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1. Private Acts of 1957, Chapter 261, Page 768, would have authorized the County Court to issue up to $300,000 in bonds to acquire land, to erect, maintain, equip, and operate a building, or buildings for use as a general hospital for the county for which purpose the Court was allowed to cooperate fully with other governmental bodies. These bonds were general obligation bonds, exempt from the taxation of all others, and could mature no later than 30 years after issuance. No fees or charges were to be paid to any county official on this issue. A five member Board of Hospital Directors was created with Phillip A. Wynn, Rellie Dodgen, R. B. Summitt, James McAfee, and John B. Waters being named as the members of the first Board, all future vacancies to be filled by the County Court. The qualifications of members were specified. The Board would select a Chairman and a Secretary and meet once a month with full and complete authority to accomplish all objectives. They were to institute a separate financial system for the hospital, employ an Administrator and set the salary and supervise the employment of subordinate and staff people. The Quarterly County Court could levy a special tax for this purpose up to fifty cents per $100.00 property valuation. This Act was disapproved and rejected by the Quarterly County Court and therefore did not become a law under the Home Rule Amendment to the State Constitution.

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