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* indicates those killed in action

Mackey, Charles E.

Mackey, L. E.

Manes, Wade Preston

Manis, Cletis

Manis, Clotis

Manis, Dee V.

Manis, Edmond

*Manis, Frank E., Holland

Manis, Hugh

Manis, James A.

Manis, J. Hugh

Manis, James Oliver Sr.

Manis, Norman

Manning, Clarence

Maples, Bruce H.

Maples, Bruce O.

Maples, Carl Amberous

Maples, Cecil F.

Maples, Charles Howard

Maples, Clyde Louis

Maples, Conley

Maples, Earnest C.

Maples, Eula G.

Maples, Fred L.

Maples, George E.

Maples, Henry G.

Maples, Hubert G.

Maples, Hubert Wilson

Maples, James C.

Maples, James F.

Maples, James Mack

Maples, James Robert

Maples, James T.

Maples, John R.

Maples, Lewis S.

Maples, Neva E.

Maples, Oliver K.

Maples, Paul Winford

Maples, Philip

Maples, Rufus B.

Maples, Samuel Clyde

Maples, Samuel

Maples, Thomas Reece

Maples, Washington W.

Maples, Weldon

Maples, William F.

Maples, William R.

Maples, Willard B. Sr.

Maples, Wilson

Marine, Lloyd Judson

Marshall, Amos Harrison

Marshall, Duane A.

Marshall, James Sanford

Marshall, Robert L.

Marshall, Victor E. Jr.

Martin, Billy R.

Martin, Carlyle Franklin

Martin, Mack Tinsley

Martin, Verless J.

Mashburn, Paul F.

Massey, Roland McKinley

Massie, Ottis H.

Matte, Robert

Matthews, Dillard

Matthews, Edward Charles

Matthews, Robert E.

Matthews, Roy

Maxwell, Estel

Mayes, Clell Charlie

Mayes, Jack Allen

Mays, Robert D

McAfee, Carl

McAllister, Paul N.

McCall, Robert

McCall, William Beecher

McCarter, Alvin N.

McCarter, Arl

McCarter, Ashley C.

McCarter, Buford G.

McCarter, Carl Wesley

McCarter, Cecil G.

McCarter, Charlie

McCarter, Clyde L.

*McCarter, Creed C.

McCarter, Dewey

McCarter, Edna A.

McCarter, Edward Robert

McCarter, Elder

McCarter, Eli V.

McCarter, English

McCarter, Estel

McCarter, Eugene K.

McCarter, Eugene L.

McCarter, Floyd

McCarter, Garfield

McCarter, Glenn H.

McCarter, Harvey W.

McCarter, Homer K.

McCarter, Hoy

McCarter, Hugh

McCarter, Isham

McCarter, Ivan H.

McCarter, James E.

McCarter, James Max

McCarter, Joe

*McCarter, Joe L., Italy

McCarter, John Ralph

McCarter, John Wade

McCarter, Lester Dean

McCarter, L. F.

McCarter, Loney

McCarter, Mayford Burl

McCarter, Pershing

McCarter, Ples R.

McCarter, Ray

McCarter, Raymond Ashley

McCarter, Renford

McCarter, Roy C.

McCarter, Thomas J.

McCarter, Valentine

McCarter, Virgil Verner

McCarter, Walter A.

McCarter, Wiley

McCarter, William E.

McCarter, William Walter

McCarter, Zackery A.

McCarter, Zoda

McClain, Herman C.

McClure, James D.

McClure, Johnnie

McClure, Ray

McClure, Roy M.

McCoig, Chester A.

McCoig, Don

McCoig, James M.

McCoig, Varna O.

McCown, Carl Edwin

McCown, Dot Marshall

McCown, Glenn W.

McCroskey, Cleo

McCroskey, Ernest W.

McCroskey, Harold W.

McCroskey, James D.

McCroskey, Troy Lee

McCroskey, William Bruce

McCulley, Andrew G.

McCutchan, Jerome B.

McFall, Clyde L.

McFall, James P.

McFalls, Ben Charles

McFalls, John P.

McFalls, John Ray

McFalls, Major

*McFalls, Richard,

McFalls, Ronald M.

McFalls, Sherrel

*McGaha, Hermitt, Germany

McGaha, Hollis E.

McGill, Carl H.

McGill, Ernest

McGill, George R.

McGill, Martin Ray

McGill, Ray

McGill, Robert B.

McKay, Clyde W.

McKinney, Clarence A.

McMahan, Ben Clark

McMahan, Boyle Ray

McMahan, Carl H.

McMahan, Claude

McMahan, Clyde

McMahan, Doyle R.

