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Name: Lamasters, Lola Sue      Gender: F
Born: Jun 24, 1943      Died: Aug 26, 1943      Buried: Jay Bird
Father:       Born:
Mother: Cenia Lamasters      Born: TN

Name: Lamb, John Nathan      Gender: M
Born: Aug 12, 1863      Died: Jun 9, 1943      Buried: Paint Rock
Father: Stuart Lamb      Born: Unknown
Mother: Betsy Davis      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Sarah Elizabeth Blackwell
Children: Mrs Hellen Worl, Mrs Mannie Lawson, Thelma, Hazel, Henry, Willie, James

Name: Lane, Annette      Gender: F
Born: Apr 12, 1941      Died: May 20, 1941      Buried:
Father: Jess Lane??      Born: TN
Mother: Valerie Shelton      Born: TN

Name: Lane, Bessie      Gender: F
Born: age 21      Died: Jun 4, 1943      Buried: Phillips
Father: Oscar Lane      Born:
Mother:       Born:

Name: Lane, Bobbie Jean      Gender: F
Born: Aug 10, 1939      Died: Oct 27? 1945      Buried: Clay Creek
Father: Clarence Lane      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Ella Mae Noland      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Lane, Geo Washington      Gender: M
Born: Mar, 17, 1878      Died: May 12, 1944      Buried: Phillips
Father:       Born:
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Mary Catherine Phillips
Children: Oliver, Glenn, Jess, John

Name: Lane, Imogene      Gender: F
Born: Oct 16, 1939      Died: Apr 16, 1941      Buried: Cave Church
Father: John Lane      Born: TN
Mother: Pearl Webb      Born: TN

Name: Lane, Zeblee?? Ray      Gender: M
Born: Aug 21, 1904      Died: Jun 9, 1942      Buried: Phillips
Father: George C Lane      Born: TN
Mother: Dovie Clevenger      Born: TN
Spouse: Anna Chambers
Children: Dovie

Name: Large, Emma Ruth      Gender:
Born: Aug 12, 1945      Died: Aug 12, 1945      Buried: Dunn
Father: Roy Large      Born: Trentham Hollow
Mother: Mary Bell Buckner      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Large, Eula Mae      Gender: F
Born:       Died: Nov 7, 1942      Buried: Cave Church
Father: George Gregory      Born: TN
Mother: Hilda Camshill??      Born: TN
Spouse: Alonzo Large

Name: Large, Virgil Grant      Gender: M
Born: Nov 27, 1918      Died: Jun 16, 1939??      Buried: Hartsell
Father: James Harrison Large      Born: TN
Mother: Flora Belle Huff      Born: TN

Name: Lawrence, Carrey Edwards?      Gender: M
Born: Jun 29, 1945      Died: Jul 10, 1945      Buried: Gum Springs
Father: Austin Lawrence      Born: Charlotte, NC
Mother: Hattie Sue Elliott      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Lawson, Ella Violet Ogreta      Gender: F
Born: Jun 22, 1922      Died: Dec 2, 1944      Buried: Forbian
Father: Andrew Lawson      Born: Claiborne Co
Mother: Willie Mae Parks      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Lewis, Mary Jane      Gender: F
Born: Dec 8, 1855      Died: Mar 14, 1934      Buried: Hall
Father: Jack Lewis      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Auredie Ownsby??      Born: Cocke Co
Children: Charlie, Mrs Emma Dennis

Name: Lewis, Ruby Mae      Gender: F
Born: Jan 2, 1924      Died: Jul 30, 1933      Buried: Rinehart
Father: James Lewis      Born: TN
Mother: Ola Miller      Born: TN

Name: Lewis, Winfield Charlie      Gender: M
Born: Feb 2, 1858      Died: Aug 30, 1937      Buried: Little Pigeon Ch
Father:       Born:
Mother: Sarah Lewis      Born: TN

Name: Lichlyter, Alice Holbert      Gender: F
Born: Mar 4, 1888      Died: Dec 23, 1940      Buried: Lichlyter
Father: Ervin Holbert      Born: TN
Mother: Elizabeth Ellison      Born: TN
Spouse: Luther Lichlyter
Children: Bingham, Christine

