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County Attorney

The following acts once affected the appointment, election, or office of the county attorney in Sevier County. These acts are included for historical reference only. Also referenced below are acts which repeal prior law without providing new substantive provisions.

1. Private Acts of 1933, Chapter 880, Page 1981, created the office of County Attorney for Sevier County, using the 1930 Census figures, who would be elected by the Quarterly County Court for four year terms, the first one to be elected at the April term in 1933. Any vacancy occurring would be filled by the court. The Quarterly County Court would also set his salary between $600.00 and $900.00 per year, payable monthly out of regular county funds. The County Attorney would give legal advice and aid to all county officials, transact the legal business of the county, meet with the County Court and represent the county in all its litigation. The court was permitted to appropriate money to pay the expenses incidental to the office under certain conditions and could pay additional fees to the County Attorney for extraordinary, or special services rendered by him. This act was specifically repealed by the one following.

2. Private Acts of 1941, Chapter 121, Page 396, expressly repealed Chapter 880, Private Acts of 1933, above.


The following acts have no current effect but are included here for reference purposes since they once applied to the Sevier County Sheriff's Office. Also referenced below are acts which repeal prior law without providing new substantive provisions.

1. Acts of 1823, Chapter 258, Page 222, authorized Samuel Blair and Peter Bryan, securities of the late William Mitchell, Sheriff of Sevier County to collect for one year all the uncollected taxes the said Mitchell could have collected while he was in office. People who might own taxes will be permitted to set off any claim they might have had against Mitchell, or they may apply the same as partial payment on the. If agreement cannot be reached, a Justice of the Peace shall hear the case and render judgment accordingly, either party being given the right to appeal. All money collected will be divided pro rata between these and other securities of the Sheriff.

Register of Deeds

The following act once affected the office of county register in Sevier County, but is no longer operative.

1. Acts of 1857-58, Chapter 128, Page 323, provided that all written instruments required to be registered under the state law, where the same have been registered in Sevier County, upon production of a certified copy of the document, and upon proof that the other was burned in the fire in March, 1856, the copy may be duly registered and will be valid in all things as if it had been the original.

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