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Transcribed by Jay Webb and used here with his permission.  Original spelling, punctuation, and capitalization retained.

September 22, 1813

Citizens residing South of French broad and Holston between the Rivers Tennessee and Big Pigeon asking body as tender parent to extend fostering care to every member.  The difficulty and inconvenience to which they have been subjected in common with the rest of fellow citizens of Tennessee by the unjust aggression of a vindictive and aspiring enemy upon lawful commerce --- petitioners who not withstanding their best efforts have been still had the mortification to find themselves incapable of easy money from any of the products of their labors.  We now too find ourselves called on by our general government to contribute our primary aid toward carrying on a war for the defense and maintenance of some of our discint rights --- usurpation of our cient and inveterate foe -- a war to the support of which we are bound by every principle that can influence a people --- in our present situation we find it will be utterly impossible for us to contribute our proportion to the general tax and to rain money enough to pay even the interest upon our investments.  We have not the among us --- and do with truth assure you that our coffers were drained even of their last cent.  We could not rain --- Both policy and patriotism furnish a ready answer let the lesser object yield to the greater --- let us unite with all our energy to carry on our war with vigor and not by crippling any part to suffer on sinew of the body policie to be relaxed when the war is over and an honorable peace shall be established your petitioners will then with gratitude exert every faculty to comply with the demands of the state ---

Saml Blair John Porter Phillip Taylor
Wm. Poter Cebourn Bird ? Stephen Lovelady
Wm. Dickery William Mills Amos Lovelady
Wm. D. Collins John Wear Jun Obed lovelady
George Graves Moses Johnson Junior William Mullendore
Lauson Alexander Porter James Murphy Archibald Murphy
Isaac Love Jessee Nichal John Compton
Benj. Amonnett Zachariah Prentice Robert Murphy
James Walker Owen Owings John Murphy
Alex ? Prestain Malcom Bem William West
Mitchel Porter Saml Wear John Menis
William Cruck Robert Thompson William Doherty
Jonathan Thomas John Ewing Issac Campbell
Samuel Wear Jun James Ganis/Zanis John McCartny Senior
Benjamin Holland Robert Thompson John McCartney Jr.
Noah Haggard Andrew Jackson John Welker
Martin Haggard Alexander Murphy Thos. Wallas
Samuel Narres David Thompson Edw Buchanan
Thos. S. Warren Isaac Woods Uriah Black
Robt. Mc gomery William Sloan George Cope
Alxr Mcgomery Wm. Armstrong James Moore
Wm Mcgomery James Murphy Saml Varner
John Mcgomery James Mc teer Wm. W. Henry
Stephen Winten Robert Mc teer Wm. Walker
John fencintce James Mc teer William James
Geoge Amoure Samuel Bogle Ransom Perey
James Ferguson Samuel Gould Wm. H. Greenway
John Brandy Joseph Cusicky John Simpson
Joshua Shadan Barner Holloway Joseph Wilson
Benjamin Stafford Edmund Holloway Saml Thompson
John Jones John Freeman John McKee Jr.
Saml Safell Samuel Thompson Samuel Eakin
John Clark Wallace Thompson Andr Kennedy
James Donohoo John Duncan Nathaniel Wood
Andrew Giffen Brice Blair John Norwood
Jas Tedford Samuel Mc Murry Uriah Sherrill
Samuel Dickson John Stephens Wm. Gillespie
John McKee James Coits Wm. Pugh
Robert Eaken Sam. Haney Joseph Hart
Samuel McCroskey Samuel Blackbun Andr Thompson
Bennen Shields Charles Reagan Natham Lee
David Reid Jas Alexander John Clayton
Henry Person Archy Murphy John Tedford Jr.
Jessey Wallace John Houston Jonathan Tripp/Triss (Trigg?)
John Sloan Robt Houston Esq James Upton
Oliver Alexander Patrick M culton Jesee Webb
Polaskee Wallace Joseph Rogers Hugh Wear
Meshack Tipton T Gould James Gillespey
George Berry Alex B Gambl George Ewing
Robert Warren Samill glass Wm. Pride
Laeford Vickers ? J Mcnutt Juner Wear ? Junior
Robt. Sloan Wm. Lowry Sr David Martain
Jms Mcginly Alexander Ford Alsa Seamore
John Dunlap Alexander Hai  

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