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Name: O'Dell, Mary      Gender: F
Born: Mar, 5, 1883      Died: Dec 15, 1934      Buried: Union
Father: William Smith??      Born: TN
Mother: Jane Woody      Born: TN
Spouse: Howard O'Dell
Children: James, Charles, Hazel

Name: O'Dell, Matilda      Gender: F
Born: Jan 12, 1851      Died: Feb 27, 1935      Buried: Burke
Father: Perrian Giles      Born: TN
Mother: Rebecca McGaha      Born: TN
Spouse: Henry O'Dell

Name: Ogle, Edna      Gender: F
Born: Apr 7, 1926      Died: Apr 17, 1933      Buried: Smiths
Father: ??      Born: Cosby
Mother: Anna Underwood??      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Olden, James Leonard Eli      Gender: M
Born: Aug 1, 1934      Died: Oct 15, 1934      Buried: Faubian
Father: Mack Olden      Born: TN
Mother: Augusta Christmas      Born: TN

Name: Ollis, Ollie      Gender: F
Born: Apr 8, 1882      Died: May 22, 1936      Buried: Fine
Father: Jefferson Bailey      Born: NC
Mother: Phronia Lunsford      Born: NC
Spouse: John Ollis
Children: Maude, Eva, Floyd, Cephas, Mitch?

Name: Orr, Kenneth Clay      Gender: M
Born: Jun 8, 1911      Died: Nov 17, 1941      Buried: Stokley
Father: Henry Orr      Born: NC
Mother: Mary Stokley      Born: TN
Spouse: Stella Brooks
Children: Jennie Mae, Anna, Hattie

Name: Ottinger, Andrew Jackson      Gender: M
Born: Dec 3, 1861      Died: Nov 18, 1937      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Andrew Ottinger      Born: TN
Mother: Sarah Boyer      Born: TN
Spouse: Hattie Miller
Children: Ray, Brant, Clyde, Royce

Name: Ottinger, James Edward      Gender: M
Born: Nov 26, 1932      Died: Nov 26, 1932      Buried: Luthern Memorial
Father: Dewey Ottinger      Born: Parrottsville
Mother: Zora Ownby      Born: Harneds Chapel

Name: Ottinger, Joseph Miles?      Gender: M
Born: Jul 10, 1855      Died: Mar 3, 1945      Buried: Salem
Father: Henry C Ottinger      Born: TN
Mother: Hannah Rader      Born: TN
Children: Henry, Cauley, Carl

Name: Ottinger, Millard      Gender: M
Born: Oct 19, 1879      Died: Nov 20, 1932      Buried: Union
Father: Harvey Ottinger      Born: TN
Mother: Sidney Reece      Born: TN
Spouse: Minnie Williams
Children: Blain and Ross

Name: Owens, Dan J      Gender: M
Born:       Died: Jul 6 1935      Buried: National, Johnson City, TN
Father: Benjamin Owens      Born: TN
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Spouse: Myrtle Rutherford
Children: Dallas, George, Florence, Clarence and Ray

Name: Owensby, James      Gender: M
Born: Aug 25, 1882      Died: Sep 3, 1935      Buried: Dunn
Father: John Owensby      Born: TN
Mother: Rosa      Born: TN
Spouse: Bessie Mayfield, Bussie Barnes
Children: Henry, Maude, ? Bertha?

Name: Ownby, Brenda Joyce      Gender: F
Born: Apr 6, 1945      Died: Apr 12, 1945      Buried: Union
Father: Ernest Ownby      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Gloria Jean Alexander      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Ownby, Glennie Kate?      Gender: F
Born: Jan 1, 1936      Died: Mar 31, 1936      Buried: KYker
Father: Lowery Finchum      Born: TN
Mother:       Born: TN

Name: Ownby, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Dec 11, 1945      Died: Dec 11, 1945      Buried: Union
Father: Ernst Ownby??      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Gloria Jan Alexander      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Ownby, Mary Johnson      Gender: F
Born: Feb 28, 1874      Died: Nov 30, 1935      Buried: Union
Father: ?Johnson      Born: TN
Mother: ??Willett      Born:
Spouse: Miniard M Ownby
Children: Mrs Edgar Walton?

