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Name: Daniel, Honah      Gender: M
Born: Mar 27, 1906      Died: Nov 17, 1933      Buried: Swannsylvania
Father: Wiley Daniel      Born: Unknown
Mother: Alice Daniel      Born: TN

Name: Daniels, John Bartley      Gender: M
Born: Aug 2, 1886      Died: Jul17, 1944      Buried: Mooneyham
Father: Jake Daniels      Born: Unknown
Mother: Emma Keller      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Hicie Prather
Children: Hattie, Ray, Robert, Buton

Name: Davis, Cary Gleason      Gender: M
Born: Feb 16, 1935      Died: Jul, 21, 1935      Buried: Sunset
Father: Robert L Davis      Born: TN
Mother: Beulah Guy      Born: TN

Name: Dawson, ????      Gender: F
Born: Apr 10, 1886      Died: ?????1942      Buried: Rogers
Father: William Dawson      Born: NC
Mother:       Born: SC
Spouse: Luther Tate

Name: Dawson, Alfred Milham      Gender: M
Born: Sep 14, 1858      Died: Jan 8, 1945      Buried: Fowlers Grove
Father: Abraham Dawson      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Jane Wrenn      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Nancy Jones
Children: Joe, Max, Ernest??????

Name: Dawson, George Murphy      Gender: M
Born: Nov 23, 1878      Died: Sep 4, 1937      Buried: Forbian
Father: William Dawson      Born: NC
Mother: Mary Pruitt      Born: SC ?
Spouse: Dora Carr
Children: William, Luther, Nathan, Charlie, Hessie

Name: Derrick, Willie Ferne      Gender: F
Born: May 9, 1936      Died: Jun 26, 1941      Buried: Fox
Father: Calvin Derrick      Born: TN
Mother: Della Fox      Born: TN

Name: Derry, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Jun 22, 1936      Died: Jun 22, 1936      Buried: Fairview Church
Father: Earl Derry      Born: TN
Mother: Pauline Slascock      Born: TN

Name: Derry, Muriel Ella      Gender: F
Born: Oct 3, 1933      Died: Nov 16, 1933      Buried: Antioch
Father: Robert Derry      Born: Greene Co
Mother: Nondalee Maynard      Born: Jefferson Co

Name: Dillon, Martha Lloyd      Gender: F
Born: Mar 25, 1880      Died: Sep 10, 1945      Buried: Union
Father: Jesse Lloyd      Born: Unknown
Mother: Lydia Sisk      Born: TN
Spouse: Thomas Dillon
Children: Charles

Name: Dismore, Oscar      Gender: M
Born: Apr 10, 1867      Died: 12196      Buried: Newman
Father: John Dismore      Born: Unknown
Mother: ?? Tucker      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Mary Bustler?

Name: Douglas, Jesse      Gender: M
Born: Apr 3, 1901      Died: Jun 27, 1944      Buried: Rays Chapel
Father: Dave Douglas      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Mary Holt      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Due? Douglas
Children: Alice, William, Mrs Pauline Stuart

Name: Douglas, Joe      Gender: M
Born: Nov 14, 1895      Died: Oct 3, 1945      Buried: Liberty Hill
Father: Dave Douglas      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Minnie Hall      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Estes Holt
Children: ? ? ?

Name: Douglas, Maurice S      Gender: M
Born: Jul 16, 1935      Died: Jan 11, 1936      Buried: France
Father: William Douglas      Born: TN
Mother: Gladys Cody      Born: TN

Name: Driskill, Pleasant L      Gender: M
Born: Sep 18, 1875      Died: Feb 6, 1944      Buried: Oven Creek
Father: Frank Driskill      Born: TN
Mother: Narsisses Ottinger      Born: TN
Spouse: Julia Ann Weaver
Children: Gertrude, Weaver, Mrs Charlie Smith

Name: Dunham, Barbara Joan      Gender: F
Born: Dec 4, 1933      Died: Aug 20, 1940      Buried: Union
Father: John Dunham      Born: TN
Mother: Dorothy Dennis      Born: TN

Name: Edmonds, Infant      Gender: F
Born: Sep 26, 1939      Died: Sep 26, 1939      Buried: Tryon Cem
Father: Robert Edmonds      Born: TN
Mother: Nancy Hale      Born: TN

Name: Edmonds, Iva Ruth      Gender: F
Born: Apr 19, 1933      Died: Mar 7, 1937      Buried: PleasantHill Ch
Father: William Edmonds      Born: TN
Mother: Lucy Turner      Born: TN

Name: Ellison, Billie John      Gender: M
Born: Feb 11, 1944      Died: Apr 5, 1944      Buried: Stokely
Father: Hugh Victor Ellison      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Omie James      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Ellison, Can Steven      Gender: M
Born: Apr 26, 1900      Died: May 20, 1945      Buried: Ellison
Father: Steve Ellison      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Elsie Presley      Born: Cocke Co
Children: Hazel

Name: Ellison, Charlie W      Gender: M
Born: Jan 2, 1872      Died: Mar 22, 1945      Buried: Ellison
Father: George Ellison      Born: TN
Mother: Nancy Holland      Born: NC
Spouse: Minnie Hedrick
Children: Mrs Mae Ellison(Adopted)

Name: Ellison, Elsie DooleyMrs      Gender: F
Born: Jul 12, 1874      Died: Apr 15, 1942      Buried: Ellison
Father: Nathan Presley      Born: TN
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Spouse: Seve Ellison
Children: Jake, Mel

Name: Ervin, Callie Knowles      Gender: F
Born: Jun 4, 1882      Died: Jan 5, 1933      Buried: Union
Father: Ebb Knowles      Born: TN
Mother: Amanda Grey      Born: TN
Spouse: William Ervin
Children: Mrs Roy Godfrey, Rome, Edward, Bonnie

Name: Eslinger, Will C      Gender: M
Born: age 78?      Died: Oct 23, 1935      Buried: New Salem
Father: Andy Eslinger      Born: TN
Mother: ?Henry      Born:
Spouse: Millie Webb

Name: Estes, Mae      Gender: F
Born: age 26??      Died: May 4, 1934      Buried: Mt Zion
Father: John Hall      Born: TN
Mother: Syntha Teague      Born: TN
Spouse: Willie Estes
Children: Ray, Ola ??

