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July 13, 1898

Susie Turner, wife of Elijah Turner, of the 7th district, died Thursday night July 7th, after an illness of two weeks from malarial fever. She was 41 years old, had been a member of the Baptist church at Millican Grove 25 years, had been married 20 years Feb. 15th. She leaves 9 children who with her devoted husband mourn an irreparable loss. She was buried Friday afternoon, in Alder Branch cemetery. Funeral services by Rev. J. F. Hale. The sympathies of the Vindicator are extended to Mr. Turner and his children.

July 27, 1898

Sudden Death. Monday morning about nine o'clock, Addie Dixon, wife of Luther M. Dixon, of Harrisburg, while talking to her mother, Mrs. Mary Robertson, suddenly died. She was somewhat indisposed, but was not considered dangerous. Her husband had gone to his work and her brother, M. C. Robertson, had gone to the woods to kill her a squirrel. She began to feel queer and commenced describing her feelings to her mother, but before she could complete description, she was dead. She and her husband had been married less than a year and seemed to be starting happily and successfully on life's journey. The young husband, the aged mother and admiring brothers and sisters have our sympathies. She was interred Tuesday at 10 a.m., with appropriate ceremonies.

Hattie Butler, wife of William, of Middle Creek, died Saturday night at 10 o'clock, after a lingering illness from consumption. She was a daughter of [incomplete].

W. H. Shults, of Pigeon Forge, was a member of the M. E. Church and was highly respected by all who knew her. She was interred in the Middle Creek cemetery Sunday evening. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. M. A. Rule. The bereaved husband and his four children have our sympathies.

Sept. 7, 1898

Martha Toomey Chandler, wife of John Chandler, passed away at 1:40 a.m. Saturday Sept. 3. Saturday morning the people of Sevierville and vicinity learned with regret that Martha Chandler, wife of our popular county court clerk was dead. Mrs. Chandler had been unwell all summer, but was not considered dangerous until Thursday morning. Wednesday night she passed a restless might, and Thursday morning complained of feeling worse. In the morning her mother came in and she exclaimed "there is mamma," and raised up and kissed her mamma. After that she never spoke intelligently. The family physician, the family and many sympathizing friends did all in their power to alleviate her sufferings. Her three daughters Mrs. S.W. McMahan, Mrs. R.H. Randles and Mrs. M.C. Thomas were all with her at the time of her death. Mr. Chandler is still weak from an attack of chills and fever and this is a severe tax on his weakened nerves. She was laid to rest Sunday morning in the family burying ground at Boyd's Creek, funeral services by Rev. H. C. Hamsted, who offered an affectionate and fervent prayer for the friends and relatives of the deceased asking that they be prepared to meet her in heaven. He spoke feelingly and pleasantly of his acquaintance with the deceased, having served as her pastor, both at Boyd's Creek and at Sevierville. He said that her life and her walk stamped her as an exemplary Christian, which is a stronger testimony than any profession or membership in the church. He said that he came not to talk to the dead, but to the living. Said he, nothing that we could say could change the dead. He then delivered an able and instructive discourse upon the resurrection of Christ. Looking down into the open grave of our friends, said he, the only consolation we have is that like Christ they will rise again. He closed with an able exhortation to those who had not an abiding father in Jesus Christ to prepare at once for the summons that awaits us all. A large crowd attended the funeral attesting the high esteem in which she was held by all who knew her. Mrs. Chandler was a daughter of the late S. O. Dickey and was born Sept. 5, 1850 and at the time of her death lacked only 2 days of being 48 years old. She was married to John Chandler Sept. 26, 1867. Rev. John H. Morton, Capt. of Co. K Third Tennessee Cavalry and Mrs. Chandler's old school teacher officiating. She and her husband lived happily together for nearly thirty-one years. Unto them, were born four children, Nellie, Kate and Blanche, and Robert Lee, who died at the age of two months in 1870. She was a devoted wife, an indulgent mother and a devoted Christian, loved and respected by all who knew her. Her aged mother, her bereaved husband and daughter, her loving grand children and many sorrowing and admiring friends have our sincere sympathy in this sad bereavement.

