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July 14, 1897

Death's Doings

On Friday night, June 25th, little Stella Beale, the ten month old daughter of A. M. and Blanche Thomas, passed from this troublesome world into the home prepared for the sweet innocents.

On Friday night, June 17th, at his Catlettsburg home, Berry Henry, a popular and enthusiastic politician, well-known to Sevier countians, surrendered to the king of terrors.

Mrs. Serna C. Bowers, of New Street, one of the oldest and most highly respected ladies of Sevierville, died Sunday night, June 27th, shortly before 9 o'clock, after a lingering illness. Her loving and admiring children did all they could to relieve her suffering in the vain hope of getting her restored to health, but without success. She was laid to rest in the Post Oak Cemetery, Tuesday, June 27, where a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and sympathizing friends paid her the last sad tribute of respect. She was 71 years old having been born April 27, 1826. Her children, J. D. Bowers, J. E. Bowers, W. H. Bowers and Vina McCroskey were all with her at the time of her death.

Rachail Allen, daughter of Dan Allen, of Allensville, died Wednesday evening June 9, at about ten o'clock, from a lingering attack of consumption. The family physician, the family and kind friends did all they could to alleviate her suffering, but death was her only relief. She was interred in the Allen Cemetery, Friday at 10 A.M., funeral service by Rev. J. F. Hale.

Ellen Goforth, wife of Perry Goforth, died at the home of her father, Rufus Patterson, on West Main Street, Thursday, June 10th, at 11 a.m. She had been suffering quite a while with consumption, but bore her afflictions with a Christian patience which passes all understanding, rejoicing in the name of the Lord and she continued happy to the end. She was buried in the Alder Branch Cemetery the afternoon of the following day. Services were conducted by Rev. J. F. Hale who had frequently visited her during her sickness.

D. F. Pollard. An old and highly respected citizen of the 12th District, died Saturday, June 12th, after an illness of three months. Mr. Pollard was a quiet, unassuming citizen, strictly honest and highly esteemed by all who knew him. He was an extensive farmer and trader and for a few years engaged in the mercantile business. He was always frank and bold and never made a promise which he did not stand to. He was interred the following day in the McClary Cemetery. Services conducted by O. E. Underwood.

On Sunday, June 27th, wife of Absolem Allen, of Fair Garden, died quite suddenly.

Mrs. Amanda Shelly, of Shiloh Church, grandmother of J. W. Shelly, died Monday June 28th.

Catherine Christopher, wife of William Christopher, died Monday, June 28th, after a brief illness.

Amanda Eledge, an inmate of the county poor house, died Wednesday, July 1st.

Nancy A. Henry of the Eighth district, died on Sunday, June 27th, at the advanced age of 73 years, two months and nine days. She had been blind for thirty years and for the last few years had been quite feeble. She was a devoted Christian from girlhood, and one of the noblest of mothers. She was interred in the Shady Grove Cemetery, Monday June 28th. Funeral services by Rev. J. A. Baker.

Green B. Nations. A former Sevier countian, but late a resident of North Salem, Mo. died Thursday, May 21, after a sickness of eleven days duration. Mr. Nations was about 54 years of age. He served in the Sixth Tennessee Infantry during the late war and made a good soldier. His wife died about three years ago. He leaves three children who were with him in his western home. He was a quiet, unassuming man and a consistent member of the Primitive Baptist Church.

August 4, 1897

Death of Mary Roberts, eldest daughter of James and Mary Roberts of the fourth district, died July 20. She was born in February, 1860, was devoted member of the M. E. Church and was esteemed by all who knew her as a Christian lady. Friday night, July 16, she took a spasm and would have fallen had not her sister Maggie caught her in her arms. A few minutes after she was seized by the spasm she became speechless and remained so until her death, Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock. She was buried in the Middle Creek cemetery Wednesday, July 21, the funeral service being conducted by E. M. Wynn.

Death of A. J. Breeden of May, Friday evening, July 31st, in Knoxville. Some time ago he swallowed a goober pea, which, going in the wrong direction, necessitated the performance of a surgical operation. During all the time he lived he bravely fought the grim monster and claimed all the while that he would recover. He was interred in the Willard cemetery Sunday August 1, with appropriate ceremonies.

October 20, 1897

James H. Ballard Esq. of New Knob Creek died Monday evening Oct. 18th at two o'clock and was interred in the Zion Hill Cemetery Tuesday evening. Mr. Ballard was one of the leading citizens of Sevier County. At the time of his death he was tax assessor for his district and post master at his place. He had been suffering from a cancer quite a while and death was the only relief. The Vindicator extends its sympathy to the bereaved widow and children.

November 3, 1897

Josie Wear Dead. Sunday morning, October 31, the King of Terrors called at the residence of J. A. Wear, of Henderson's Springs, and claimed for its victim the wife and mother and left a husband and daughter to mourn the loss of life's dearest and best friend. Mrs. Wear was a model woman, a devoted wife and a loving mother. She had been for sometime suffering from the dreaded disease, consumption, but through it all she manifested a Christian patience and forbearance unsurpassed. She was laid to rest in the Shiloh cemetery Monday morning, receiving the last sad tribute of respect from sorrowing relatives and sympathizing friends.

Dec. 22, 1897

Nannie Douglass. Wife of Robert Douglass, of Millican, died at the residence of her father, Andrew Henderson, Monday night, Dec. 13, at 9 o'clock. She had been suffering from consumption some time and was recently seized with fever from which she could not recover. She was laid to rest in the Alder Branch Cemetery Tuesday evening, funeral services by Rev. J. F. Hale.

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