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Murphy College, located in Sevierville, Tenn., was dedicated Sunday by Bishop Joyce. It was an occasion of unusual interest to the citizens of Sevierville and of the county as well.

The college is a good, substantial two-story brick building and is built with a special view to the very best college work according to newest methods for intellectual training and discipline. The campus in the center of which the new college stands, is a tract of three acres of land, which is to be so improved as to make it the most attractive and pleasing in the town.

The citizens of Sevierville and of the country about have shown very great enterprise in the building of this college. Without any regard whatever to any differences which sometimes divides communities, they have taken hold of the good work and with the utmost harmony, good will and kindly feeling on the part of everybody, the great work has been carried forward to the victorious result which was reached in the climax in the services of dedication on last Sunday.

The college is named in honor of one of the oldest and most honorable citizens of East Tennessee, Mr. J. C. Murphy, Sr., eighty-seven years of age. He has been a citizen of Sevierville many years and is loved and honored by everybody.

There was a very great audience in the college chapel on Sunday morning to hear the sermon of dedication by Bishop Joyce.

At the close, Father Murphy, who was sitting on the platform near the bishop arose and said he wanted to still further aid in the good work of paying the debt on the college and desired to give $400. This amount in connection with what he has heretofore given makes Mr. Murphy's gift to the college, One Thousand Dollars. . . [remainder not transcribed]

Source: Knoxville Daily Journal, Tuesday June 6, 1893

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis

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