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The records contained in this article are from a Web document that was formerly available at the Sevier County Library's Web site. The document is no longer on-line, but it was located in an Internet Archive.

The document was named "Found Marriages" without explanation of the name. The actual source and transcriber were not identified in the document, nor was there any indication of whether record extraction was completed for any period of time.

No copyright infringement is intended by posting the information here for the benefit of researchers.

Groom Bride Date Marriage Location Residence
Allen, Reuben B. Cooper, Mary 26 Nov/Dec Sevier  
Atchley, Benjamin Chambers, Martha Aug 11, 1811 Sevier  
Baker, William Jones, Mary S. Apr 22, 1808 Maynardville, TN  
Baxter, James Giles, Rhoda May 2, 1816 Cocke Cocke
Belote, Smith C. Woods, Fannie Nov 13, 1867 Saulsbury, TN Hardeman
Bird, John Shrader, Elizabeth Jun 2, 1820 Sevier Sevier
Blair, Samuel Burk, Hannah Jan 30, 1817 Sevier Hamilton
Boggess, Jiles S Bryant, Sarah Apr 29, 1818 Sevier Rusk, TX
Bowden, Elias Owen, Mary Mar 8, 1821 TN Fentress
Bright, James Mc Mann, Letitia Jul 27, 1853 Strawberry Plains Knox
Brisendine, John Brady, Nancy Oct 29, 1841 Cocke Jefferson
Brown, John Samples, Elizabeth Nov 21, 1816 Knoxville [near] Cass, MO
Campbell, Davis S. Davis, Elizabeth Feb 16, 1865 Sevier Jefferson
Campbell, Hamilton C. Dickey, Mary M. Sep 14, 1815 Campbellsville, TN Giles
Campbell, James Smith, Sally Mar ?, 1924 Campbell Station, TN Knox
Campbell, Russell Maddock, Fanny 1812 [Fall] Cocke Cooper, MO
Carey, Thomas Parrott, Easter Dec 20, 1814 Cocke Cherokee Nation, MO
Caughron, Samuel Murrell, Elizabeth Oct ?, 1817 Cocke Cocke
Clark, Isaac Neff, Rebecca Nov 24, 1811 Sevier Layfayette
Clark, John Parrott, Elmira Feb 6, 1834 Rogersville, TN Hawkins
Coleman, William Van, Elizabeth Aug 5, ???? Cocke Cherokee
Collins, Lewis R. Walker, Rebecca Mar 13, 1821 Sevier De Kalb, AL
Compton, Joseph Mullendore, Hester De, ?, 1806/08 Sevier Morgan Co. AL [Wid]
Condray, Eliphas Molen, Christina 1806 East TN Clay, IL
Cowan, Joel W. Inman, Annis W. Apr 19, 1819 Jefferson [or Sevier] Jefferson
Cowan, Joel W. Inman, Annis W. May 23, 1850 Sevier [or Jefferson] Jefferson
Creswell, Samuel Fagala, Mary Feb 11, 1817 Sevier Sevier
Crow, William Bower, Martha Dec 23, 1819 Ensley Iron Works, TN Greene, MO
Davis, Bemjamin M. Taylot, C.H. Aug 19, 1817 Round Lick, TN Smith
Denney, William Moon, Mary Unk Sevier Hamilton
Denton, Josiah Schorn (Seahorn), Catherine Unk Seahorns Ferry, TN Jefferson
Dewitt, William H. Evans, Hannah Jul 4, 1819 Cocke Jefferson
Duggan, Hugh Duggan, Jane Mar 6, 1811 Sevier Bradley
Dunnegan, Nicholas Varner, Caroline Dec 13, 1863 Cocke Greene, TN - Mills, IA
Eagleton, John Mc Craskey, Lavinia Dec 8, 1814 Sevier Blount
Ellis, William Berry, Hetta 1816 Sevier Sevier
Evans, Richard Emert, Catherine Mar 4, 1812 Sevier Sevier
Ferguson, John Agnew, Margaret Jan 10, 1815 Sevier Sevier
Felker, William Shannon, Mary Jan ?, 1828 Cocke Sevier
Fox, Adam Shrader, Mary 1815 Sevier Jefferson
Giles, Jesse Baxter, Phoebe 1818 Cocke Cocke
Gillet, John Christian, Jaley Jan 4, 1816 Cocke Cocke
Gartner, Conrad Bowens, Lydia Aug 8, 1854 ? Greene
Godsey, Burley Poe, Mary Jun 13, 1816 Cocke Meigs
Gray, Willis Hannon, Eliza Jane [2nd] Feb 4, 1874 Cocke Cocke
Greer, James Friesibes, Rachel Jun ?, 1818 Sevier Cades Cove, TN
Griffin, Hugh Reynolds, Sarah Jan 22, 1824 Fountain Creek, TN Maury
Grimmett, Jacob Hudson, Martha Dec 24, 1807 Sevier Wilson
Guess, William Willis, Elizabeth Apr 18, 1809 ? Morgan
Hancock, William W. Harbison, Sarah Jun 17, 1824 Cocke Cherokee Co. NC
Hargrove, Thomas Hargrove, Mildred Oct 22, 1825 Cocke Cocke
Henry, David Jones, Anna Nov 1, 1819 Sevier Jefferson
Henry, Hugh West, Mrs Lydia Sep 11, 1827 Sevier Sevier
Hicks, William Hensy, Margaret 1806 Sevier Massac Co. IL
Hines, John Arrowood, Elizabeth Nov 30, 1834 Stoney Creek, TN Carter
Hopkins, George Mc Farland, Polly Sep 30, 1820 Sevier Worth Co., MO
Huffacre, Isaac Riggin, Sarah S. Aug 1, 1816 Sevier Catoosa Co. GA
Jacobs, William Conwell, Mary E. Dec 27, 1810 Beech Grove, TN Grundy Co. TN

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