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On April 12, 1914, a group of dedicated men and women met at 2:30 p.m. in the Richardson Cove School for the purpose of organizing a Missionary Baptist Church.

We feel that this was actually a re-organization of the church. For in the history of the New Salem Baptist Church, it states that their church was organized March 25, 1845, as an arm of the Richardson Cove Baptist Church.

In some Tennessee church records, we found that during the Civil War some churches discontinued their services partly because some members sided with the Union and others sided with the Confederacy, causing friction. There was also fear that the renegade soldiers might harm them. Many people stayed close to their homes and farms because these looters destroyed much food and other possessions. Many of the best work horses were taken, leaving the people with little means of working their land. We believe this to be so with this Church and community since it was apparently in existence before 1845.

The group elected Rev. Eli Thomas, moderator protem, and Seldon Ogle as clerk protem. Letters of recommendation were collected from the following: D. C. Knight, Dessie Blalock, A. D. McMahan, L. D. Connatser, Eliza Blalock, Lula Blalock, Zelma McMahan, Ethel Ogle, Lucinda Ogle, Lydia Ogle, Martha McMahan, M. V. Thomas, Mary M. Lowe, Harriet McMahan, Ora Connatser, and Seldon Ogle; then received Ressie Manis, Jettie Blalock, and Sarah McMahan under watch care. Several others joined later that year. One of those was Stella Howard McMahan, who served as church clerk for many years.

The Church continued to meet in the school building until May, 1930, when Mr. and Mrs. Roy McMahan gave property "for the love of God and man," as the deed states, for the church building. This deed was accepted by the Church on May 4, 1930.

The pastor at that time was Rev. R. A. McCarter. Money was borrowed for the construction of the building. Many men of the community helped with some of the labor and the women gave their Sunday egg money to help pay off the note. These were depression years and money was hard to come by. The young people of the Church gave a play in the school house and at the Middle Creek School and also gave an ice cream supper using the proceeds for the debt. Many people would give all they had knowing they had food from their gardens to sustain them. Finally the note was paid off and the Church was dedicated August 30, 1936 while Rev. L. S. Carnes was pastor.

The first wedding was held in the Church December 17, 1936. The couple was Frankie King and Lydia Franks of Louisville, Kentucky. No one realized at that time that either of these might become famous. Frankie is "Pee Wee" King co-author of the Tennessee Waltz, one of our state songs. The couple still reside in Louisville and are devout Christians.

Down through the years, many improvements have been made on the building. Four Sunday School rooms and rest rooms were added in 1967, then in 1980 two more Sunday School rooms, a pastor's study, and a baptistery were added.

Many souls have been added to God's kingdom through the ministry of our Church and many have gone on to their reward. We are proud of our Church and pray that we shall remain strong until Jesus comes.

--Archie Ray McMahan, Church Clerk

Pastors 1914-1986

Rev.I. N. Parrott1914-1916
Rev. J. E. Hicks1916-1917, 1936-1938
Rev. Seldon Ogle1917-1918
Rev. Joe Atchley1918-1919
Rev. A. P. Valentine1919-1921, 1922-1924, 1933-1935
Rev. Robert King1921-1922
Rev. R. A. McCarter1924-1926, 1929-1933
Rev. John Fox1926-1929
Rev. L. S. Carnes1935-1936
Rev. Joel Carr1938-1941
Rev. James Franklin1941-1942
Rev. E. E. Adams1942-1945
Rev. Jason Baker1945-1948
Rev. Richard Watson1948-1949
Rev. Otha McCarter1949-1956, 1958-1960
Rev. Colie O'Shields1956-1957
Rev. W. A. Galyon1960-1962
Rev. Melvin Carr1962
Rev. Leonard Nash1963
Rev. Edward Parton1963
Rev. Julius Justus1964-1965
Rev. Ernest Parrott1965-1966
Rev. Earl Lane1969-1971
Rev. Sammie Justus1974-1980
Rev. Andy Ball1980-1983
Rev. George Watson(Supply)
Rev. Clarence Wilson 1966-1969, 1971-1974, 1983-1986

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