Name: Lillard, Joseph Anderson      Gender: M
Born: Jan 20, 1867      Died: Apr 24, 1944      Buried: Union
Father: Mark Lillard      Born:
Mother: Sarah Smith      Born:
Spouse: Maggie Maloy

Name: Lillard, Maggie E      Gender: F
Born: Apr 7, 1875      Died: Oct 15, 1945      Buried: Union
Father: John G Maloy      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Nancy Jane Stuart      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Joseph A Lillard

Name: Lindsay, John Walter      Gender: M
Born: Jul 25, 1915      Died: Sep 21, 1944      Buried: Lindsay
Father: Alonzo Lindsay      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Pearl Baxter      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Lindsay, Mary Jo      Gender: F
Born: Sep, 26, 1939      Died: May 26, 1942      Buried: Lindsay
Father:       Born:
Mother: Bonnie June Lindsay      Born: TN

Name: Long, Alice Mae      Gender: F
Born: Nov 29, 1901      Died: Aug 16, 1942      Buried: Creech Chpl
Father: William Hardin Ballard      Born: Hamblen Co
Mother: Sara Woods      Born: Hamblen Co
Spouse: Lawson Long
Children: Step-Horace, James, Stella, Floe

Name: Lovell, Laura Eveline      Gender: F
Born: Jul 12, 1863      Died: Dec 26, 1944      Buried: Salem
Father: William Ottinger??      Born: Unknown
Mother: Dorothy Lane      Born: Unknown

Name: Loxley, Lillian Bell      Gender: F
Born: Mar 4, 1899      Died: Feb 4, 1937      Buried:
Father: William Startup      Born: Rockford, Ill
Mother: Mary Moore      Born:
Spouse: S E Loxley
Children: Ruth, Earl, Rose, Jean??

Name: Maddron, Stella      Gender: F
Born: 1238      Died: Feb 28, 1933      Buried: Union
Father: William Wright      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born: Unknown
Spouse: HobertMaddron

Name: Maloy, George Thomas      Gender: M
Born: Oct 9, 1865      Died: Oct, 21, 1944      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: William Maloy      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Rachel Boley      Born: Washington, Co
Children: Grace, Eli, Mayme, Nellie, Ted

Name: Maloy, James Alexander      Gender: M
Born: Jun 10, 1862      Died: Oct 24, 1936      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: John Maloy      Born: TN
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Martha Byrd
Children: Ottie, Annie Mae, Georgie, Villa?????

Name: Maloy, John Adam      Gender: M
Born: Jul 1, 1859      Died: Feb 13, 1936      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: William Maloy      Born: TN
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Anna Mae Foster
Children: Bruce, Bertie, Stuart, Herman, Lillie??

Name: Maness, William Cornealius      Gender: M
Born: Jul 2, 1859      Died: Dec 22, 1944      Buried: Union
Father: George Washington Maness      Born: Hawkins Co
Mother: Nancy Britton      Born: Hawkins Co
Spouse: Lydia Brawley
Children: Martha, Matilda, Jim, George, Albert, Rhoda

Name: Manse?, Lois Stanley      Gender: F
Born: Dec 24, 1921      Died: Nov 4, 1945      Buried: Family
Father: John Stanley      Born: Madison Co, NC
Mother: Sarah Haney      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: B Z Manse
Children: Margaret Marie

Name: Mantooth, Gussie Elizabeth      Gender: F
Born: Aug 12, 1896      Died: Mar 12, 1941      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: William Hugh Grazier      Born: TN
Mother: Cordelia? Allison      Born: TN
Spouse: Leonard Mantooth
Children: Carl Nease, Jack

Name: Mantooth, Margaret Elizabeth      Gender: F
Born: Mar 23, 1910      Died: Jan 8, 1934      Buried: Swannsylvania
Father: Oscar Wright      Born: TN
Mother: Margarette Maynard      Born: TN
Spouse: Margrette Wright
Children: ? ? ?

