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Extracted by Billie McNamara from the full document maintained by the State of Tennessee County Technical Assistance Service.

The current full document is viewable on-line, but it is a large PDF file that contains much information not germane to historical research.  Therefore, the transcription on this Web site contains the portions useful to historical and genealogical researchers.

Private Acts of Sevier County, Tennessee
Revised Edition - February, 1999
Prepared by County Technical Assistance Service,
The University of Tennessee
Institute for Public Service, Nashville
Compiled and Edited by William C. McIntyre
Revised and Edited by Ron Fults

Contents of the transcription on this Web site:

  • General Reference
  • County Boundaries
  • Court System, County Judge, County Court, Chancery Court, Circuit Court
  • Taxation, Elections
  • Education & Schools
  • County Attorney, Register of Deeds, Sheriff
  • Railroads, Roads & Historic Roads
  • Animal Laws
  • Hospitals

This compilation is updated through the 1998 Session of the 101th Tennessee General Assembly.

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