McMahan, Dwight

McMahan, Elmer H.

McMahan, Ernest B.

McMahan, Frank H.

McMahan, Frank S.

McMahan, George D.

McMahan, Homer H.

McMahan, Homer Wright

McMahan, Howard C.

McMahan, James B.

McMahan, James Cecil

McMahan, Joseph L.

McMahan, Kenneth Fox

McMahan, Lloyd H.

McMahan, Mayford H.

McMahan, Miles B. Jr.

McMahan, Oliver B.

McMahan, Ora W.

McMahan, Oris L.

McMahan, Otha P.

McMahan, Ray G.

McMahan, Sam R.

McMahan, Samuel James

McMahan, Samuel Timothy Chandler, II "Sonny"

McMahan, Samuel Walter

McMahan, Tim Jr.

McMahan, Wade Howard

McMahan, Warren Jennings

McMahan, Wilbur W.

McNew, Rubin J. Jr.

McPherson, Fred D.

McPherson, Paul J.

MeDermott, Abraham L.

Medlin, Ree Stuart

Mellinger, Bluford

Merrill, John C.

Messamore, Claude W.

Messer, Clifford W.

Messer, James M.

Messer, James Walter

Metcalf, Frank G.

Metcalf, Hugh L.

Miller, Clifford

Miller, David J.

Miller, Fred R

Miller, Jack Lawson

Miller, James Frank

Miller, John H.

Miller, Quinton E.

Miller, Reed

Miller, Turner R.

Mills, Bill

Minton, Henry C.

Minton, Walter L

Mitchell, Edward O'Dell

Mize, Charles E.

Mize, Charles W.

Mize, Charlie R.

Mize, George S.

Mize, Homer R.

Mize, James C.

Mize, James D.

Mize, Lewis W.

Mize, Mark

Mize, Robert G.

Mize, Robert L.

Monger, Clyde Joseph

Montgomery, Delmar Dwight

Montgomery, Elder L.

*Montgomery, Roy V.

Montgomery, William R.

Moon, Paul William

Moore, Anderson P.

Moore, Bruce

Moore, Charles H.

Moore, Dewey E.

Moore, Ernest

Moore, Frank A.

Moore, Fred David

Moore, Harrison Lanston Jr.

Moore, Henry

Moore, James

Moore, James R.

Moore, John H.

Moore, Johnny DeLozier

Moore, Robert A.

Moore, Shea

Moore, Wallace

Moore, William H.

Moore, Xen Hicks

Morgan, Abraham

Morgan, Joseph C.

Morgan, Marion G. Jr.

Morgan, William Anderson

Morrell, John O.

Morris, Charles Bernard

Morris, Joe C.

Morris, Robert L.

Morris, Tom C.

Morton, James Frits

Mottern, Edward J.

Moulden, Clyde Edward

Moulden, Enoch

Moulden, M. B.

Moulden, Samuel H. Jr.

Moulden, Simon

Mounger, Omer R.

Mounger, Tommy O.

Mount, Clarence Eugene

Mount, Hal Lexie

Mount, Jack N.

Mount, James R.

Mount, John P.

Moyers, Carl

Mullin, E. L.

Mullins, Joe W.

Murphy, Arthur McSpadden

Murphy, Barton M,

Murphy, Ben Willard

Murphy, Carl O.

Murphy, Howard W.

*Murphy, James C.

Murphy, James Crawford

Murphy, Johnnie W.

*Murphy, Thomas T.

Murrell, Arvil C.

Murrell, Arvil Cleaphas

Murrell, Oscar L. Jr.

Murrell, Ralph E.

Myers, Amos E.

Myers, Arvel L.

Myers, Coy S.

Myers, Craton J.

Myers, Edgar R.

Myers, Frank D.

Myers, Grady Theodore

Myers, Houston O.

Myers, James Pleas

Myers, Ray Arm

Myers, Raymond Dale

Myers, Ray R.

Myers, Ray T.

Myers, Roy David

Myers, Sherman H.

Myers, Tate Herman

*Myers, Wayne Lloyd, Germany

Myers, Wayne Pleas

Myers, Winfred

Naples, Carr L.

Nave, Eldridge R.

Nave, Jewell W.

Neiman, Jack J.

Newman, Arthur G.

Newman, Carl Junior

Newman, Charles E.

Newman, Clyde Hugh

Newman, Dallas H.

Newman, Hugh H. Jr.

Newman, James Mitchell

Newman, James Samuel

Newman, John B. Jr.

Newman, Lowell Kenneth

*Newman, Lyman, France

Newman, Quincie

Newman, Roscoe Buell

Newman, Roy

Newman, Roy Columbus

Newman, Sam Otis

Newman, Theodore Q.

