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DatePlaintiffDefendant [Alias]Charge
6/14/1920 State Lunsford, Walter Misher Bigamy
2/4/1920 State Lunsford, Walter Misher Bigamy
10/11/1920 State Lunsford, Walter Misher Bigamy
6/7/1921 State Lunsford, Walter Misher Bigamy
10/6/1921 State Lunsford, Walter Misher Bigamy
11/9/1925 State Bridges, Orange Bigamy
7/16/1925 State Bridges, Orange Bigamy
3/3/1926 State Bridges, Orange Bigamy
3/15/1926 State Kykendall, Karl Bigamy
3/8/1926 State Kykendall, Carl Bigamy - Cohabit Emert, Gypsy
11/9/1926 State Parton, Andy Bigamy
11/9/1926 State Rogers, Bruce Abandoment
11/3/1926 State Trentham, Pharis Desertion
3/7/1926 State Trentham, Pharis Desertion
7/8/1927 State Barnes, Ance Abandonment
07/00/1927 State Keyendall, Carl Bigamy
11/10/1927 State Keykendall, Carl Bigamy
11/7/1928 State Barnes, Anse Abondonment
3/12/1928 State Barnes, Anse Abandonment
7/4/1928 State Barnes, Anse Abondonment
3/6/1929 State Barnes, Ance Abandonment
11/11/1929 State Hester, Arthur Desertion
11/11/1929 State Latham, Clarence Desertion

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