Name: Marshall, Harmon Ruble      Gender: M
Born: Oct 6, 1934      Died: Dec 23, 1934      Buried: Fowlers Grove
Father: I W Marshall?      Born: TN
Mother: Dasie Cline      Born: TN

Name: Marshall, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Jun 22, 1933      Died:       Buried: Fowlers Grove
Father: J W Marshall      Born: Bybee, TN
Mother: Davie Cline      Born: Bybee, TN

Name: Marshall, Nora Mae      Gender: F
Born: Jun 19, 1911      Died: May 28, 1941      Buried: Clay Creek
Father: David Freeman      Born: NC
Mother: Flora Kelley      Born: TN
Spouse: Ottis Marshall
Children: Aileen, June, Billie, Sammi, J M, Arlie, Micheletta

Name: Mathew, Joseph Crocket      Gender: M
Born: Mar 17, 1872      Died: Jun 21, 1935      Buried: Faubian
Father: Harvey Matthess      Born: Sevier Co
Mother: Rebecca McMahan      Born: Sevier Co
Spouse: DoraAllen
Children: Charles, Mrs John E, Ima, Frank

Name: Mayfield, John Mischer      Gender: M
Born: Jul 17, 1880      Died: Jun 25, 1934      Buried: Huff
Father: Henry Mayfield      Born: TN
Mother: Thursie Black      Born: TN
Spouse: Emma Ownsby
Children: ??

Name: Mc Crary, Major      Gender: M
Born: 1849      Died: Sep 7, 1937      Buried: Forbian
Father:       Born:
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Mary McCray??
Children: Jennie

Name: McCoig, Joseph Francis      Gender: M
Born: Jan 20, 1868      Died: May 26, 1942      Buried: Taft
Father: Malcolm McCoig      Born: Unknown
Mother: ??France      Born:
Spouse: Mitchell, Johnny, Julie, Ida, Ellen

Name: McCurry, David Alexander      Gender: M
Born: Jun 3, 1884      Died: Nov 27, 1942      Buried: Rays Chapel
Father: Greenberry McCurry      Born: TN
Mother: Eliza Black      Born: TN
Spouse: Salome Caldwell
Children: Mark, William, Mrs Nellie Webb, Mrs Beulah Summers, Mrs Daisy Wilifred, Ruth

Name: McCurry, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Oct 1, 1943      Died: Oct 1, 1943      Buried: Union
Father: Samuel Clinton McCurry      Born: Washington Co
Mother: Ruth Rush      Born: Hamblen Co

Name: McFarland, William Nathan      Gender: M
Born: Jan 7, 1882      Died: Nov 1 1945      Buried: Moshiem
Father: Samuel McFarland      Born: TN
Mother: Lou Dryman      Born: TN
Spouse: Anna Mae Cobble
Children: Howard, Jack Connie, Mrs Fred Luttrell, Mrs James Cureton

Name: McGaha, William Russell      Gender: M
Born: Aug 3, 1855      Died: Jan 11, 1941      Buried: Butler
Father: Green McGaha      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born: Unknown
Children: Luther, W L M E, Jim, Talmadge, Y J

Name: McMahan, Addison Brownloe??      Gender: M
Born: 28 yrs Old      Died: Oct 15, 1934      Buried: Mt Zion
Father: Thomas W McMahan      Born: NC
Mother: Sarah E Bice      Born: TN
Spouse: Lena Cutshaw

Name: McMahan, Earl      Gender: M
Born: Jan 8 1945      Died: Jan 14, 1945      Buried: Dunn
Father: Horace McMahan      Born: Sevier Co
Mother: Bertha Stuart?      Born: Cocke Co

Name: McMahan, Eula Mae      Gender: F
Born: May 17, 1913      Died: Apr 15, 1934      Buried: Holders Grove
Father: Quay McMahan      Born: TN
Mother: Olga Sutton      Born: TN

Name: McMahan, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Apr 6, 1943      Died: Apr 6, 1943      Buried: Rays Chapel
Father: Horace S McMahan      Born: TN
Mother: Bertha Stuart      Born: TN

