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June 7, 1899

Henry -- Ed, a little seven year old son of Sam Henry of Trotter's Store, died Friday June 2nd at 2 p.m. He had been suffering from inflammatory rheumatism and was recently seized with typhoid fever.

Metler -- Mrs. S. M. Metler, of Knoxville, died Saturday, June 3rd at about 9 o'clock a.m., after a lingering illness. She was the mother of Frank Walker of this place. Mr. Walker and wife left soon after her death to attend the funeral.

June 28, 1899

Maples -- Florence, wife of P. Maples of this place, died at Henderson's Springs, Tuesday evening, June 20, about 3 o'clock. She had been an invalid for quite a while but her friends did not realize that the end was so near until the evening before her death. Through all her sickness, her husband watched over her tenderly, procuring the best medical aid that could be had and had just recently taken her to this celebrated summer resort in hope of reviving her declining system. She was a daughter of S. W. Cowden, of Kodak, and was born in August, 1872. She was married to Mr. Maples, June 13, '95, and with him she lived happily until the angel of death claimed her for its victim. She was interred in the Alder Branch cemetery the following day, funeral services by Rev. D. F. Manly. After a song and prayer by Rev. M. A. Rule, Brother Manly announced for his text the 10th verse of the XVI chapter of Mark: "And she went and told them that she had been with Him as they mourned and wept." He delivered an able and instructive discourse, setting for the the beauties of the sweet life beyond and offering words of comfort to those who are bereaved. He did not come to pay the last tribute of respect to the deceased but hoped the beautiful month of May would never pass without her grave being decorated with flowers. Speaking of our duty to bereaved ones he said it was our duty to visit homes laden with sorrow, but the only sure place for comfort was at a throne of mercy. At the close of his discourse the remains were viewed by the audience. Many eyes were filled with tears and the lamentations of the heart broken mother and other dear ones were pathetic indeed. The deceased was an estimable lady, a dutiful and loving wife, a fond an indulgent stepmother, adored by her husband and his children, and admired and respected by all who knew her.

Rawlings -- Sarah Rawlings was born June 12th, 1826. She professed religion at the age of 11 years and joined the Cumberland Presbyterian church at Big Spring Camp Ground in Jefferson county. She moved to Sevierville at the age of 15. When she came to Sevierville there being no Cumberland Presbyterian church here she attached herself to the M. E. Church, South, of which she lived a consistent member until her death, June 23, 1899, at 11:30 p.m. In 1843 she was married to Michael A. Rawlings, unto them were born seven children, five of whom survive her, also 29 grandchildren and 18 great-grand-children. Funeral services were conducted Sunday morning, at the M. E. Church, South, by Rev. W. W. Pyott, reading scripture lesson, song and prayer, and a discourse upon the life and character of the deceased. At 9:30 the funeral procession started for the Shiloh cemetery where the services were concluded.

Baker -- Katie, wife of Hugh B. Baker, of Walden, died Monday, June 26th, at 6 a.m., after an illness of a little over a week from paralysis and was buried in the Walden cemetery the following day, services by Rev. M. A. Rule. She was member of the M. E. Church, a loving and faithful wife, a kind and indulgent mother and an obliging neighbor. Her husband and children and grandchildren have our sympathy in their sad bereavement.

Shaw -- Maggie, wife of W. A. Shaw, of Eldee, died Friday evening, June 23d. After a lingering illness from consumption. She leaves a husband and one child.

Jones -- The wife of Will Jones, of Henry's X Roads, died Monday morning, June 25th.

Hodsden--An infant son of Jesse Hodsden, a colored laborer on the farm of I. C. McMahan, died Monday morning.

Proffitt -- Ann, wife of S. T. Proffitt, of Jones' Cove, died Sunday, June 25th after a lingering illness from consumption. She was buried the following day in the family cemetery near by with appropriate ceremonies. She leaves three small daughters who together with a husband and two step-daughters will keenly feel their loss. She was a daughter of the late G. C. Shrader. She was a model woman, admired and respected by all who knew her.