Name: Ownby, Ray      Gender: M
Born: Mar 5, 1931      Died: Apr 4, 1936      Buried: KYker
Father: Henry Ownby      Born: TN
Mother: Dollie Stinnett      Born: TN

Name: Pack, Kate      Gender: F
Born: Nov 25, 1899      Died: May 14, 1944      Buried: Mt Zion
Father: John Fish      Born: TN
Mother: Julia Belle Burke      Born: TN
Spouse: Noah Pack
Children: Gladys, Jack, J C, Frank, Everett

Name: Paris, Maggie      Gender: F
Born: Nov 20, 1855      Died: Jan 1, 1943      Buried: Marshall, NC
Father: Robert Edmonds      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born: Unknown
Children: Ura

Name: Parker, Billie Allen      Gender: M
Born: Dec ? 16, 1940      Died: Sep 28, 1941      Buried: Coleman
Father: Emanuel Parker      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Lucile ???      Born: KY

Name: Parker, Joyce      Gender: F
Born: Nov 8, 1944      Died: Nov 11, 1944      Buried: Black
Father: Alfred Parker      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Lucile France      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Parks, Dorothy Hulda Emma Mae      Gender: F
Born: Jun 28, 1929?      Died: Jun 28, 1941      Buried: Peters??
Father: Bascom Parks      Born: TN
Mother: Monnie Peters      Born: TN

Name: Pate, Charlie Rayfield      Gender: M
Born: Apr 19, 1883      Died: Feb 14, 1943      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Reuben Pate      Born: TN
Mother: Barbara Loveday      Born: TN
Spouse: Jettie E Cureton
Children: Mrs Turner Blazer, Mrs Floyd Blazer

Name: Poe, Mary Ailey      Gender: F
Born: May 22, 1879      Died: Jan 27, 1944      Buried: Hills Chapel
Father: Anderson Ailey      Born: TN
Mother: Margaret R?????      Born: TN
Spouse: Patrick Hogan Poe
Children: Luther, Mrs Alma Metler, Mrs Audrey Parrott, Mrs Burnett Poe

Name: Potts, Evelyn      Gender: F
Born: Jun 28, 1941      Died: Jul 23, 1941      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Charlie Potts      Born: TN
Mother: Lillie Mae Talley      Born: TN

Name: Presnell, Lula Ellen      Gender: F
Born: Sep 9, 1881      Died: Mar 31, 1932      Buried: Clark
Father: A J Cooke      Born: NC
Mother: Sallie Love      Born: NC
Spouse: Daniel Presnell
Children: Fala, Mrs Florence Johnson, Mrs Rosa Mathes

Name: Price, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Jun 13, 1940      Died: Jun 13, 1940      Buried: Forbian
Father: Horace Price      Born: TN
Mother: Charlotte Fancher      Born: TN

Name: Price, Marggie      Gender: F
Born: 32 years      Died: Dec 2, 1932      Buried: Fowler
Father: Jon Bolen      Born: Sevier Co
Mother: Eliza Messer      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Robert Price
Children: Ruby, Glady??

Name: Price, Robert Sanders      Gender: M
Born: Jan 14, 1910      Died: Feb 8, 1941      Buried: Fowler
Father: David Price      Born: Unknown
Mother: Essie Jones      Born: NC
Spouse: Etta Frazier

Name: Proffitt, William      Gender: M
Born: Dec 25, 1880      Died: May 30, 1936      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: John W Proffitt      Born: Ga
Mother: Sallie Runnion      Born: NC
Spouse: Mildred?
Children: Johnnie Proffitt

Name: Rader, Mary Rebecca      Gender: F
Born: Oct 16, 1850      Died: Jul 23, 1935      Buried: Salem
Father: Jacob Rader      Born: TN
Mother: Lavina Nease      Born: TN

Name: Rader, Sallie Kate      Gender: F
Born: Nov 30, 1928      Died: Dec 21, 1934      Buried: Lutheran Mem
Father: Jake Rader      Born: TN
Mother: Stacie Lee Balch      Born: TN

Name: Raines, Will      Gender: M
Born: May 30, 1863      Died: Sep 2, 1945      Buried: Maynard, Sevier Co
Father: Alford Rains      Born: NC
Mother: Elizabeth Hannah??      Born: NC
Spouse: Rebecca Crawley
Children: Roy

