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January 2, 1901

HALE. When the family of Guy Hale, of Black Oak, arose Saturday morning they found that Joseph Hale, Guy's father had died during the night. Mr. Hale was near sixty five years of age.

LOVEDAY. Lavina, wife of Robert Loveday, of Harrisburg, died Sunday Dec. 30, at 11 a.m. after a lingering illness. She was past sixty-six years of age and leaves a husband and five children. She was interred in the Conatser Cemetery Monday afternoon services by Rev. E. Hurst.

January 23, 1901

McMAHAN. Allen McMahan, of Jones' Cove, died Friday morning, Jan. 18th, 1901, at 2 o'clock, after a brief illness from pneumonia. He was a son of Lieutenant Sanders McMahan, and was an honest and industrious gentleman. He leaves a wife and several children who will keenly feel the loss of a devoted husband and indulgent father.

February 6, 1901


WYNN. The little daughter of J. W. Wynn and wife died Monday night, Jan 29th, 1901, at 10 o'clock, after an illness of only a few hours.

BISHOP. Polly Bishop, an inmate of this county poor house, died Sunday night, Jan. 28th. She was about 110 years old, and had been in feeble health quite a while.

ETHERTON. An infant son of Charlie Etherton and wife, of Republican, died Friday night Feb. 1.

TERRY. Lila, wife of Callie Terry, of Republican, died Sunday night after an illness of only a few days.

COKER. An infant child of Richard Coker and wife, of Jay Ell, died Monday night Feb. 4.

HENDERSON. Nancy, relict of R. B. Henderson, of Henderson's Springs, died Tuesday morning Feb. 5, at the advanced age of 86. She was a highly respected lady, a member of the Baptist Church and the mother of a large and prominent family. She will be interred today in the Shiloh Cemetery, services by Rev. H. B. Clapp.

February 20, 1901

LOVEDAY. Ida Loveday, of Harrisburg, died Thursday, Feb 14th, 1901, at the age of 16 years, after a brief illness from fever. She was buried in the Walnut Grove Cemetery Friday evening. Almost the entire family have been afflicted recently and several members are still quite unwell.

SHULTS. M. B. Shults, of Pigeon Forge, died Sunday, Feb. 17th, 1902, at 4 a.m. He had been in feeble health for years, but was not considered dangerous. He was taken Saturday night between ten and eleven with a severe pain over the eye and gradually grew worse until the end came. Mr. Shults was near sixty-seven or eight years of age, was a quiet, peaceable citizen and had raised a large family. He was laid to rest in the Pigeon Forge Cemetery Sunday afternoon. Services by Rev. A. B. McKenzie.

MOORE. William Moore, of Ridgeway, Friday afternoon was placing a shot gun with which he had been hunting, under the bed breech foremost, when the hammer struck a box, discharging the gun. The entire load took effect in his groin, ranging upward, cutting an artery and tearing the intestines. When asked by his mamma if he was hurt? He replied no, but he died in less than thirty minutes. He was in his fourteenth year and was a bright and popular boy. He professed religion at the recent meeting at that place conducted by Revs. Pyott and Davis. He was buried in the new Ridgeway Cemetery Saturday morning, services by Rev. W. W. Pyott. His parents are Sevier county people, and have many friends here who deeply sympathize with them in their sore affliction.

March 6, 1901

McCALEB. Mrs. Eliza McCaleb, of Rockwood, died Wednesday morning, Feb. 27th, 1901, at the age of 85. She was an aunt of Rev. W. W. Pyott. Mr. Pyott attended the funeral, returning home Monday.

ATCHLEY. Rev. Wm. Atchley, of Catlettsburg, died Sunday, March 3d, 1901, at 2 a.m. at the advanced age of 87 years and 10 months. He was a brother of our townsman, B. M. Atchley, and the father of W. D. Atchley, Esq. He was interred in the Alder Branch Cemetery Monday, services by Rev. D. F. Manly.

March 13, 1901

McCROSKEY. Mark McCroskey, of Catlettsburg, died Friday morning March 8, after a lingering illness from consumption and was buried in the Alder Branch Cemetery Saturday morning, services by Rev. W. W. Pyott. He was a member of the Baptist Church and was respected as a Christian gentleman.

DIXON. Wm. Dixon, of Harrisburg, died Wednesday March 6th after a brief illness of consumption. He was buried in the Cemetery at Murphy's Chapel Thursday morning, services were conducted at the residence by Rev. W. W. Pyott and at the grave by Rev. A. B. McKenzie. Mr. Dixon was a devoted husband, an indulgent father and obliging neighbor. He was a consistent member of the M. E. Church. Starting in life a poor boy, by industry and economy he succeeded in a amassing a competency for his family. The bereaved widow and children have our sympathy in this sad hour.

March 28, 1901

REED. Will Reed, of Knoxville, died last week from consumption. He volunteered in the war with Spain but was discharged on account or ill health. He was a very popular young man.

GIBSON. David Gibson, of Henderson's Springs, died Sunday March 24, at 4 p.m., from an abscess of the stomach. He was one of the survivors of the ill fated Sultana and was never given a pension by the government. He was interred in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery Monday afternoon.

DIXON. James Dixon, of Middle Creek, died Sunday night March 24 after a lingering suffering from cancer.

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