July 5, 1899

Trotter -- Anna Jane, the infant daughter of A. S. Trotter, of Pigeon Forge, died Wednesday, June 28th, and was laid to rest in the Pigeon Forge cemetery beside its mamma, who preceded it only a few weeks. Mr. Trotter and the surviving children have our sympathy in this additional bereavement, and we hope their hearts may be drawn closer to a throne of mercy and that in the sweet bye and bye they may all be reunited.

Newman -- Sinda Stella, little six and a half months old daughter of H. H. Newman, died Friday morning, June 30th, and was buried in the Millican cemetery in the afternoon services by Rev. W. W. Pyott. The little cherub had been a sufferer from her birth, bur she has now gone where suffering is unknown. Mr. and Mrs. Newman have our sympathy in this second bereavement which has overtaken them in so short a time.

Huff -- Jane, wife of A. J. Huff, of Walden, was taken quite suddenly and dangerous ill Sunday night and died before noon Monday. She was the only daughter of Hugh B. Baker. She was a consistent member of the M. E. Church, was a good wife and mother, and a lady highly esteemed. Her bereaved husband and children, and heart-broken father and brothers have our sympathy in this unexpected sadness.

DEATH OF THE OLDEST MAN IN SEVIER COUNTY Stalling -- John H. Stalling, of the 12th district, died Thursday evening, June 29th, at the age of 108. He was a good citizen, a consistent member of the Baptist church. He leaves four sons and a number of grandchildren. He was a native of North Carolina.

McClure -- While playing in childhood glee Monday evening, a little boy of George McClure of Wear's Valley with a match set fire to the clothes of his baby sister, burning off her clothes and burning the child so badly that she died that night. She was laid to rest in the Mattox burying ground Tuesday evening. Services by Rev. J. D. Lawson.

Miss Martha Charlotte Emert died at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Sarah Emert on Middle Creek, Thursday evening June 8th, 1899, at 4 o'clock p.m. age 22 years, 11 months and 15 days. For about two years Martha had been in very delicate health, but not until very recently had her afflictions reached such a stage as to alarm her friends. Martha was the pride of her father's household, and a favorite with all the relatives. Her bright intellect, her sweet, gentle disposition, her tender loving heart and the cordial greeting she always gave, won for her a large number of acquaintenances and warm friends. She could count her friends by the score, and always remembered and cherished them, and none knew her but to love her. As a church member at this place, which she has been for the past ten years, she was one of our best. Martha took a lively interest in the Sunday School and Epworth league work. Many, many hearts were saddened when the death was anounced by the slow tolling of the bell, and many tears will fall as the sad intelligence reaches her many friends and relatives which reside at a distance from her home. The bright Thursday of June 8th, 1899, will be recalled with sadness by the many friends and relatives who loved her so fondly. But our sadness should be mingled with joy when we remember that Martha, one of mortalities richest flowers, blooms now in all her celestial beauty, and is divinely fair. That on snowy pinions of redeeming love she basks in the sunlight of fruition, floating o'er flowery fields and along the crystal waters of the sweet haven of rest. When here on earth Martha gave her heart of God at 12 years of age, trusting Him in her childish faith. She joined the church at this place, and was ever a consistent member of the same. Her remains were tenderly laid to rest in the Middle Creek Cemetery June 9th, 1899, at 3 o'clock p.,m. Rev. M. A. Rule and E. M. Wynn conducted the ceremonies in the presence of a large crowd of relatives and friends, who had gathered to pay their respects to the memory of Martha. Martha died with God's praises on her lips, and in her dying hour she whispered, "All is well."

July 12, 1899

Henderson -- Orlena, the little five year old daughter of A. B. Henderson, of Knoxville, died at 1 o'clock Frisday morning, after a lingering illness. She was a bright sweet girl. Mr. Henderson and family have our sympathy in their sad bereavement.

Williams -- John Williams, of Henderson's Springs died Wednesday, July 5, at 11 a.m., and was buried in the Shiloh Cemetery the following day, services by Rev. C. Rule. He was the father of twelve children six of whom have preceded him to the spirit land. He was a member of the Baptist church and unassuming citizen.

