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* indicates those killed in action

Valentine, Alvin I.

Valentine, Ashley

Valentine, August L.

Valentine, Burvil Arthur

Valentine, Cletis Wm.

Valentine, Cotis W.

Valentine, Fred A.

Valentine, Howard B.

Valentine, Isaac Ashley

Valentine, Paul Eston

Valentine, Shelby H.

Valentine, Wesley Lee

Van Byok, Leonard M.

Vance, Addy A.

Vance, Bill D.

Vance, Edrow W.

Vance, James C.

Vance, James E.

Vance, William G.

Vaughan, William H.

Viles, Wallace Lee

Wade, Earl

Wade, Fannie C.

Wade, John

Waldroup, Charles E.

Walker, Albert L.

Walker, Carl R.

Walker, Dallas

Walker, Daniel F.

Walker, Frank M.

Walker, Glenn H.

Walker, Hal

Walker, John Mitchell

Walker, Johnnie M.

Walker, Richard Lee

Wallin, Tommie F.

Ward, Bruce C.

Ward, Cav. J.

Ward, Coy Joe

Ward, Doyle

Ward, George K.

Ward, Gus E.

Ward, James I.

*Ward, Luther

Ward, Odis George

Ward, Oscar Jr.

Ward, Oscar L.

Ward, Ray K.

Ward, Robert S.

Ward, Roger S.

Ward, Roy C.

Ward, Sam Harrison

Ward, William Frederick

Wardell, Otha E.

Waters, Lewis T.

Waters, Orlis L.

Watson, Amos V.

Watson, Benford H.

Watson, Burl

Watson, Carl E.

Watson, Charles

Watson, Charlie E.

Watson, Claude W.

Watson, Clyde D.

Watson, Coswell G.

Watson, Coy T.

Watson, Dave (Red)

Watson, David E.

Watson, Dewey Marcus

Watson, Dot Walter

Watson, Eaf

Watson, Earl R.

Watson, Emerson James

Watson, Eph

Watson, Floyd William

Watson, Francis Gilbert

Watson, Frank Evans

Watson, Frank H.

Watson, Frank M.

Watson, Fred C.

Watson, Grant

Watson, Harold R.

Watson, Hubert Austin

Watson, Hugh J.

Watson, James Albert

Watson, James R.

Watson, Mayford H.

Watson, Noah

Watson, Readford N.

Watson, Richard D.

Watson, Sherell Alvin

Watson, Warren G.

Watson, Wilford H.

Watson, William R.

Watson, Zanely L.

Watts, Charles P.

Watts, Elbert L.

Wayland, James Lewis

Wayland, James O.

Wayland, William D.

Wear, Frank W.

Wear, William H.

Wear, William Jr.

*Webb, Amos H., France

Webb, Admiral D.

Webb, Ben Oscar

*Webb, Cleo, Germany

Webb, Elden S.

Webb, Ennis B.

Webb, Fred C.

Webb, Holden C.

Webb, John Chalmer

Webb, John E.

Webb, Lewis G.

Webb, Ovel O.

Webb, Ralph C.

Webb, Reagan

Webb, Wayne A.

Webb, William Hugh

Weeks, Isham C.

Wells, James Atchley

Wells, Ralph Curtis

*Whaley, A. D.

Whaley, Allen D.

Whaley, Amos N.

Whaley, Andrew Guy

Whaley, Arlie Elmore

Whaley, Arlie N. Jr.

Whaley, Audley

Whaley, Austin Manley

Whaley, Ben

Whaley, Bruce J.

Whaley, Carl

Whaley, Clarence

Whaley, Clay

Whaley, Clell

Whaley, D. J.

Whaley, David O.

Whaley, Delmer

Whaley, Dewey L.

Whaley, Dewey W.

Whaley, Dot R.

Whaley, Earl

Whaley, Ernest J.

Whaley, Everett E.

Whaley, Fred Alvis

Whaley, Fred L.

Whaley, George

Whaley, Glenn T.

Whaley, H. R.