Name: Estes, Ola      Gender: F
Born: Apr 30, 1934      Died: Aug 24, 1934      Buried: Mt Zion
Father: Willie Estes      Born:
Mother: Mae Hall      Born: TN

Name: Evans, Linda Jane      Gender: F
Born: Jun 2, 1870      Died: Oct 23, 1942      Buried: Smith
Father: Owen Gillen      Born: TN
Mother: Delila Ramsey      Born: TN
Spouse: Thomas Asburry Evans
Children: William, Add, Charlie, Wratin, Elizabeth, Dellice

Name: Evans, Ray      Gender: M
Born: Apr 12, 1910?      Died: Mar 3, 1934????      Buried: Rankin Church
Father: Hugh?? Evans??      Born: TN
Mother: Lou??      Born: TN

Name: Evans, Robert      Gender: M
Born: Aug 6, 1923      Died: May 30, 1935      Buried: Rankin
Father: Joe Evans      Born: TN
Mother: Ida Beck?      Born: TN
Children: Roda Jane

Name: Fancher, Martha Norris      Gender: F
Born: Apr 7, 1858      Died: Aug 9, 1932      Buried: Norris
Father: Hugh Norris      Born: TN
Mother: Harriett Bryant      Born: TN
Children: J B Norris, L W Fancher

Name: Farley, Thadeaus Joseph      Gender: M
Born: Nov 7, 1880      Died: Oct 1, 1939      Buried: Roberts
Father: Luther Farley      Born: NC
Mother: Bryant      Born:
Children: Garland, Larry

Name: Farner, Lillie May      Gender: F
Born: Dec13, 1924      Died: Jan 26, 1933      Buried: Bridges Chapel??
Father: D L Farner      Born: TN
Mother: Ola Strange      Born: TN

Name: Fine, Charles Alton Jr      Gender: M
Born: Oct 25, 1919      Died: Nov 30, 1944      Buried: Union
Father: Charles Alton Fine      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Sue Addie Holt?      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Edna Dean White

Name: Fine, Charles Everette      Gender: M
Born: Oct 30, 1944      Died: Jan 17, 1945      Buried: Union
Father:       Born:
Mother: Catherine Fine      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Fine, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Jun 20, 1936      Died: Jun 20, 1936      Buried: France
Father: Hubert Fine      Born: TN
Mother: Addie Clevenger      Born: TN

Name: Fine, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Mar 13, 1941      Died: Mar 13, 1941      Buried: Union
Father: Alton Fine      Born: TN
Mother: Luce Addie Holt??      Born: TN

Name: Foland, ?? Charles Hobart      Gender: M
Born: Aug 24, 1897      Died: Sep, 24, 1942      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: George Foland      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Mary Eva Foland
Children: Charles, Hobart, Clyde, Joe, Jack, Ruby

Name: Foster, Dollie Viola Lane      Gender: F
Born: May 7, 1922      Died: Jan 29, 1943      Buried: Swansylvania
Father: GeorgeW Lane      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Mary Phillips      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Woodrow Foster

Name: Foster, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Jan 28, 1943      Died: Jan 29, 1943      Buried: Swansylvania
Father: Joseph Foster      Born: Jefferson Co
Mother: Dollie Viola Lane      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Foster, Robert Lewis      Gender: M
Born: Jul 12, 1893      Died: Apr 24, 1935      Buried: Swaggerty
Father: John Foster      Born: TN
Mother: Alice Carson      Born: TN
Spouse: Julia Brazil

Name: Franklin, Infant      Gender: F
Born: Aug 18, 1945      Died: Aug 18, 1945      Buried: White
Father: Roscoe Lester Franklin      Born: Madison Co, NC
Mother: Vestena Partin      Born: Bell Co, KY

Name: Franks, James Furman      Gender: M
Born: Feb 24, 1906      Died: Jul 29, 1936      Buried: Union
Father: J H Franks      Born: TN
Mother: Sallie J Sorrell      Born: TN
Spouse: Lena Robinson
Children: Betty Jean

Name: Franks, Lena Robinson      Gender: F
Born: Apr 10, 1911      Died: Jul 29, 1936      Buried: Union
Father: James Robinson      Born: TN
Mother: Jessie Jones      Born: TN
Children: Betty Jean

Name: Freshour, Carl      Gender: M
Born: Jul 13, 1944      Died: Jul 13, 1944      Buried: Gregg Chapel
Father: Jim Freshour      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Myrtle Gregg      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Freshour, Charlie Porter      Gender: M
Born: Feb 14, 1851      Died: Jan, 2, 1943      Buried: Family
Father: Oliver Freshour      Born: TN
Mother: Martha Reece      Born: TN
Spouse: Julia Reece
Children: Connie, Delia, Mame, Nannie?

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