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Johnny came with his mother and the family to Sevier County, Tennessee, as early as 1805, soon after the death of his father.

Johnny served with his brother, Thomas Ogle, in the War of 1812 and the Creek Indian War.  His name was on the muster roll and the pay roll, 20 September 1814 to 3 May 1815, of Captain Andrew Lawson's Company, 3rd Regiment of East Tennessee, Drafted Militia, commanded by Colonel William Johnson.

An affidavit, dated 1851, by Thomas Russell of Monroe County, Tennessee, son-in-law of John Ogle and guardian of John's youngest daughter, Sarah, stated that John Ogle died a year after his wife.  John Ogle and his family appear in the 1830 Sevier County, Tennessee, Federal Census.

Source:  Smoky Mountain Clans, Donald B. Reagan, 1978, p 222.

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