg, died Saturday morning about 10 o'clock a.m., at the residence of her mother, Mrs. N. J. Houk, a mile below town. She had been suffering from some time from a cancer but she born her sufferings with wonderful patience. She was interred in the Cemetery near Murphy's Chapel Sunday morning, services by Rev. W. W. Pyott.

Haggard -- Rev. N. H. Haggard, one of the oldest Ministers of Sevier county died at his home near New Knob Creek, Tuesday, July 24, after a lingering illness. He was buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Wednesday, with Masonic honors, a large crowd attending.

McNelly -- Lizzie, wife of Will McNelly, of Uceba, died at three o'clock Saturday afternoon, July 21 after a lingering illness. She was the oldest sister of Dr. J. B. DeLozier, of Fair Garden and was a devoted Christian lady, a loving wife and mother and was loved and esteemed by all who knew her. The family physician, the family and loving friends did all in their power to alleviate her suffering and restore her to health but to no avail, the Master said it is enough, come up higher.

Mrs. Foster, wife of James Foster, who has been sick quite a while of dropsy, died Thursday, and was interred the following day in Knob Creek Cemetery. She leaves behind a husband and friends who feel that they have sustained a great loss in her death.

August 15, 1900

Atchley -- Flora, wife of A. C. Atchley died Tuesday Aug. 8, after a lingering illness. She was born Oct. 11, 1875, and was married to A. C. Atchley March 1, 1891, but Rev. C. L. Boling. The union was blest with four children three boys and one girl. She was interred in the Alder Branch Cemetery Wednesday afternoon, services by Rev. D. F. Manley.

-- Saturday morning there was born unto Joe McCown and wife a girl babe. It was dead born.

August 22, 1900

Ingalls -- Former United States Senator John J. Ingalls, of Kansas, died Thursday August 16, at Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Franklin -- James, five year old son of Will Franklin of Wear's Valley, died Wednesday, August 15, after an illness of six weeks from Typhoid Fever.

August 22, 1900

Atchley -- Miss Nan Atchley died at 5:20 a.m. Wednesday, August 15, from a violent attack of typhoid fever. Her family physician, affectionate father, a noble step-mother loving sisters, devoted brothers and sympathizing friends did all they could to alleviate her suffering and with a hope that she would survive the attack until the last. Tuesday morning she appeared better and strong hopes were entertained of her recovery, but early in the day she took a turn for the worse and grew weaker until the end. She was born Nov. 16, 1858. At an early age she professed religion and joined the Baptist church of which she lived a consistent member until her death. She was the youngest daughter of B. M. Atchley and took an active interest in his business and was the strong arm on which he had expected to lean as he journeyed down the western slope of life's rulled [?] plain. She was interred in the Alder Branch Cemetery in the afternoon. Services by Rev. D. F. Manly, who spoke briefly and feelingly upon the life and character of the deceased and of the importance of being ready for death.

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