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William came with his mother and the family to Sevier County, Tennessee, as early as 1805, soon after the death of his father.

From Record of Commissions of Officers in the Tennessee, Militia, 1796-1811, compiled by Mrs. John Trotwood Moore, William Ogle was commissioned as a Lieutenant of the 11th Regiment of Sevier County, Tennessee, on 14 Februeary 1811 by the governor of the State of Tennessee.

William Ogle was one of the first settlers in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  No land records prior to 1824 were found for William Ogle, but it is shown by Richard Reagan's early grants that William Ogle and his brother, Isaac Ogle, entered land adjoining the Richard Reagan's land on Mill Creek.  This ran from Mill Creek upward to the area below the Cherokee Orchard, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  As his sons and daughters became of age, he gave them these lands.  He moved to the Sugarlands area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

William Ogle is listed on the 1837 Tax List of Sevier County, Tennessee.

He and Nancy were members of the White Oak Flats Baptist Church.

William Ogle was appointed as one of nine commissioners of the Sevier County Turnpike Company in 1841.  It was "for the purpose of receiving subscription to the amount of twenty five thousand dollars to be applied to the purpose of making a turnpike road from the northern termination of the Smoky Mountain Turnpike road in Sevier County, Tennessee, to some point on the most practical leading routes."

William Ogle and his family appeared in the 1830 through 1850 Federal Census of Sevier County, Tennessee.

An affidavit found in the Sevier County Courthouse, by R. R. Reagan and Mark Roberts, states that William Ogle left a will but that it was destroyed in the courthouse fire of 1856.  The affidavit stated that his wife, Nancy be supported and have the use of both real and personal property during her lifetime.  At her death, the lands "should be equally divided between his sons, James, Henry, and William Ogle; personal property is to be equally divided between all his sons and daughters with the exception of Thomas I. Ogle, husband of his daughter, Sarah Ogle of twelve and half dollars which was to be deducted from his and her share."

It is said that William is buried with his wife in a very old cemetery just off the Huskey Gap trail in the Sugarlands, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  However, SMHS lists William in the White Oak Flats Cemetery.  However, there is a listing of William in the Cole Cemetery.

In theGuardians, Executors and Administrators Settlement Book for Sevier County, Tennessee, there is a record for the estate of William Ogle.  This gives a list of the living heirs of William Ogle.  Quoted from the aforesaid book, "the above statement shows that there is in the hand of the Executor, the sum of $88.06/100 dollars to be divided among eleven heirs, to wit, William, James, Henry, & Thomas Ogle, Robert Conner & wife Milly, Samuel Watson & wife Martha, David Reagan & wife Jane, the heirs of Joseph Anderson & wife Mary, John Huskey and wife Elizabeth, the heirs of Aaron Ogle, and the heirs of David Watson & wife Rachel.  So that Thomas Ogle may receive eleven & 25/100 dollars less than either of the other heirs.

Source:  Smoky Mountain Clans, Donald B. Reagan, 1978, p 140, 262-263.  Smoky Mountain Clans, Volume 3, Donald B. Reagan, 1983, p 141.  In the Shadow of the Smokies, Smoky Mountain Historical Society, 1993, 576, 690.

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