Murphy -- Johnnie, the little two year old son of H. H. Murphy, of Walden died Thursday morning, July 6.

Webb -- An infant daughter of L.D. Webb, of Pigeon Forge died Thursday morning.

July 19, 1899

Maggie E. Shaw, wife of W. A. Shaw, departed this life June 23rd, 1899, age 30 years. She was a daughter of J. M. Layman of Eldee. Her mother died when she was eight years old, therefore she was raised without a mother. Her parents gave her to the Lord in childhood. When she grew up she accepted the Saviour and joined the M. E. Church at Cummings Chapel and lived a consistent member until taken from labor to rest. She was united in holy wedlock of W. A. Shaw, September 23, 1889, and to them was born one child who is 9 years of age, the age of Maggie when her mother was taken from her. Maggie ever remembers her vow to perform it as a wife and was always in her place and did her duty and did it well. As a mother, she neglected not her darling little child, Gracie, but was endeavoring to lead her in the right way. During her sickess she was a constant student of the Bible and endeavoring to lead her in the right way. [possibly mistranscribed] During her sickness, she was a constant student of the Bible and endeavoring to do its bidding losing sight of all earthly things. She said she was going to Heaven and wanted all to meet her there, and when the tempestuous night rolled away the morning sun was casting his golden rays over the little earthly home of our dear Maggie at 8 o'clock. The sanctified soul of dear Maggie took its flight to the land whose light is never dimmed by shadow; whose fields are ever vernal while nothing beautiful can fade but blooms for age eternal. Its shinging towers we may not see with our dim earthly vision; for death the silent warden keeps the key that opens these gates elysian. The funeral was conducted at Cumming's Chapel with a large number of friends and relatives. While we stood at the grave's mouth and bid farewell to our dear Maggie. Blessed be the name of the Lord, we didn't weep as those that had no hope, but with faith we look beyond the flight of time beyond this vale of death, where surely is a blessed clime where life is not a breath. "When the death devoted Greek, Ion, bid his beloved Clemanthe farewell, she said to him "Shall we meet again?" He answered, "I have asked the dreadful question of the hills around that look eternal; of the brooks that flow on forever and the starts among whose azure heights my raised spirit hath walked in glory, and all are dumb, but as I look upon your face and see the love that mantles throughout its beauty it tells me, yes, we will meet again. While I pen this sentiment the sound of our dear Maggie touches my soul and I feel like saying yes, we will meet you dear Maggie beyond the chilling waves of death's dark river where are no tear dimmed eye, no form by sickenss wasted, no sad farewell is heard, no lonely wail for loving ones departed. One precious to our hearts is gone; the voice we loved is stilled, the place made vacant in our home cannot be filled. Our father in his wisdom has called the one his love had given, and though on earth her body lies, her soul is safe in Heaven. P. M. Shaw

Early -- An infant children of W. W. Early died Monday, July 10th and was buried in the Murphy's Chapel cemetery Tuesday morning. Services by Rev. W.W. Pyott.

White -- Thomas White, an old and highly respected citizen of Henry's X Roads, died Monday July 10 and was buried the following afternoon, services by Rev. W. W. Pyott. He was a member of the M. E. Church, south.

Green -- An infant girl of John R. Green, of Middle Creek, died Sunday evening July 16th, aged one week. Services were conducted at the residence Monday morning by J. F. Stott and at the cemetery by Rev. J. A. Baker.

Whaley -- Jack the little twelve year old of P. H. Whaley of Knoxville, died Saturday morning July 15 after a brief illness and was brought back to Greenbrier where he was interred Sunday.

Trundle -- Mrs. Amanda Trundle, one of the oldest and most highly respected ladies of Boyd's Creek, died Saturday afternoon, July 15th at the home of her son, W. S. Trundle. She was buried in the family burying ground Sunday morning. Services by Rev. W. W. Pyott.

Compton -- Betsy Compton, of Walden, died Monday July 17th and was buried in the Shiloh Cemetery the following day.

Keeble -- Mattie, wife of Caleb Keeble, of Black Oak, died Monday July 17th and was interred in the Shiloh Cemetery Tuesday morning.

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