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Resources and on-line data that will help you further your research


Personal and property taxes assessed and paid by individuals.

General information about resources and research strategies.

Miscellaneous bits of information for those doing genealogy and history research in Sevier County

Information about community organizations. Transcriptions of organizational records.

Information about doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers in Sevier County

Information about businesses and professionals in Sevier County that have historical interest. Transcriptions of business records.

Information about churches and other religious organizations in Sevier County

Information about Sevier County schools and education

Newspapers and other local publications, such as community guides. Transcriptions from newspapers, including obituaries.

Information about burial sites and morticians. Transcriptions of grave markers, cemetery lists, and undertakers' records.

Petitions to the Tennessee Legislature and Acts of the Legislature related to Sevier County or its residents

Transcriptions from federal and state censuses

Information about Sevier Countians who served in the military. Transcriptions of military service records.

Information about birth, death, marriage, divorce, and adoption records. Transcriptions from documents.

Information about probate records. Transcriptions of documents.

Information about real property. Transcriptions of land grant, survey, and deed records

Information about county departments responsible for making and upholding the laws

Information about public records (created by or for governments)

Information about families and individuals who settled in Sevier County. Transcriptions of family Bibles, biographies, journals, letters, etc.

Information about researching non-white residents of Sevier County, including Native American, Melungeon, and Black families and individuals. Transcriptions of documents related to ethnic groups

Information about libraries, museums, and archives in the county or with material related to the county

Maps and gazetteers, current and historical

Searchable data from document transcriptions and other records


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