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The text contained in this article is from a Web document that was formerly available at the Sevier County Library's Web site. The document is no longer on-line, but it was located in an Internet Archive.

The actual source was not identified in the document; therefore, no explanation of the page number reference is available.

There was no indication of whether the extraction was complete.

No copyright infringement is intended by posting the information here for the benefit of researchers.

Grooms Brides Date By Whom
Allen, Charles Woods, Charlott 6-26-1867 Wm Gorman, MG
Atchley, John Evans, Margaret 7-27-1867 James E Catlett, MG
Avery, Zackariah Pate, Cyntha 9-15-1870 Wm Gorman, MG
Bogle, Filander Tool, Libby 11-5-1867 S W Randle, JP
Brabson, David Henderson, Catherine 5-5-1868 J M Thomas, JP
Brabson, Riley Davis, Mary C 12-30-1867 Robert Shelton, MG
Brabson, Samuel Brabson, Nelley 1-20-1868 Joel Hudson, JP
Brown, George Enlow, Sallie 6-18-1868 R N Cresswell, JP
Calin, Richard Buley, Hannah 11-3-1866 R N Cresswell, JP
Camel (Campbell) Henry Chandler, Marada 10-16-1867 I Keener, JP
Campbell, George Chandler, Mary Jane 12-4-1867 R S Clark, JP
Campbell, John Chandler, Betty 9-24-1868 T D Wynn, JP
Cannon, Wesley Cattlett, Nancy 3-25-1869 R N Cresswell, JP
Cattlett, George Enlow, Ann 7-24-1870  
Chandler, Albert Price, Laura 1-27-1867 R N Cresswell, JP
Chandler, Anderson McMahan, Sarah 6-8-1867 N H Haggard, MG
Chandler, Clay Bryant, Elizabeth 10-1-1868 Jesse Hill, JP
Chandler, Henry Bales, Ann 12-23-1871 R N Cresswell, JP
Chandler, Lewis Floyd, Amanda 11-12-1868  
Coleman, Samuel Dockery, Nancy 12-6-1871 E S Snapp, JP
Davis, Charles Houk, Lousia 12-17-1870 A H Keener, JP
Dotson, William Cook, Charlotty 7-29-1867 J L Haggard, MG
Enlow, Albert Snapp, Ann 2-11-1867  
Evans, Blount Pate, Hannah 2-1-1869  
Evens, George Felker, Jane 1-4-1867 N H Haggard, MG
Fulton, Abraham Sneed, Jenney 10-21-1867 Joel Hudson, JP
Gosley, Bud Fuller, Josephine 1-5-1870 Joel Hudson, JP
Graham, Repless Catlett, Johanah 7-21-1872  
Hodsden, Henry Fowler, Zelpha 11-26-1869 M A Rawlings, JP
Jones, King Brabson, Ann 1-20-1870 R N Cresswell, JP
Layman, Anderson Job, Wynney 10-31-1870 G G Sims
Mater, Frank Toomy, Sylva 11-15-1867 Mathew Tarwater, JP
McCown, Lafolett Howel, Livey 12-10-1868 J M Thomas, JP
McMahan, Jonathan Bryant, Emeline 11-4-1869 John H Searcy, MG
McNutt, Sharton Snapp, Mary 6-26-1867 R S Atchley, MG
Moulden, William Cook, Sarah 7-29-1867 J L Haggard, MG
Murphy, Antiny McMahan, Fanny 3-30-1871 Levi Branson, JP
Murphy, Levi Cattlett, Sallie 11-9-1866 W D Atchley, JP
Nelson, Joseph Pate, Tiny 3-21-1872  
Pate, George Large, Nancy 11-4-1866 J R Frame, JP
Pate, John Atchley, Lucinda 2-1-1867 R S Atchley, MG
Pate, Preston Henry, Diannah 5-5-1868 R N Cresswell, JP
Pate, William Emert, Sara 1-29-1867 E R Lindsy, JP
Payne, Joseph Job, Julia Ann 1-1-1869  
Reed, Peter Bogle, Polly 12-31-1870 S W Randle, JP
Robison, Anderson Thomas, Manerva 12-14-1869 M A Rawlings, JP
Sharp, Wm Trundle, Eliza 2-9-1870 S W Randle, JP
Shelton, Robert Sharp, Mary A 4-27-1867 John H Morton, MG
Smith, George McMahan, Margaret 7-27-1871 E S Snapp, JP
Starts, Amster Trundle, Liza 6-15-1867 R N Cresswell, JP
Talley, James Sharp, Ann 10-21-1869 R N Cresswell, JP
Thomas, James Chanee, Mallisa 3-21-1872  
Trundle, Harrison Trundle, Minerva 11-8-1867 S W Randle, JP
Trundle, Peter Brabson, Barsha 1-15-1867 R N Cresswell, JP
Underwood, Alf Floyd, Josaphine 11-19-1870 E S Snapp, JP
Watson, Thomas McCown, Lucy 12-7-1868 N M Baker, JP
Widener, Sias McMahan, Lidia 6-8-1867 N H Haggard, MG

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