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* indicates those killed in action

Pack, Charles

Pack, David M.

Palmer, Paul Mayford

Parrott, Albert H.

Parrott, Boyd P.

Parrott, Fletcher C.

Parrott, James Clifford

Parrott, Oscar P.

Parrott, Rex A. C.

Parrott, William C.

Parton, Alfred Taylor

Parton, Andy B.

Parton, Arnold

Parton, Ben L.

Parton, Ben L. Sr.

Parton, Carl

Parton, Clyde Willard

Parton, Coy Austin

Parton, David Oliver

Parton, Earl Clyde

Parton, Earl J.

Parton, Gene Douglas

Parton, George R.

Parton, Herrell

Parton, James A.

Parton, James L.

Parton, Karl C.

Parton, Lee R.

Parton, Lloyd R.

Parton, Lon B.

Parton, Marshall Andrew

Parton, Orvil L.

Parton, Orville Stanley

Parton, Rex William

*Parton, Robert C., West Coast, 1945

Parton, Robert Lee

Parton, Robert Richard

Parton, Walter

Parton, Willard R.

Parton, William W.

Pate, Ashley Clifford

Patterson, David C.

Patterson, Everett Raymond

Patterson, Ivan Victor

Patterson, James L.

Patterson, Jerome

Patterson, John W.

Patterson, Lefford Q.

Patterson, Malcolm Rice

Patterson, Ray L.

Patterson, Sam Wesley

Patterson, Toby Lee, Jr.

Patterson, Vernon Meredith

Patterson, William P.

Patton, Horace M.

Patty, Audly C.

Patty, Coy H.

Payne, Henry C.

Payne, Holand

Payne, Jimmy Caywood

Peak, Henry Lee

Peak, Robert R.

Pendley, Leona McMahan

Perryman, Harrison

Perryman, Wayne E.

*Petty, Ralph C., 13 March 1943

Petty, Samuel B.

Phillips, Fred B.

Phillips, John Taft

Phillips, Mitchell

Phillips, Theodore

Phillips, Verner E.

Pickel, Charles A.

Pickel, Charles E.

Pickel, James D.

Pickens, Fred Mayford

Pickens, Herman O.

Pickens, Norman O.

Pickens, Samuel Houston

Pickens, Sam W.

Pierce, Earl R.

Pierce, Fred

Pierce, Glenn W.

Pierce, James

Pierce, Ray

Pitner, Gilford R.

Pitner, Howard E.

Pitner, Marsh Jr.

Pitner, Paul

Pitner, Richard L.

Pitsenberger, Roy A. Jr.

Plemons, James Charles

Poe, Edgar A.

Pollard, Jack C.

Pollard, James F.

Pollard, James M.

Pollard, Willie E.

Poole, Leola

Pope, Vernon

Poplin, Millard

Powell, Lloyd L.

Presnell, Birl B.

Presnell, Major P.

Price, Ambrose E.

Price, Clay D.

Price, Clellen

Price, Dee H.

Price, Edward John

Price, George R.

Price, Glen C.

Price, Hanson T.

Price, James Burl

Price, James Melvin

Price, John M.

Price, Otha M.

Price, Paine T.

Price, Paul A.

Price, Ralph J.

Price, Ray T.

Price, Wilfred G.

Pritchard, John Ralph

Proffitt, Amber Horace

Proffitt, Donall L.

Proffitt, Henry

Proffitt, James Grant

Proffitt, Joe Crayton

*Proffitt, Lonas E., Germany

Proffitt, Wilbur Nelson

*Pruitt, Charles L.

*Pruitt, Paul

Quarrels, Harold W.

Quarrels, James Leonard

Quarrels, T. A.

Quilliams, Garland

Quilliams, Jake

Quilliams, John

Rader, Alvin C.

Rambo, Carl K.

Ramsey, Arnold Edgar

*Ramsey, Bill, Germany

Ramsey, Carl Dee

Ramsey, Charles R.

Ramsey, Gladys M

Ramsey, Herman Oliver

Ramsey, James A.

Ramsey, J. C.

Ramsey, John Walter

Ramsey, Lee R.

Ramsey, Max

Ramsey, Ray J.

Ramsey, Ray R.

Ramsey, Samuel L.

Ramsey, William T.

Ramsey, Winfred S.

Randles, Amos M.

Randles, Charles G.

Randles, Harry H.

Randles Homer G.

Randles, James Robert Jr.

Randles, Robert Tedford

Randles, Samuel O.

Randles, Sidney E.

Rauhuff, Frank E.

Rauhuff, Grover James

Rauhuff, Mack W.

Rauhuff, Raymond I.

Rawlings, Frederick P.

Rawlings, Josephine E.

Rawlings, Kenneth W.

Rawlings, Lynn P. Jr.

Ray, Ross

Rayfield, Floyd

Rayfield, Tess J.

