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Source: TN Genealogical Society "Ansearching'" News, Vol. 14, No. 2, April-June, 1967, page 75. Contribution by Mrs. James O. Maddux, Spring City, TN. Transcribed by Billie R. McNamara from that source.All spellings used here are identical to those in the TGS journal; they have not been compared to the original document by Ms. McNamara.

Petition from Sevier County, Tennessee

To the honorable the general assembly for the State of Tennessee

Know ye that whereas a few citizens in Sevier County north of Tuckyhoe Creek labor under great disadvantages on account of that corner of sd countys being in a narrow gors being about four miles from Tuckyhoe with the Knox county line to the corner of Jefferson county at the mouth of Criswells creek on the Holston river, then with the Jefferson county line about six miles to Tuckyhoe, then down Tuckyhoe about three miles to the Knox county line which your humble petitioners request that you want take the same under conseration [sic] and remedy their difficulty by ading [sic] the above mentioned spot or gore to Jefferson County which would still leave a good muster company north of Frenchbroad -- and may the request of your humble petitioners meet your approbation -- we ever pray. (No date given, marked as unreasonable.)

Zack Routh
George Long
Gyen Brown
John Canada
Jermiah Routh
Charles Walker
William Summers
Andrew Douglas
William Henry
Wm Ominent
John Routh
Thomas Adamson
Jacob Adamson
Henry Franklin
McCey Underwood
Richard Hamburg (or Thornburg)
Alexander Douglass
Robert White
Noah Cate
Moses Long
Moses Roberts
Jessee George
Charles Bayley
John Douglas
Robert Persce
Washington Doke
James Hogue
Saml Boman Senr
James Little
John Burnett
Cyrus Mechre
William Jas (?)
John Lockhert
Walter Balce
James White
Saml Stocton
Jonathan Routh
Israel Witson
James Clark
Wm Burnette
Simon Adamson
Jacob Roberts
Mathew Kelsey
Mathias Teague
Jacob Routh
William Wilson
John Bales
Hezs Teague
Larkin Adamson
John McMahan
George Rogers
Ellet Hendon
Martin Horn
Charles Blackley
Alexr McMillan

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