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Sevierville – Charlotte Allen, an old Negro woman, who lives about five miles from this place and who has been an invalid for years and her grandchild, a girl of about six years old, were burned to death last Thursday morning.

The body of the old lady was burned into ashes, nothing remaining of her except her heart. The child was also burned to death and its body when found had been dragged some distance and had been partly devoured by the hogs.

The old lady and two of her grandchildren had been living together for several years and that morning the older of the two children went away from home and while she was gone the house caught on fire and the old lady and child were burned to death and everything in the house was totally destroyed before anyone knew of it and any assistance could be given.

Source: The Knoxville Journal, Monday February 15, 1892

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis

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