Newman, Wiley

Newman, William D. Sr.

Nichols, Carl Duggan

Nichols, Joshua

Nolan, June

Nolan, Kilmer

Nolan, Otha

Nolan, Wayne V.

Noland, Carl F.

Noland, Dot A.

Noland, Everette P.

Noland, Herman H.

Noland, John Patterson

Noland, Mack M.

Norman, Oscar Lindsey

Northcut, Andrew J.

Norton, Charles K.

Norton, David Raymond

Norton, Roy O.

Nottingham, Charles Edward

Nottingham, Charles L.

Oakley, Charles H.

Oakley, David C.

Oakley, Harvey

Oakley, Horace L.

Oakley, Wiley Casey

Oakley, Woodrow Wilson

Odell, Ray W.

Ogle, Alvin M.

Ogle, Arvest J.

Ogle, August L.

Ogle, Bana D.

Ogle, Barney H.

Ogle, Barney Ray

*Ogle, Beecher B.

Ogle, Bernard

Ogle, Bill C.

Ogle, Bruce

Ogle, Calvin Lynn

Ogle, Cam Junior

*Ogle, Carl Arthur

Ogle, Carney C.

Ogle, Carroll D.

Ogle, Cecil Clarence

Ogle, Charles N.

Ogle, Charles Rellie

Ogle, Charlie J.

Ogle, Claude

Ogle, Clell A.

Ogle, Cleve C.

Ogle, Clifford

Ogle, Clyde E.

Ogle, Coy R.

Ogle, Earl R.

Ogle, Earnest N.

Ogle, Ellis Jr.

Ogle, Elmer Thomas

Ogle, Enzlie

Ogle, Eugene

Ogle, Felix

Ogle, Frank L.

Ogle, Frank S.

Ogle, Frank W.

Ogle, Fred M.

Ogle, Garland Edward

Ogle, General

Ogle, Glenn F.

Ogle, Hansel R.

Ogle, Harl C.

Ogle, Harod

Ogle, Homer C.

Ogle, Hubert Fillmore

Ogle, Isaac J.

Ogle, Ivan

Ogle, Jack

Ogle, James Arthur

*Ogle, James E., France

Ogle, James Hansel

Ogle, John D.

Ogle, John W.

Ogle, Lawson Lavator

Ogle, Lester Robert

Ogle, Levater

Ogle, Lloyd C.

Ogle, Lonn E. M.

Ogle, Louis

Ogle, Loyd M.

Ogle, Mayford C.

Ogle, Milton Ernest

Ogle, Murel

Ogle, Naiman W.

Ogle, Niles

Ogle, Norman W.

Ogle, Oliver William

Ogle, Parlon J.

Ogle, Parlon R.

Ogle, Paul

Ogle, Philip A.

Ogle, Ralph P.

Ogle, Raymond Carl

Ogle, Rellie M.

Ogle, Robert L. Jr.

Ogle, Rollins

Ogle, Roy Lee

Ogle, Roy Ray

Ogle, Samuel B.

Ogle, Sherrill W.

Ogle, Thomas A. Jr.

Ogle, Van D.

Ogle, Virgil E.

Ogle, Warren G.

Ogle, Wiley Cates

Ogle, Wilford A.

Ogle, William Roy

Ogle, Willie B.

Ogle, Winford

Ohls, Luther Erwin

Oliver, Paul C.

Oliver, William Ogle

Onmart, Mamie W.

Owen, Carl Clarence

Owenby, James D.

Owenby, John Leon

Owenby, Kenneth D.

Owenby, Lester E.

Owens, Columbus

Owens, Victor H.

Ownby, Albert M.

Ownby, Carl

Ownby, Cecil Dwight

Ownby, Chesterfield

Ownby, Clyde

Ownby, Euel J.

Ownby, Frank Walter

Ownby, Granville A.

Ownby, Hugh T.

Ownby, James T.

Ownby, James W.

Ownby, John L.

Ownby, John Walker

Ownby, L. A.

Ownby, Loy A.

Ownby, Loy B.

Ownby, Lyle S.

Ownby, Osie Paul

Ownby, Ottis, C.

Ownby, Ralph

Ownby, Ralph L.

Ownby, Ray C. (Shorty)

Ownby, Robert Thurman

Ownby, Roy Carl

Ownby, Roy Otto

Ownby, Sam W.

Ownby, T. A.

Ownby, Verlas C.

Ownby, Verlis

Ownby, William Hubert

Ownby, Willie R.

Ownby, Winfred S.

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