Name: McMahan, Jannie      Gender: F
Born: Apr 2, 1893      Died: Nov 19, 1942      Buried: Union
Father: William whitlock      Born: TN
Mother: Mary Jane West      Born: TN
Spouse: Jud McM:ahan
Children: Claiborne

Name: McMahan, Milas      Gender: M
Born:       Died: Jun 23, 1936      Buried: Holders Grove
Father: Dave Mc Mahan      Born: TN
Mother: Sicha Wilson      Born: TN

Name: McMillan, Annie      Gender: F
Born:       Died:       Buried: Forbian
Father: Unknown      Born:
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Robert McMillan
Children: Floy, Doc, Crawford, Edd, Nannie

Name: McMillan, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Sep 26, 1933      Died: Sep 26, 1933      Buried:
Father: Ed McMillan      Born: Spartanburg, SC
Mother: Roxie Woods      Born: Cocke Co

Name: McNabb, Edward Gather      Gender: M
Born: Aug 20, 1869      Died: Nov 24, 1932      Buried: Union
Father: Alexander McNabb      Born:
Mother: Elizabeth Frazier?      Born: TN
Spouse: Celestine Jones

Name: McNabb, James William      Gender: M
Born: Jun 10, 1931      Died: Jan 1, 1933      Buried: Salem
Father: Alton Wayne      Born: TN
Mother: Anna Swanger      Born: TN

Name: Messer, Bertha Mae      Gender: F
Born: Mar 5, 1900      Died: Nov 4, 1933      Buried: McArthur???
Father: Joe Lane      Born: Unknown
Mother: Mollie Jenkins      Born: TN
Spouse: Virgil Messer
Children: Chas, Mae Laura

Name: Messer, Edward Roy      Gender: M
Born: Sep 27, 1935      Died: Nov 14, 1935      Buried: Inman
Father: Weerie?? Messer      Born: TN
Mother: Viola Samples      Born: TN

Name: Messer, Geo Virgil      Gender: M
Born: Apr 27, 1856      Died: 12184      Buried: Home-Middle Creek
Father: David Messer      Born: Unknown
Mother: Lucindia Plemmons      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Hasseltine McAllister
Children: David, Elbert, Tom, Will

Name: Miller, Genevieve Thornton      Gender: F
Born: Mar 20, 1908      Died: Jul 27, 1944      Buried: Chestnut Hill
Father: Alfred Thornton      Born: Jefferson Co
Mother: Mattie Henderson      Born: Jefferson Co
Spouse: Otis Miller
Children: J D, Reed, Imogene

Name: Miller, Jessie Earl      Gender: M
Born: Dec 6, 1929      Died: Nov 30, 1934      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Earl Guy Miller      Born: TN
Mother: Jennie Mae Hogan      Born: TN

Name: Miller, Sallie Mrs      Gender: F
Born: Nov 20, 1866      Died: Apr 4, 1933      Buried: Liberty Hill
Father: W M Eddington      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Elizabeth Christian      Born: Jefferson Co
Spouse: Dan Miller
Children: A L, T C, Nellie, Dan Jr

Name: Mooneyham, Tennessee      Gender: F
Born: Sep 20, 1854      Died: Dec 17, 1943      Buried: Mooneyham
Father: John Keys      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Spouse: FrankMooneyham
Children: Reubin, Hise, Will, George, Spurgeon, Mrs Mollie Hux, Sallie

Name: Moore, Bev      Gender: M
Born: Mar 24, 1860      Died: Mar 21, 1944      Buried: Swansylvania
Father: Tom Moore      Born: TN
Mother: Sarah Ann Holbert      Born: TN
Spouse: Dorothy Thula Beason
Children: Johnny, Anna, Sarah, Alice, Dave, Alford

Name: Moore, Varner Alford      Gender: M
Born: Jul 13, 1928      Died: Dec 12, 1943      Buried: Clay Creek
Father: Dave M Moore      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Annie Varner      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Moore, William Michel      Gender: M
Born: Jun 9, 1860      Died: Feb 23, 1943      Buried: Hills Chapel
Father: William Moore      Born: Jefferson Co
Mother: Louisa Denson      Born: TN
Children: Victoria, Daisy, Eula

