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April 5, 1899

W. R. Trentham Dead. Gatlinburg, April 3rd. W. R. Trentham, a highly respected citizen and member of the Baptist church at this place died Saturday April 1st at 6 p.m., after a lingering illness. He was 36 years old. He was buried in the Evans chapel cemetery Sunday at 4 p.m. Services by Revs. R. Evans and J. W. Trentham.

April 19, 1899

An infant child of J. M. Kear, of Jay Ell, died April 14th. When the parents awoke from their slumber the little babe was dead in bed.

Lucinda Carter, wife of Madison L. Carter, of Walden, died Tuesday morning at 1 o'clock after a lingering illness. She was buried in the cemetery near the M. E. Church in the afternoon. She was a member of the M. E. Church, a loving wife and an indulgent mother. She leaves a husband and four children all of whom are grown and married

Major Charles Inman, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Nancy Stafford, of Fair Garden, Sunday morning April 9th. He was buried in the family cemetery Monday. Services by Rev. M. A. Rule. He was 89 years, 1 month and 29 days old. He made a gallant soldier in both the Mexican and Civil wars. He represented his county in the legislature and was always recognized as an honest high-toned gentleman and a good and upright citizen. He was a member of the M. E. Church. He was the father of ten children, six of whom have preceded him to the Spirit land. Truly a good man has gone. His surviving children, his grandchildren and other relatives have our sympathy in this sad bereavement.

April 26, 1899

Betty Cusick, of Cusick, relict of the late Andrew Cusick, died at the residence of her son, S. R. Cusick Monday night after a brief illness. She was past the three score years of age and a noble and highly esteemed woman.

May 3, 1899

Atchley, Clara, daughter of Thomas Atchley of Banner died Saturday, April 29th, at the age of 23 years, from pneumonia fever. Funeral services Sunday by Rev. J. N. Clabaugh.

McCroskey -- Mrs. Doc McCroskey, of Latonia, died Monday, April 24th, after a brief illness, leaving a husband and one child.

McCallie -- Mrs. A. J. McCallie, of Asbury died Friday, April 28th, and was buried the following day. Services by Rev. J. A. Ruble.

Faine -- Effie, the little daughter of J. W. Faine and wife, formerly of this county, died at their home, 941 McCammon St., Knoxville, Friday night. She was brought back and interred in the Sims' cemetery Sunday.

McBee -- John Condon, a little eleven-months old son of Dr. and Mrs. R. M. McBee, of Henry's Cross Roads, died Tuesday, April 25th, and was laid to rest the following day in the presence of a large concourse of sympathizing friends. Services by Rev. W. W. Pyott.

Brown -- A two-weeks-old girl of Cal Brown died Monday morning.

Pollard -- Charlie, son of Andrew and Pricilla Pollard, of Henry's Cross Roads, died Saturday, April 29th. Services by Rev. W. W. Pyott. Charlie was a bright boy full of promise, but God claimed him for His own just as he was blooming into manhood. He professed religion during the revival meeting at that place in March.

James Layman, Fair Garden, April 22d. Mr. James Layman, of Fox, Tenn., departed this life April 19th, 1899. Brother Layman was born in Sevier county on July 9th, 1812 and lived in said county for a number of years. On the 25th of January 1830, Brother Layman and Vina Fox were united in the bonds of matrimony. They lived an agreeable life up to July 20th, 1881. In the year 1882 Brother Layman and Jane Harrison were married, who still survives him. Brother Layman raised a large family by his first wife, the most of them survive him. Brother Layman started in the world very poor, but by hard labor and economy he gained a considerable quantity of this world's goods. He helped his children to take a start in life. He was an honest dealer, a kind and obliging neighbor. He helped to build churches and support the ministry. His doors were always open to the hungry. Brother Layman professed Christianity in the year 1873 and joined the M. E. Church and ? Christian, ever ready to lend a helping hand to the church and died happy and no doubt has gone to glory to wait the resurrection. Brother Layman leaves a wife and a host of children, grand children, kindred and friends to mourn their loss.

May 17, 1899

Trotter -- Mackie, youngest son of M. C. Trotter, of Trotter's Store, died Monday, May 15, at 3 p.m., after an illness of a week. His bowels being locked. Several eminent physicians were summoned and fond parents, devoted brothers and sympathizing friends did all in their power to alleviate his suffering and restore him to health, but without success. He was interred in the Union Grove Cemetery, Tuesday evening, services by E. M. Wynn.

Douglass -- Monday evening, May 15, the king of terrors invaded the home of J. E. Douglass, of Trotter's Store, and took from that pleasant home his daughter, Miss Martha, who was just blooming into womanhood. She had been afflicted with consumption for more than a year but was not considered dangerous at the time. A short time before her death she was engaged in conversation with her mother when she was seized with a hemorrhage and died in less than an hour.

May 24, 1899

Pickens -- J. A. Pickens, Sr., of Cusick, died Tuesday, May 16, at 7 p.m., at a ripe old age. Esq. Pickens was well known throughout Sevier County and was highly respected by all who knew him. For more than twenty years, he was a member of the county court. While a member of that body he always took a firm stand for what he believed to be right and there was never any question as to his standing on either men or measures. He was a firm loyal and devoted friend who could always be relied upon. He was an obliging neighbor who will be greatly missed in his community.

Branson -- Katie Branson, wife of J. A. Branson, of Pokeberry, died Tuesday morning, May 16th, after a lingering illness. She was a daughter of Aaron Gobble, of Jay Ell, and was a lady highly esteemed by all who knew her.

Hill -- Eliza Hill, an old and respected lady, died at the home of S. H. Lanning, of Millican, Friday night, May 19th.

Breeden -- J. A. Breeden, who was for several years in the photography business at this place, died at Rock Spring, Texas, Saturday, May 13th. Last fall he left here for the Lone Star state hoping to regain his failing health. A few weeks ago Mrs. Breeden and her little son left for that place to join him, but when they arrived at their destination they found that their husband and stepfather had died and been buried in a strange land. Mrs. Breeden had spent all her savings reaching Texas and found herself among stranger without money. She wrote to Dr. E. H. Pearce telling him of her condition. At once a subscription was started to raise money to pay for the return of her and her little son to Sevierville. Sunday night a public collection was taken for her benefit. A sufficient amount has been raised to defray their expenses from Rock Spring to Sevierville. Mrs. Breeden and her little son have our sympathy in their sad bereavement.

Trotter -- Anna, wife of A. S. Trotter of Pigeon Forge, died Monday morning and was buried in the Pigeon Forge Cemetery the following day. She was a daughter of the late Blackburn Jones. She was a faithful Christian, a devoted wife and indulgent mother, an obliging neighbor and a lady highly esteemed. She leaves a husband and five children who will keenly feel the loss of their dearest and best friend. Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to them.

Fogarty -- M. Fogarty, proprietor of the Shamrock saloon, died at his place of business Saturday morning. The Knoxville Sentinel says that his funeral was perhaps the most largely attended of any one in the history of Knoxville.

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