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Transcribed by Jay Webb and used here with his permission.  Original spelling, punctuation, and capitalization retained.

To the general assembly of the state of Tennessee at the session of 1813.  The memorial signers citizens of the District South of the rivers French broad and Holston -- they are indebted to the state for their lands, and since they have been indebted from the scarcity of spicie in the country and the reduced price of property and the fettered and stagnated situation of the commerce --- prevented their farm procuring so much money --- and further that nearly one half of the land for which owe the state would not sell for the debt --- that the state removing the lands would turn many hundreds of families out of the houses and homes they have had for many years --- many grants were issued by the state of North Carolina for lands in this district which cover nearly one half of the land

Wm. Johnson James Ferguson Jun James Bishop
Adam Whair Jacob Durack Wm. Langly
John ? Lovelady Adam Fox S. Clack Jr.
Samuel Hill William Smith Wm. Henderson
Jacob Holland Jacob Durack Spencer Clack
__ch Lewis William Bredon Jun Rich Wood
_ow_ ow Finnioms John Smallwood Elijah Rogers
John Frye Samuel Bakers Charles Clabough
John Elsonbake George Hust John Claubough Sr.
James Fansher Amos Clark John Cattltt
Amazon White James Penddell ? Josiah Rogers
Johnson Davis Thomas Handley Sion Perry
James McMahon Benjamin Benson John Guinn
Edw. Calvert William Smith David Denton
Hannitt Shields William Robison Henry Person
Robt. Shields Andrew McClain John Person
James Reagan Sen Josiah Maples Sam Person
Harry Riggin Elijah Robison Joseph Burk
James Riggins James Preston Jr. Eliza Meassels
William Murphy John Cannon William Deny
John Murphy John Mitchell Moses Long
Benj. A. Murphy William Allen/Alfred ? Samuel Large
James Murphy Ralph Shaw William Bryan
Richard _aich_ John Nicholas John Walker
Jacob Johnson Richard Varnall Slover Sign
David Fanshier Giles Boggess Hugh Blair
Aaron Runyan John Ballard Robt. Owens
Abraham Mullendon Markas Tipton Kinzey Wivitch ?
Joseph Compton John Baughman James Evans
Sam'l Patters John Lindsey George White/Tihittle
Abraham Baker James Funkernon Telphy Clark a widdoe
Alxr Dixon Samuel Ferguson John Cn Beard
Andrew Lawson Sen. John Morris John Chandler
James Randles Joseph Ricard Benj. Chandler
Archabl Mcgan Thomas A. Perry John Hank
Casper Reder Elis Thomas Willm Martin
Abraham Atchaly Spensor Benson Allen Sullender
Andy Knatcher Andrew McCann Frederick Emmert
Thomas Webb Miles Morgan John Roberts
Jessee Denny James Baen Philip Emert
Christopher Shader Jacob Burd Michael Vickry
Jesey Sherif William Walker Joel Copland
George Fox William Cannon James A. Campbell
Daniel Redeer Thomas Dixon Sen James Fergreson Sen
Huew Duggen John Trotter John Ferguson
Abraham Scholl John Varnell Ricd Coans ?
James Williams John Locke Jun Issac Husky
John McClain John Marshall James Husky
Henry Dirack Johnson Dobbin Allen Bryan Jun
Henry Ambafter ? William Martin Peter Bryan
John Dugger Jones Darke Andrew Stephenson
Etman McCanyn Thomas Bryan Anthony Lawson
John Stevens Levi Whittie William Thomas
Robert McClain Thomas Abram Archibald Whiten
Elie McMahan George Locke James Clark
James Anderson Samuel Henderson Thomas Dixon
Wm. McMahen Joseph Rowland William Womack
George McMahen Micgah C. Rogers Jacob Layman
Joel Ivey Thomas Locke Sen. Martin Hawk
Cumberland Fergerson James Oldham Wm. Davis
Jesse Lendsey Samuel Low Joseph Wood
Joseph Clark Thomas Low John Davis
George Oldham Joel Langly Jeamear Davis
James Hill Joseph Longly Ransom Davis
Josiah Maples Jun Henry Hank Person Davis
James Maples John Hank Michel Roulston
Peter Maples John Fox Wm. Matocks
George Bush Tryon Patterson Abedenigo Coose ?
Thornton Addams John Freasure Nigdon Coose ?
Ruben Stinnet Wm. Price John A. Wolfe
George Hussk ? Samuel Price John Morris
Jessey Hussk Jacob Price Andrew Kelly
George Hussk Jun James Price Joseph Phillips
Henry Hussk Joseph Blair Landy Pain
Robert McClain Mitchell Reed George Phillips
Antissas Thomas John Mahon Abraham Surgin
Robert Mathes Willm Reed Abraham Phippips
Joseph Webb Charles Reed Hazekiel Johnson
Jasper Moon Thomas George James Fansher
Benjamon Mcreary Joseph M Cord John Fansher
Archabl Mc gan Andrew Crissvill Wm. Hatchon
Sturd Owens Juner Evans Cressvill James Agnew
John Williams Thomas John Cunningham William Walon ?
Thomas Locke Jun. John Gann/Lan James Farmer
Alexander Zollinger Houf/Honss Rose William Price
Richard Shields William Randl James Qualls
Sam Guinn MCinsey Rose John Mahan Jr.
George Tate Reed John Rose John Mahan Sr
John Thomas Adam Fagely Archamedes Mahan
Elijah Thomas William Thrasher Timothy Reagan
Jessee Webb Henry Baker Sen John Marshall
L. Pinkin William Varnell Elis Thomas
William Hendrix ? John Varnell Sr. Henry Kenaster
James Wilson David Nelson Andrew Kenaster
Benj. Hubbert ? William Varnell Jun. John Hebourn
Samuel Logan Richard Varnell Jun. James Foster
Woodford Owens Thomas White Abraham MCoy
George Huffs ? Jermiah Vestal Thos. Barnett
Thomas Shahan Joseph Varnell Michael Leymon
William Foster Rolly Clack John Leymon
Alex Campbell John Hopkins George Leymon
Thos Jourdin John Lindsy Jun. Robt. Cn Beard
Benj. Rector Mudy White Martin Shults
John Taylor Augustus Bowers Isaac Thomas
Job Manning Jonas Moon George Locke
Thomas Caldwell William Moon John Benson
Thomas Hill Wm. Coker George Breedin
Haris Brasier John Moon Samuel Pharess
Hugh Duggon Sen. Samuel Moon James Thindel
Joseph Manning Levi Spencer Elisha Addams
Richard Manning Richard Varnell Sen John M Lelen ?
Jermiah Wells Moses Johnson William Tucker
Jacob Lemon Henry Haggard Jashna Low
James Turner Jun James Vineyard Robt Wear
Jessee Akins John _ utrs ? John Kelly
David Hill John Bush Uriah Haney
Stephen Oldham Wm. Mitchel  

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