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David Adams
George Alexander
George Alexander
John Alexander
Stephen Alexander, Sr.
Stephen Alexander
Stephen Alexander
Thomas Alexander
Thomas Alexander
William Alexander
William Alexander, Sr.
William Alexander
William Alexander
Daniel Alinger
James Allen
John Allen
Joseph Allen
Robert Allen
Rubin Allen
David Allison
David Allison
Ewen Allison
John Allison
James Anderson
Rachel Anderson
William Anderson
George Andes
Thomas Antrim
Isaac Armitage
Alexander Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong
Joseph Babb
Philip Babb
Phillip Babb
Seth Babb
Thomas Babb
Thomas Babb
James Bailes
Solomon Bailes
Stephen Bailes
Claudius Bailey
James Bailey
John Bailey
David Bails
Christopher Baker
Isaac Baker, Senr
John Baker
Peter Baker
Hezekiah Balch
John Balch
Ezekiel Baldwin
Conrad Barnhart
John Bartley
James Baxter
Michael Baysinger
John Bell
John Bell, Jr.
William Bell
Eathern Bengey
John Bennett, Senr
John Bennett, Jr.
Bable Benson
Christian Bible
Christopher Bible
Philip Bible
John Biggs
Rubin Biggs
Thomas Billingsley
Jepthah Billingsly
Jacob Bird
James Bird
John Bird
John Bitner
Peter Bitserburgy
William Black
John Blackburn
Thomas Blackburn
Peter Bleak
John Boils
Rudolph Boo
Daniel Bordon
John Bowers
William Bowers
Daniel Bowman
Henry Bowman
Jacob Bowman
Jacob Bowman
Sperling Bowman
Sperling Bowman, Jr.
John Bowns
William Bratcher
William Bratcher
Phillip Brewer
Samuel Brewer
William Britten
John Brolles
Stephen Brooks
William Brotherton
Alexander Brown
Benjamin Brown
George Brown
George Brown
James Brown
John Brown
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown
Joseph Brown
Maxwell Brown
Phillip Brown
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown
Thomas G. Brown
William Brown
Rodger Browning
Ezekial Broyles
Jerimiah Broyles
Matthias Broyles
Isaac Brumley
F. Burkhart
George Burkheart
Robert Burnett
Roberts Burns
Christian Busby
Claudius Buster
Samuel Caldwell
Thomas Caldwell
Valentine Callihan
John Cambell
James Campbell
Robert Campbell
James Carson
Robert Carson
Abraham Carter, Sr.
Caleb Carter
Daniel Carter
David Carter
David Carter
Ezekiel Carter
Hugh Carter
Isaac Carter
Jessee Carter
John Carter, Jr.
John Carter, Sn.
Joseph Carter
Levi Carter
Nathan Carter
John Casteel
Peter Casteel, Jr.
Peter Castle
Saymor Catching
Hugh Cavner
Phillip Chance
William Chandley
Walter Clark
Josiah Clawson
Malachi Click
Martin Click
Charles Coffin
Daniel Coffman
Loveal Coffman
Abraham Collet
John Collier
Thomas Collier
George Conway
Henry Conway
Jacob Cook
William Cooley
Christopher Cooper
Nathan Cooper
Anthony Copeland
David Copeland
David Copeland
David Copeland
James Copeland
John Copeland
James Cotter
John Cotter
Stephen Cotter
Danuel Coulee
Elijah Coulson
John Coulson
Matthew Cox
William Cox
Barnet Crabtree
Samuel Craig
John Crawford
Samuel Crawford
William Crawford
Daniel Cremer
George Crosby
William Crosby
Britain Cross
Henry Cross
Shadrack Cross
William Crumbley
Isaac Crump
Lewis Curington
Richard Curton
Thomas Curton

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