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The text contained in this article is from a Web document that was formerly available at the Sevier County Library's Web site. The document is no longer on-line, but it was located in an Internet Archive. The actual source was not identified in the document, nor was there any indication of whether the extraction was complete. No copyright infringement is intended by posting the information here for the benefit of researchers.

Lt. Col Edward Maynard

Lt. Arthur E. Murphy

Volunteers 6th Tennessee Infantry

William AkridgeJames W. BurnettNathaniel M. Berry
Seth CokerWilliam I. CoppackJames W. Cotter
Perry CliftonWiley B. DaileyRobert G. Fleniken
Daniel R. FelpsRobert GodfreyWilliam Gideon
Leroy HoltRobert B. JohnsonJames King
Alexander R. LongNoah F. LuttrellJohn Luttrell
W. C. MooreWilliam C. PriceIsaac N. Robertson
John RoddyWilliam H. RaineyJames L. Reynolds
W. P. SherrtzWilliam SmithMattison Tummins
James A. ThompsonJohn P. WeaverLorenzo Weaver
John WaddleWilliam D. WestJoseph R. Williams

Company A 6th Tennessee Infantry

George W. L. GiffinWilliam C. MooreJohn Jackson
Robert B. JohnsonJoseph E. PedigoA. J. Pedigo
Thomas W. MastersonJas. H. GriffinJeramiah Stevenson
Jas B. MooreEdward S. DoyleValney Giffin
Jacob Tipton  

Company B 6th Tennessee Infantry

Thomas BoundsEdward ArmsWilliam Adcock
Adam AdcockBenj. BurnettJohn W. Burnett
John W. BaitieJohn D. FisherJohn J. McMillian
John D. WalkerJohn HarrisJohn Luttrell
N. F. LuttrellWilliam G. WrightJames Smith
Jesse SmithSamuel SmithHarry Clifton
D. F. ArmstrongJohn W. PowellJohn Nichols
Samuel SarrettWilliam B. ChambersJames N. Prett
James KingGeorge ScruggsHarvey Clifton

Company C 6th Tennessee Infantry

N. M. BerryG. W. WellsIsiah Sanders
Robert GodfreyW. C. PriceR. G. Fleniken
J. H. HarmondJas McCarrellJoseph McClurg
John RoddyW. D. AkridgeJohn M. Bond (Corp)

Company D 6th Tennessee Infantry

A. L. McClureJacob M. RizerJoseph M. Brown
B. C. BrightDavid C. DuffCharles Fergerson
John H. FergersonDaniel R. FelpsWilliam A. McClure
Matthew MoneymakerWilliam RaneyGeorge W. Nelson
William HayesJohn M. ThomasAlexander Sartin
Samuel M. StaggsWilliam WhitakerHugh Whitaker
Daniel WaddleJoseph Waddle 

Company F 6th Tennessee Infantry

Lewis WilsonD. BurnettJoseph Randle
L. ReddenH. F. BranhamJ. Moore
John CappiskS. ReddenEli Galyon
William CoppickL. ReddenR. Weaver
T. PratorD. Crosier 

Company G 6th Tennessee Infantry

I. N. RobersonPleasant StaffordS. H. Osborn
William L. McCampbellD. W. S.ReaganJohn Fezel
James HallJohn LerweJohn Renfro
John PollowJohn J. MartinJames Cole
Andrew ThompsonJohn WorthingtonJohn Foust
Ignaz FanzSamuel I. WatsonHenry J. Kinzel
George DuggenJohn ReynoldsWilliam I. Hughes
George VarnerSemeon Brown 

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