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September 4, 1901

SHARP. Rebecca, wife of Capt. James Sharp, of Trundle's Cross Roads, died Wednesday morning August 28th at the advanced age of 89. She had been unwell for sometime and her death was not unexpected. She was an estimable lady, loved and esteemed by all who knew her. She was interred the following day in the Uceba Cemetery, services by Rev. W. W. Pyott.

ROWAN. Pop Rowan, died at her home five miles east of Maryville, Aug. 17, at the advanced age of 82. She was born and raised near Sevierville and has many friends who knew her when she lived here. She was a sister of J. M. Rambo, of Henderson's Springs, and R. M. Rambo, of Middle Creek. She was the mother of P. B. Love. Mr. Love went to the funeral arriving after the services conducted by Prof. Wilson, President of Maryville College had been concluded and just as the lid of the casket was about to be closed for the last time.

Obituary of SARAH OGLE. Sarah Ogle, wife of E. W. Ogle was born April 23, 1848, died August 9th, 1901. She was married to Rev. E. W. Ogle, Aug. 25, 1867. She leaves a husband, a mother and five children and a host of friends to mourn her loss, but we mourn not as one who has no hope, for she professed faith in Christ in her eleventh year, and joined the White Oak Flats Baptist Church and lived an excellent member till God called her home. The Church will greatly miss her, for she filled her place in the Church. Specially ministering at the alter of prayer having a great interest in the salvation of lost sinners, giving them her instructions. But her work was finished and she entered on her reward. Sister Sarah was a good wife having a great love for her husband. She has stood by Brother Ogle for more than twenty years, like a wall of defense, and help in his ministry. She was a good mother, having a great love for her children. We commend the husband and children and friends to God Who doeth all things well. Resolved, that we bow in humble submission to the Allwise Creator who doeth all things after the counsel of His own will. Resolved, that a copy of this be spread on our Church Book, and a copy be given to Brother Ogle, also a copy be sent to our county paper for publication. H. B. Kear, Joel Watson, D. B. Ogle, Com.

September 18, 1901

PRESIDENT MCKINLEY DEAD! Passes Away at 2:14 A.M. Saturday. Funeral at Canton, Ohio, Thursday. President McKinley died at 2:15 a.m., Saturday from the effects of the shots of the anarchist Czolgozs, which he received Friday, Sept. 6th, 1901. Encouraging news came from Buffalo up to Thursday afternoon when a turn came for the worst and, each succeeding dispatch made more emphatic the sad reality that the end was near. It came as peacefully as the sitting of a summer sun. His last words being, "It it God's will." "Let His will not ours be done." After lying in state in Washington the allotted time, the body will be taken to Canton, O for interment and appropriate services will be held throughout the country Thursday the day of burial. Vice President Roosevelt took the oath of office of President of the United States Saturday afternoon. After being sworn in he announced that he expected to carry our the policy of President McKinley for the prosperity and peace of the country and requested the members of McKinley Cabinet to retain their positions, to which all of them consented.

September 25, 1901

MURPHY. W. C. Murphy, who has been in feeble health for some time died Sunday afternoon. Services were conducted at the M. E. Church, South, Tuesday, at 10 a.m., by Rev. W. W. Pyott and others, after which Mountain Star Lodge No. 197, F. & A.M., took charge and conveyed the remains to Murphy's Chapel Cemetery, where he was interred with Masonic honors. Mr. Murphy was an exemplary citizen. By industry and economy he had amassed a considerable fortune. But he was liberal to all benevolent subjects, giving liberally to the church and to the schools. He assisted in organizing the Sevier County Sunday School Convention, and until taken ill and unable to attend was always present at its sessions. He was one of the leaders in founding Murphy College and was elected President of the Board of Trustees, which position he filled until his death. He was a man of strong convictions, so much so that he was often considered cranky, but no one ever doubted his honesty. He was a devoted husband, an indulgent father and a real neighbor. His place in the church and in the community will be difficult to fill.

October 2, 1901

HODGES. Sallie, wife of Alvin Hodges, died Tuesday, Sept. 25th, 1901, after a lingering illness from consumption. She was interred at Beach Spring Cemetery the following day. Services by Rev. O. L. Underwood.

YARBERRY. Vola, daughter of Dr. J. L. Yarberry, died last week from scarlet fever.

FOX. Mrs. C. W. Fox gave birth to a boy baby Friday morning about one o'clock. The little fellow lived until five o'clock in the afternoon and died.

LYLE. T. E. Lyle, formerly of this county, died at his home in Knoxville, Friday night. He was brought back to this county Saturday and interred Sunday.

LOVEDAY. James Roosevelt Lester, little son of W. C. and Hettie Loveday, died Sept. 22d, 1901, and interred in the Glenwood Baptist Church Cemetery. Services by Rev. C. L. Wood, Sept. 24. Age 11 mo. 3 days.

October 9, 1901.

CAUGHRON. T. O. Caughron, of Eldee, died Thursday, Oct. 3d, 1901, at 6 p.m., after a lingering illness. Mr. Caughron was an industrious, honorable citizen and had many friends who regret his death.

October 16, 1901.

Christine, little daughter of J. N. Thomas of Knoxville, died Friday from tonsilitis [sic]. It was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery Saturday afternoon. Mack and Miss Nettie Thomas went down to the funeral.

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