Name: Morefield, Georgie Ruth      Gender: F
Born: Jul 27, 1945      Died: Jul 27, 1945      Buried: Rankin
Father: Ross Morefield      Born: Jefferson Co
Mother: Beatrice Cody      Born: Jefferson Co

Name: Morefield, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Jan 17, 1945      Died: Jan 17, 1945      Buried: Black
Father: Oates Morefield      Born: Washington Co
Mother: Flora Parker      Born: TN

Name: Morgan, Arvil A ??      Gender: F
Born: Feb 18, 1895      Died: Feb 11, 1937      Buried: Campion Ch ??
Father: Stant Williams      Born: Alabama
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Charles M Morgan
Children: Ruth, Magaline, Percila, Elizabeth

Name: Morison, Edward Lee      Gender: M
Born: Oct 1, 1875      Died: Oct 19, 1943      Buried: Union
Father: Benjamin Morison      Born: TN
Mother: Sarah Amis      Born: TN
Spouse: Ida Mae Morison
Children: Everett M…

Name: Morris, Jack      Gender: M
Born: Mar 4, 1944      Died: Jul 14, 1944      Buried: Phillips
Father: Walter Morris      Born: Hot Springs, NC
Mother: Dorothy Rains      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Moyers, Velma Louisa      Gender: F
Born: Apr 30, 1921      Died: Dec 15, 1933      Buried: St Paul
Father: Robert Moyers      Born: TN
Mother: Bertie Smith      Born: TN

Name: Murrell, Jessie BryantMrs      Gender: F
Born: Feb 16, 1894      Died: Sep 16, 1934      Buried: Jenkins Chapel
Father: Purcell Bryant??      Born:
Mother: Martha Byrd      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Hudson Murrell
Children: Earl

Name: Nease, Emma Katherine      Gender: F
Born: Dec 3, 1933      Died: Dec 4, 1933      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Clifford Nease      Born: TN
Mother: Arvilla Clark      Born: TN

Name: Nease, Lewis      Gender: M
Born: Jan 7, 1853      Died: May 21, 1935      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: John Nease      Born: TN
Mother: Unknown      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Lina Hedrick
Children: Hunley, Jessie

Name: Netherton, James Darius      Gender: M
Born: Aug 13, 1881      Died: Nov 3, 1939      Buried: Fox
Father: George Netherton      Born: TN
Mother: Sue Justice      Born: TN
Spouse: Nelle Gooman?????
Children: Mrs Jim Hale, Mrs Fred Wood

Name: Netheton, ? Geo F      Gender: M
Born: Jan 3, 1859      Died: Jan 18, 1933      Buried: Netheton?
Father: Geo Netheton      Born: TN
Mother: Susan Justice      Born:
Spouse: Lizzie Fox
Children: Mrs Selma Hale, Mrs Lizzie Wood, Darius

Name: Nichols, Flora Jones      Gender: F
Born: May 20, 1909      Died: Apr 30, 1935      Buried: Jay Bird
Father: Herbert Jones      Born: TN
Mother: Annie Wilkie      Born: TN
Spouse: Anderson Nichols

Name: Noland, Nancy      Gender: F
Born: Apr 11, 1840      Died: Feb 23, 1933      Buried: Liberty Hill
Father: John Noland      Born:
Mother: Sarah M Worth      Born:
Children: Mrs J H Suttles

Name: Norris, Hugh Lee      Gender: M
Born: Nov, 26, 1902      Died: Oct 8, 1935      Buried: Norris
Father: James Bennet norris      Born: TN
Mother: Effie Roberts      Born: TN
Spouse: Belle Kendall

Name: Norris, Rebecca T      Gender: F
Born: Jun 15, 1855      Died: Oct 2, 1942      Buried: Hopewell Church
Father: Unknown      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born: Unknown
Spouse: George W Norris

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