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For alternate interpretation, click here to see Ms. Linn's transcription.

Important note: The text presented here has NOT been compared to the original petition by the Webmistress. It has, however, been compared to the published transcription in Ansearchin' News.

Source: Ansearchin' News, Vol. 14, No. 4 (Oct-Dec, 1967), pp. 163-164. Transcribed from the original document by Mrs. James O. Maddux, Spring City, TN. No copyright infringement is intended by posting this information here.

Outside fold: "1799 Sep. 18 House representative read and referd [sic] to the committe [sic] of proposition - sent to the senate - Read and referred as above, signed John Kennedy." "Not reasonable."

August 22, 1799 Sevear County

A petition of Sundry Inhabitants South of french Broad --

To the Honorable the general assembly of the state of tenesee [sic] and to the speaker of Both houses we your petitioners humbly Beg Leave to show to your honorable body that the Lokal cituation [sic] of our country is such that it contains a great quantity of pore [sic] Barren Land which we through necessity have been forcd [sic] to settle on and which in fact is not fit for cultivation could we have got Better & we look up to you as the gardenes [sic] of our Rights and pray you in your wisdom partriosm [sic] and virtue may to order if you should think proper to open a land office that we may have our Land at a modest price agreable [sic] to the deferent [sic] qualleties [sic] of the same and that we may be indugd [sic] for the purchase mony [sic] as long as you in your wisdom may think proper we also pray a repeal of that act that binds takation [sic - taxation?] on our Lands not being held by deed grant nor Entry we think the constitution of the state takes no land of the above descriptions we further Represent as a greavence [sic] the excise tax and stampt [sic] act as infringing our Rites [sic] and we your pethoners [sic] as in duty bound shall pray.

Jesse Renfro Wm. Davis Josiah Rogers Benjman Cooper
John Clack Harson Cooper James Major Benson Davis
Wm freasher Martin Cooper Re (?) freasher William Cooper
gong fresher Jesey Cooper Wm. freasher James Barns
Robert Henderson Jon Lenre (Lewis?) John Miller Wm. Lovelady
Jermiah West Robert Moore John guin Thomas Lovelady
Cornelious Guin george Ammons High Botkin Jese Lyniffin (?)
Andy Baulis Mandy Luis Wm Varnall Wm. Hatcher
Haman Balis Jese Cooper Nathn Moon Haney Person
James Oldham Alexander Anderson James Manifold Joseph Willson
John Moon Elija vetch (?) Henry Haggard Philip Roberts
Richard Franshare Andrew Smith John fryer John Baskin
Richard Shields Moses Baskin Alexander Mcgloghln Edmun Ellerge
Daniel Mc laughn John Rogers Joseph taylor Masheeck tipton
Alexander Mclayhen Wm. Anderson James Waldin Mordica Tipton
William Walon Benj. Johnson David Waldon Henry Rogers
Jno Bell Thomas Botkin Jas Pinkerton Wm Chrusen
Blake Rulting (?) Richard Chusen Jno Kelley Aaron Chreyen
Ebenser Donelson James Manlendest Humphry Donelson Ma Chrousem (?)
William Donelson Rubin Waldin Robart Smith Samuel McKnight
Thos Davis Jas Chaphu (Chasshu?) Robert Davis Jno Thomas
William Isbels Wm. Thomas Levi Isbels Henry Turner
David Nelson John Carrut David taylor Muler Isbels
John Herod Benjamin Cooper David Walker Valentine Shoults
Wm. Walker Isaac Thomas Jun Chas Thomas William Colvert
__an Loften Thomas Beavers Jeusha Davise William Henderson
William Bird James Henderson Jacob Adams John Parker
Nathanil Perry James Craton Fields Morce James Runion
James Wammick Richard Woods Ezacirick Dillard James Randles
John Dillard Richd Randles David fields John Randles
Jessheca kelly Phillip Rouel Wm Miller Daniel Small
John beard Lamon Trigg David berd Robt Davis
Zebelun berd Jno Davis J. Fielding Davis Wm Blackburn
Joseph Hedley Richad Estrige Lisha dilard Philip Koonce
Robt Coonce Shadrick Coonce Robt Jerman Shadr Jerman
Samuel Coonce Jessee Koonce Thos. Whitten Nathaniel Seudder (?)
Jonathan Bird Andrew Bird Alex Hicks Jesse Thompson
Ricd Searcy * Adam Tooley Blake Hedley Jno Brownlee
John Searcy * Reyford Rutlin Jas Richmond Mathew Richmond
Richard Searcy * Daniel Richmond Luke Osburn Wm McNeeley
Jas Saunders Wm Crabtree Joseph Crabtree Robert Mitcheel
Jas Aouate (?) Joseph Wright Wm Donnell Robert Tipton
John Doak William Donnely (?) Alexander Donnely * Samuel Donnely (or Donnell)
William Donnell Jun Robert Donnell [blank] bradien Wm Smith
Joseph Boyers Robert Hancock Jas Warnick  
James More John Foster Wm Mclean (or McMun?) * indicates names marked out on petition

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