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DatePlaintiffDefendant [Alias]Charge
07-22-1890 Bailey, William Bailey, Lottie Divorce
03-22-1890 Breeden, L H Breeden, Nancy J Divorce Dismissed
03-20-1890 Cary, W B ? Cary, Mary V Divorce
03-22-1890 Eslinger, Wm Eslinger, Sophia Divorce
03-21-1890 Green, James M Green, Jane Divorce
07-22-1890 Hurst, Julia Hurst, Lewis Divorce
03-19-1890 Hurst, Julia Hurst, Lewis Divorce
03-20-1890 Husky, N H Husky, Emaline Divorce Dismissed
03-19-1890 McMahan, Blackburn McMahan, Susan Divorce Dismissed
07-24-1890 McMahan, G S McMahan, Lettie Divorce
03-21-1890 McMahan, Gates McMahan, Leta Divorce Dismissed
03-19-1890 McMahan, Gates McMahan, Leta Divorce
03-20-1890 Moore, Annie Moore, Wm Divorce
11-21-1890 Ogle, Sela Ogle, George Divorce
03-19-1890 Parton, Cornelius Parton, Aadaline Divorce Dismissed
11-21-1890 Prewit, Annie [Moore] Moore, William Divorce
03-22-1890 Riddix, John Riddix, Amanda Divorce Dismissed
03-19-1890 Shields, John L Shields, Mary J Divorce
03-19-1890 Shields, John L Shields, Mary J Divorce
03-21-1890 Shields, John T Shields, Mary J Divorce
07-24-1890 Stinnett, Jane Stinnett, Wm Divorce
07-24-1890 Thomas, James A Thomas, Rhoda E Divorce
03-21-1890 Williams, George Williams, Margaret Divorce
07-22-1890 Williams, George Williams, Margaret Divorce Dismissed
11-18-1891 Allen, Wm Allen, Dicey Divorce
11-19-1891 Ballard, Annie Ballard, Charley Divorce
11-19-1891 Bird, George W Bird, S E Divorce
11-19-1891 Butterworth, Martha E Butterworth, William Divorce
07-25-1891 Conatser, Caldona Conatser, N G Divorce
11-19-1891 Connatser, Caldona Connatser, N G Divorce
11-19-1891 Fagala, M J ? Fagala, J M Divorce
11-19-1891 Fagala, Margaret Fagala, J M Divorce
07-25-1891 Guffy, John Guffy, Mary J Divorce
03-19-1891 McCarter, J C McCarter, M F Divorce
07-24-1891 McMahan, Jane McMahan, John Divorce
03-19-1891 McMahan, Mary C McMahan, Aaron Divorce
11-19-1891 Moody, Lydia Moody, Wm Divorce
07-25-1891 Newman, Ida M Newman, James Divorce
11-19-1891 Ogle, Kinsey Ogle, Martha Divorce
03-19-1891 Shields, R W Shields, Lunena Divorce
07-25-1891 Smith, Mary Smith, Frank Divorce
11-19-1891 State Breeden, King Bigamy
07-22-1891 State Watts, Joe [Watson] Bigamy
03-18-1891 State Watts, Joe [Watson] Bigamy
07-25-1891 State Watts, Joseph Bigamy
11-18-1891 State Watts, Joseph Bigamy
11-19-1891 Wells, John Wells, Rebecca Divorce
03-22-1892 State Breeden, King Bigamy
11-22-1893 State Breeden, King Bigamy
03-23-1893 State Chandler, Wm Bigamy
11-20-1893 State Chandler, Wm Bigamy
11-23-1893 State Payne, W R Bigamy - Cohabit
03-22-1894 State Chandler, Wm Bigamy
07-16-1894 State Payne, W R Bigamy
03-23-1894 State Payne, W R Bigamy - Cohabit
11-22-1894 State Williams, J B Bigamy

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