Name: Rains, Martha Lena Mrs      Gender: F
Born: Jul, 20, 1908      Died: Sep 18, 1944      Buried: Ramsey
Father: William Henry Cutshaw      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Susie Ellison      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Glenn Rains
Children: Marcout, Mack, Johnnie, Edna

Name: Rainwater, Carrie Beatrice      Gender: F
Born: Sep 6, 1884      Died: Jun 12, 1938      Buried: Greenwood Lansing Mich
Father: Albert Thompson      Born: Me
Mother: Sopha Pine      Born: Me ????
Spouse: J B Rainwater
Children: Ward

Name: Ramsey, Solomon Dudley      Gender: M
Born: Jun 1, 1857      Died: May 24, 1941      Buried:
Father:       Born:
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Anna Kate Dockery
Children: Mrs K Myers??, Mrs Moses Ramsey, Mrs G T Hubbard Mrs H J Brown, Mrs L A Jones

Name: Ratcliff, Larry Boscum      Gender: M
Born: Nov 18, 1875      Died: Jul 25, 1937      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: William Ratcliff      Born: NC
Mother: Sorena Gillispie      Born: NC
Spouse: Oman Ponder
Children: Edna, Agnes, Vevetty, Eyline, Mrs Enid Blazer

Name: Rayburn, Judine      Gender: F
Born: Apr 19, 1934      Died: Mar 5, 1935      Buried: Union
Father: Grady Rayburn      Born: Atlanta, Ga
Mother: Hazel Balch      Born: TN

Name: Reece, Katherine Dotsun      Gender: F
Born: Jun 21, 1860      Died: Feb 18, 1935      Buried: Mt Airy
Father: William Cunningham      Born: Hamblen Co
Mother: Martha Horner      Born: Greene Co
Spouse: Sterling Reece

Name: Reece, William      Gender: M
Born: Feb 2, 1893      Died: Mar 14, 1934      Buried: Phillips
Father: Bob Reece      Born: TN
Mother: Sallie Ketner      Born:
Children: Helen, Mable, William Jr

Name: Reese, Edna      Gender: F
Born: 3801      Died: Apr 30, 1933      Buried: Reidtown
Father: John Reese      Born: Jefferson Co
Mother: Pheby Holt      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Renner, Sarah E      Gender: F
Born: Jun 10, 1875      Died: Oct 12, 1934      Buried: Salem
Father: James Briggs      Born:
Mother: Juda Shelton      Born: NC
Spouse: John?? M Renner
Children: Mrs Monroe Shelton, Mrs Charlie Woody, Mrs Jno Ramsey

Name: Rhinehart, Chas Howard      Gender: M
Born: Jul 5, 1906      Died: Mar 11, 1936      Buried: Rhinehart
Father: Bob R Rhinehart      Born: TN
Mother: Alice McCoig      Born: NC
Spouse: Ethel Bradley

Name: Rice, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Mar 15, 1944      Died: Mar 17, 1944      Buried: Jay Bird
Father: Ted Evart Haven Rice      Born: Newport, TN
Mother: Maggie Swaggerty      Born: Newport, TN

Name: Robison, Robert Earl      Gender: M
Born: Oct 14, 1900      Died: Dec 16, 1945      Buried: Union
Father: Jacob H Robison      Born: Haywood Co, NC
Mother: Minnie C Scott      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Nellie Ruth Fowler
Children: Raymond??, Lynda Sue

Name: Roodman, Marcus Aurelius      Gender: M
Born: Jun 7, 1872      Died: Mar 15, 1937      Buried:
Father: Marcus Aurelious Roodman      Born: TN
Mother: Elizabeth Cannon?      Born: TN
Spouse: Nola Allen
Children: Dooby, Inom, Jimmie?

Name: Russell, Tom      Gender: M
Born: age 69      Died: 11960      Buried: Pauper
Father: Unknown      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born: Unknown

Name: Ruth, Lawrence Jr      Gender: M
Born: Feb 20, 1935      Died: Jan 5, 1936      Buried: Union
Father: Lawrence Ruth      Born:
Mother: Delcia Legreta Hall      Born: TN

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