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DatePlaintiffDefendant [Alias]Charge
11/11/1904 Reagan, Lot Reagan, Florance Divorce
10/7/1913 Bailey, P H Bailey, Susan Glen Divorce
10/9/1913 Barns, Tiny Barns, William Divorce
10/8/1913 Black, William Black, Gennie Divorce
6/4/1913 Black, William Black, Jennie Divorce
10/8/1913 Boling, Jack Boling, Manervia Divorce
6/10/1913 Boling, Jack Boling, Marvia Divorce
10/9/1913 Bowerman, Bessie Bowerman, Mike Divorce
6/5/1913 Christopher, Ida Christopher, Jake Divorce
6/4/1913 Conner, Frances Conner, John Divorce
6/5/1913 Dixon, May Dixon, Jason Divorce
6/9/1913 Emery, Robert Emery, Lula Divorce
6/4/1913 Frye, Connie Frye, George Divorce
10/7/1913 Huff, Hettie Huff, Misher Divorce
10/7/1913 Jarrett, Nancy J Jarrett, John Divorce
10/7/1913 Maples, J P T Maples, Hettie Jane Divorce
6/5/1913 McCarter, Lillie McCarter, S M Divorce
6/5/1913 McMahan, Lillie McMahan, Aaron Divorce
6/5/1913 Patty, W R Patty, Rebecca Divorce
10/7/1913 Proffitt, Harison Proffitt, Hattie Divorce
6/4/1913 Quilliams, T W Quilliams, Florence Divorce
6/4/1913 Reagan, Lixxie Reagan, George Divorce
6/4/1913 Shults, Alice Shults, Rockford Divorce
2/5/1914 Atchley, Will Atchley, May Divorce
2/7/1914 Barnes, Tiny Barnes, William Divorce
10/7/1914 Breeden, Zeffy Breeden, Charles Divorce
6/4/1914 Burkett, John Burkett, Nancy Ellen Divorce
2/5/1914 Emery, Robert Emery, Lula Divorce
10/7/1914 Guffey, William C Guffey, Joe Ann Divorce
2/5/1914 Huskey, Drucilla Huskey, James Divorce
2/5/1914 McFalls, John McFalls, Dicy Divorce
10--0-1914 McGaha, John McGaha, Martha Divorce
2/7/1914 McMahan, Lee McMahan, Bessie Divorce
10/7/1914 Miller, Alice Miller, Charles Divorce
6/2/1914 Quarrells, James Quarrells, Sarah Divorce
6/2/1914 Quarrells, James Quarrells, Sarah Divorce
10/7/1914 Reagan, R M Reagan, Amanda Divorce
10/8/1914 Scott, Garfield Scott, Sallie Divorce
2/5/1914 State Allen, D C Bastardy [Sent to County]
2/7/1914 State - Cassie Allen, D C Bastardy
10/7/1914 Wardell, James B Wardell, Blanch Divorce
10/16/1915 Bales, J M Bales, Lula Divorce
2/3/1915 Boling, Lottie Boling, Jesse Divorce
6/8/1915 Breeden, Algie Breeden, Bruce Divorce
10/7/1915 Breeden, Algie Breeden, Bruce Divorce
10/16/1915 Brown, Polly Brown, S A Divorce
2/4/1915 Floyd, Susan Jane Floyd, Amos Divorce
6/9/1915 Hays, J R Hays, Julia Divorce
2/4/1915 Hodsden, Florence Hodsden, Jessie Divorce
6/9/1915 Huskey, Malinda Huskey, Arthur Divorce Dropped?
10/7/1915 Manning, Myrtle Manning, Alton Divorce
6/9/1915 Maples, Rettie Maples, Greenly Divorce
6/8/1915 McGaha, John McGaha, M J Divorce
2/4/1915 Ogle, Ollie Ogle, Solomon Divorce
10/7/1915 Robertson, Minnie Robertson, Charlie Divorce
6/9/1915 Robertson, Minnie Robertson, Charles Divorce
10/6/1915 Shular, Zora Bryan, Edgar Bastardy
10/7/1915 Smith, Effie Smith, Prosser Divorce
10/7/1915 Spence, Francis May Spence, Ashley Divorce
10/7/1915 Stamey, Lillie Stamey, Robert Divorce
10/6/1915 State Bryan, Edgar Violate Age of Consent
2/4/1915 Williams, Ida Williams, Isaac Divorce
2/11/1916 Bales, J M Bales, Lula Divorce
2/11/1916 Huskey, Lillie Huskey, Wallace Divorce
2/11/1916 Loveday, Steward Loveday, Dollie Divorce
2/10/1916 Ogle, I N Ogle, Ellen Divorce
2/11/1916 Shular, Zora Bryan, Edgar Bastardy
2/12/1916 Shults, Virgie Shults, D H Divorce
6/7/1916 State Hayes, Russell Abandonment

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