Sept. 14, 1898

Ellen B. Cox, wife of Hugh Cox, Esq. of the tenth district, died between 6 and 7 o'clock, Tuesday morning, September 13th. She had been unwell for quite a while but was not considered dangerous until Monday evening when her children who were away from home were dispatched for and the family and attending friends saw that the end was near. She was a daughter of James Black of Blount county, and was born April 7th, 1839. Professing religion at an early age, she united with the Presbyterian church, of which she was a consistent member until the time of her death. She was married to Hugh Cox, October 29th 1867, with whom she lived happily nearly thirty one years. Unto them were born five children all of whom have grown up and become useful members of society. The oldest son, John B. holds a responsible and profitable position with an electric light company in New York. Their only daughter, Miss Jennie, is one of the most popular teachers of our county. She was a member of the faculty of Murphy College from 1895 to 1897 and during the last year attended Centenary College, preparing for greater usefulness. J. A. Cox, another son, has been principal of Porter Academy since the fall term of 1897. Will, the youngest son is a graduate of Murphy College and is employed as salesman by the firm of J.R. & M. Yett. Sam, another son is a successful farmer and stock trader, is married and living at the Cox home. The family has been one of the happiest and most pleasant in the scope of our acquaintance. Father, mother and children vied with each other in making one another pleasant and happy. She will be interred in the Uceba Cemetery Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. Alexander, her pastor, who will be assisted by Rev. J.A. Ruble, Rev. M.A. Rule, and Rev. Mr. Spring and others. Words cannot express our sympathy to the devoted husband and admiring children, who mourn for wife and mother, life's dearest, noblest and best friend.

Harriet White Blair. Relict of Robert H. Blair, born Aug. 23, 1830. Died Sept. 5, 98. Mrs. Harriet Blair, relict of R. H. Blair, had been quite unwell for some weeks, from chronic liver and kidney trouble. Thinking the bracing air and the health restoring water of Line Spring would benefit her, her children took her to this celebrated summer resort, but she gradually grew worse and was brought home. The best medical aid of the country was procured and loving children and sympathizing friends made a gallant fight to restore her to health, but without avail. For two weeks death was hourly expected and at 9:20 of the evening of Sept. 5, called to claim his victim. Mrs. Blair was a daughter of the late Curtis Mills, who for a number of years was a member of the county court of Sevier county, and was a Justice in the strict sense of the term. She professed religion in 1845 and joined the Baptist church at Henderson's Chapel. In 1851, she was married to Robert H. Blair, with whom she lived until his death which occurred Jan. 2, 1894. Unto them were born 7 children, all of whom grew up and became useful citizens, her oldest son, M.L. Blair, died in the Spring of 1888, another son, H.C. Blair, lives in Sevierville, and is the junior member of the popular mercantile firm of Emert & Blair. A daughter, Mrs. F.L. Emert, also lives in Sevierville. Two sons, Frank and Joe live in San Antonio, Texas. Frank has twice represented his county in the lower house of the Texas legislature and is nominated for a third term. He is a candidate for speaker of the next house with flattering prospects for a selection. John is a member of the Texas state guards and is making an excellent record as a soldier. One daughter, Mary J. and one son, Lawrence T. have remained at home with their mother. Their home was one that it was a pleasure to visit. Every thing was neatly arranged and the visitor was always made welcome. Mrs. Blair was a faithful Christian, a devoted wife, an obedient daughter, an indulgent mother, an obliging neighbor, loved, honored, and respected by all who knew her. Her six children, and her surviving sister, Mrs. M.H. Emert of this place, were all with her at the time of death. She was laid to rest in the Middle Creek cemetery Tuesday with appropriate services. A large crowd of sorrowing relatives and sympathizing friends turned out to pay the last sad tribute of respect to one they dearly loved.

Dec. __, 1898

Ellen R. McCroskey, wife of E.E. McCroskey, died at her home, corner of Walnut and Vine streets, Knoxville Tennessee, Monday December 5th, at 1:30 p.m., after a protracted illness from consumption. She bore her afflictions patiently believing all the while that she was not afflicted with consumption but would recover. She was a daughter of Mrs. Mary E. Chandler of Boyd's Creek, and a sister of John Chandler our popular County Court Clerk. Mr. McCroskey is a Sevier countian also, but has been in business in Knoxville quite a while. The husband, mother, brothers and sisters and other relatives of the deceased, have our sincere sympathy.

Nancy DeLozier, wife of James DeLozier of the tenth district died Saturday after a brief illness. Deceased was a high-toned Christian lady and leaves a host of friends to mourn her death.

Henry Chandler, a respectable old colored man of this county died at the home of Bob Brabson of Boyd's Creek Friday evening.

December 21, 1898

Andrew Latham, an old and highly respected citizen of the tenth district died quite suddenly Thursday, Dec. 15th from heart failure. Mr. Latham had been an exceedingly stout man hardly ever being sick. He was a member of the M. E. Church an honest upright gentleman, a man of strong convictions and frank in all his expressions giving all to understand his position on men and measures. He was the father of a large family and leaves a host of relatives and friends who linger sorrowfully at his tomb.

Ethel Templeton. The sixteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Templeton of Knoxville died at their home last week after a brief illness from pneumonia fever. The bereaved parents and sorrowing brothers and sisters have the sympathy of many Sevier County friends, who knew them when living here and who have come in contact with them upon subsequent visits to the county.

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