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Source: "Ansearchin'" News, Vol. 11, No. 4 (October, 1964), pg. 156. No copyright infringement is intended by presenting this information here.

Copied by Agnes Maddux (Mrs. James O.), Spring City, TN

This church is now the First Baptist Church of Sevierville, Tennessee. It was founded before 1800, but the earliest records were not preserved. The first record is a list of members as of September 5, 1807, "owning the Baptist confession of faith as represented at Philadelphy in the year 1742." Brother Richard Woods was the first pastor and he was followed by Brother Jonas Moon. Reference is made to the graveyard at the fork of the Pigeon.

Adams, Winny (joined 1809)
Andas, Elizabeth
Ballard, John and Betsy
Berkay, Betsy
Blair, Elizabeth
Bohannon, Allick
Bohannon, Mary
Bohen, Jene Allen
Byrd, Betsy
Chambers, Lijah
Clack, James
Clack, David
Clack, Jelsy
Clack, Rawleigh
Clack, Spencer
Claclock [sic], Nancy
Copeland, Elizabeth
Copeland, Elizabeth
Coplin, Ellender
Fansher, Mary
Fousher, Richard
Frashers, Becky (joined 1809)
Frasher, Sarah
Frasher, Sarah
Hill, Jonathan
Hill, Mary
Henderson, Cally
Henderson, William1
Isabel, Sara
J_?_, Liddy
Johnson, Moses, wife Ellender
Johnson, Nancy
Joe (a black)
Lackey, Henry B.
Lamon, Jacob and wife
Langly, Mary2
Levy, Polly
Long, George
Mahan, Mary
Maples, Jessee
Maples, Rith (Ruth ?)
Moon, John - dismissed
Moon, Jonas - rec. by let. May 1812
Moon, Lydia3
Moon, Nathaniel4
Moon, Saffire
Moon, Susanna
Morris, Jessee
Morris, Sarah
Nelson, David, dismissed
Nelson, James
Oldham, Jean
Oldham, Moses
Person, Winny
Price, William
Redman, Catty, deceased
Robinson, Jean
Robinson, Miles
Robinson, Nancy
Rogers, Catty
Rogers, Ligah
Rogers, Sarah, deceased
Sewell, James
Shields, Peggy
Shields, Mathes
Shields, Nancy
Shields, Sarah
Shields, William
Spencer, Lanny
Spencer, Levy
Spencer, Lewis
Spencer, Sarah
Spencer, Susannah
Spencer, William
Stephens, William
8mith, James and wife
Taylor, John and wife
Tipton, Jene
Tipton, Rhoda
Trotter, Nancy (joined 1809)
Turner, Liddy (joined 1809)
Underwood, William
Varnell, Liddy
Varnell, Richard
Varnell, William
Veach, Isaac
Williams, Susanna
Williams, Zeno
Wilson, Nancy (joined 1809)
White, Mary
White, Meady, deceased
Wood, Richard

1. His mother was Elizabeth, and his step-father was Jessee Moon.
2. Joined a church of another order June, 1823.
3. Received by letter May, 1812, from Paw-Paw Hollow, Knox Co., Tenn.
4. On two lists, dismissed 1809 Providence and again Aug., 1810.

An example of the church business is as follows: In November, 1831, "the church met the first Saturday in November and after divine worship proceeded to business first Richard Wood. chosen moderator and Spencer Clack clerk second the church unammously [sic] agrees recommend [sic] society meeting be holden [sic] in the diferent [sic] neighbor [sic] where the members reside and that every member be punctual to attend Begginning [sic] at Brother Richard Simonon [sic] the second Lords day in this IsTanT [sic - "instant" ] and one at William Moons and one in the neighborhood of the iron works."

In March, 1819, a group formed the Bethel Baptist Church, and the following list of members was given in the records of the Forks of the Little Pigeon Church:

Braden, William and Ella
Brannon, John
Breaden, James and Hannah
Breaden, Sarah
Camel, William
Carnacher, Cathy
Cennacher, Andrew
Connacher, Nancy
Davis, Mary
Dobins, Jean
Dugger, Ann and Peggy
Faris, Cathy
Green, Kres and Margaret
Hook, Lida
Hurst, George
James, Edmond and Mary
Jiles, John and Onner
Karr, James, Eve, and Thomas
Lamon, Hetty, Peggy, and Susan
Lamon, Samuel
Maples, Mary
Maples, Ruth
Maples, William and wife Nancy
Oldham, George and wife Sarah
Oldham, James and wife Leah
Oldham, Lucy
Olden, James
Redeas, James and Charity
Roberts, Margaret
Roberts, Nancy
Silman, Lida
Stinnet, Nancy
Susannah (a black)
Wab, Susanna
Williams, Cathy
Williams, Thomas and Betsy

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