Whaley, Haze

*Whaley, Hollen W., North Africa

Whaley, Homer

Whaley, Hubert C.

Whaley, Hubert L.

Whaley, Hubert R.

Whaley, Hurstell Amos

Whaley, Jack E.

Whaley, James E.

Whaley, James F.

Whaley, James H.

Whaley, Laymon Luther

Whaley, Leonard

Whaley, Lewis E.

Whaley, Lillie

Whaley, Lincoln A.

Whaley, Luke D. C.

Whaley, Marmon

Whaley, Millard

Whaley, Newton R. Jr.

Whaley, Nova Zell

Whaley, Olin H.

*Whaley, Silas J., Phillipines while a Prisoner of War

Whaley, T. J.

Whaley, Van B.

Whaley, Von B.

Whaley, Willie L.

White, Edward James

White, James J.

White, Millard

White, Millart Alozzo

White, Ransom John

White, Robert Patton Jr.

Whitehead, Judson E.

Whitehead, Rodney G.

Whitfield, Clyde I. Jr.

Whitted, Carl

Whitted, James Kenneth

Whitted, Paul O.

Widner, James O.

Widner, Joe J.

Widner, John E.

Wilhite, Harland E.

Wilkerson, Ralph W.

Williams, Avery Ector

Williams, Bertin Cleo

Williams, Bruce C.

Williams, Bruce R.

Williams, Burl R.

Williams, Carl J.

Williams, Charles B.

Williams, Charles C.

Williams, Charlie Gilbert

Williams, Clarence R.

Williams, Cleaburn D.

Williams, Clifford

Williams, Clinton

Williams, Clyde E.

Williams, Dallas

Williams, David C.

Williams, Delmar Forrest

Williams, Delmar J.

Williams, Donald Dale

Williams, Doyle B.

Williams, Elmore

Williams, Frank M.

Williams, Garfield

Williams, Glen

Williams, Henry Mack

Williams, Herbert F.

Williams, Hooper W.

Williams, Isaac N.

Williams, James Coy

Williams, Joel H.

Williams, John D.

Williams, Johnnie H.

Williams, Kenneth L.

Williams, Kenneth S.

Williams, Leonard C.

Williams, Lewis G. J.

Williams, Louis B.

Williams, Misher

*Williams, Omide, 31 July 1943

*Williams, Ora Lavator, Germany

Williams, Otha A.

Williams, Ottis R.

Williams, Paul D.

Williams, Paul N.

Williams, Paul W.

Williams, Raymond G.

Williams, Reed

Williams, Robert M.

Williams, Roy Clephus

Williams, Sam W.

Williams, Shannon O.

Williams, Stewart

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Virgil L.

Williams, Walker W.

Williams, Walter B.

Williams, Warren

Williamson, Milford

Wilson, Bobby E.

Wilson, Brad

Wilson, Charles

Wilson, Eliza T.

Wilson, Erell

Wilson, Evert A.

Wilson, Grady L.

Wilson, Herman Frank

Wilson, Howard Eugene

Wilson, James R.

Wilson, Kenneth Carl

Wilson, Lawrence

Wilson, Paul L.

Wilson, William Everett

Wilson, William H.

Wilson, Woodrow

Witenbarger, Carl W.

Wolfe, Alfred Jr.

Wolfe, Calvin Reford

Wolfe, Charles C.

Wolfe, Earle A.

Wolfe, Karl A.

Wolfe, Minnis

Wolfe, Robert K.

Wolfe, Virgel

Wolfe, Virgil E.

Womack, Floyd

Womack, Joel B.

Wood, Gene A.

Worth, August H.

Worth, Fred Kenneth

*Worth, Ray, 17 June 1944

Wright, Francis Marion

Wynn, Glenn H.

Wynn, Phillip A.

Wynn, Thaddeus M. Jr.

Wynn, Zirkel L.

Yates, Ambrose W.

Yates, Andy

Young, Charles Aubrey

Young, James Lewis

Zoder, Wallis

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