Roberts, Boyd B.

Reagan, Amos Jr.

Reagan, Ben

Reagan, Bon C.

Reagan, Brownlee

Reagan, Buford C.

Reagan, Carl E.

Reagan, Charlie Austin

Reagan, Chester

Reagan, Claude Joel

Reagan, David

Reagan, Davis McKinley

Reagan, Don Clifford

Reagan, Earl R.

*Reagan, Ernest

Reagan, Ernest Alvin

Reagan, Ernest Clarence

Reagan, Frank A.

Reagan, Fred S.

Reagan, Harold R.

Reagan, J. H.

Reagan, James Harvey

Reagan, James R.

Reagan, John Lewis

Reagan, John Tolbert

Reagan, Lee G.

Reagan, Luther C.

Reagan, Marshall E.

Reagan, Ollie G.

Reagan, Orville V.

Reagan, Ralph C.

Reagan, Ray L.

Reagan, Raymond Richard

Reagan, Reuben

Reagan, Tolbert

Reagan, Verlus H.

Reagan, Wade McKinley

Reagan, William H.

Reagan, William K.

Reagan, Willie Howard

Rector, Calvin A.

Rector, Jack B.

*Rector, James N. Jr., United States

Reed, Boyd A.

Reed, Carl

Reed, Henry W.

Reed, Howard J.

Reed, Jack Newman

Reed, James D.

Reed, James Louis

Reed, James M.

Reed, James Otha

Reed, Joe Ben

Reed, Joe D.

Reed, Luther

Reed, Milbern

Reed, Paul T.

Reed, William M.

Rhea, Clarence Otis

Rhea, Clinton

Rhinehart, Frank Eugene

Riddle, William C.

Riggs, Morris P.

Riley, Carroll R.

Riley, James A.

Riley, Oscar H.

Rimel, Carl R.

Rimel, Stanely Eugene

Rimel, William C.

Rives, James F.

Roark, Henry Frank

Roark, William B.

Roberts, Allen C.

Roberts, Boyd S.

Roberts, Butler D.

Roberts, Carl Headrick

Roberts, Homer J.

Roberts, James O.

Roberts, James R.

Roberts, Joe Willard

Roberts, John E.

Roberts, John K.

Roberts, Johnnie H.

Roberts, Lee W.

Roberts, Lester Monroe

Roberts, Otha E.

Roberts, Reece Clifford

Roberts, Roy A.

Roberts, Scott C.

Robertson, Emert Glenn

*Robertson, Lloyd M. Jr., France

*Robertson, Lon D., France

Robertson, Marion R.

Robertson, Rense W.

Robertson, Robert

*Robertson, Robert M., France

Robertson, Tip

Robertson, William P.

Robinson, Leter C.

Rodgers, Billy H.

Rogers, Albert C.

Rogers, Elizabeth K.

Rogers, Ermal R.

Rogers, Ernest C.

Rogers, Ernest Hudson

Rogers, Eugene W.

Rogers, Fred B.

Rogers, Fred Grove

Rogers, Harvey W.

Rogers, Herman H.

Rogers, Jack

Rogers, Joseph E.

Rogers, Kenneth B.

Rogers, Marvin

Rogers, Milburn Lee

Rogers, Reece C.

Rogers, Reo L.

Rogers, Richard

Rogers, Shadie Lee

Rogers, Tilford E.

Rogers, William Eugene

Rogers, William P.

Roland, Jessie

Rolen, Ben A.

Rolen, Cecil William

*Rolen, Charles A., Germany

Rolen, Clarence W.

Rolen, Clyde

Rolen, David A.

Rolen, Elgar

Rolen, Elton

Rolen, George A.

Rolen, J. B.

Rolen, James O.

Rolen, Jessie

Rolen, Jimmie Ray

Rolen, John W.

Rolen, Lon W.

Rolen, Richard

Rolen, Samuel D.

Rolen, Scott C.

Rolen, Warren G.

Romines, Alger Frank

Romines, Dwain

Romines, Harold B.

Romines, Hugh L.

Romines, Ira Catlett

Romines, John Samuel

Romines, Oliver Ray

*Romines, Ralph, Kyushu

Romines, Reece R.

Romines, Victor Hobert

Romines, William

Roop, Delmer Newton

Rose, Clarence

Rose, Cleo

Rose, Ernest

Rose, Leo

Rose, Leonard T.

Rose, Richard J.

Rose, Tommy Dewey

Ross, Morrris O'Neal

Roylston, Edward L.

Rudd, William Clarence

Rule, Boyd W.

Rule, Kenneth H.

Rule, Ned Sanders

Rule, Wayne

Runyan, Boyd R.

Russell, Curtis A.

Russell, Earl E.

Russell, George R.

Russell, Willie Boyd

Ryan, Euel

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