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Transcribed by Patsy Galyon Bradford

Atchley, Ada
Atchley, Dora
Atchley, Laura
Bailey, Lula
Baker, Clabe
Baker, Ely
Baker, Georgia
Baker, Ida
Baker, Iva
Baker, Rev. J. A.
Baker, James
Baker, John
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Sarah Alice
Baker, Sarah Ann
Baker, Stella
Baker, Viny
Bales, Audley
Bales, James
Bales, James Jr.
Bales, Maryanne
Bales, Mellie
Bales, Nancy
Bales, Reva
Bales, Wilbur
Ballard, Bettie
Ballard, Ermal
Ballard, Nova
Ballard, W. E.
Benson, James
Benson, Jane
Benson, Lola
Benson, Ola
Benson, William
Bohanon, Herman
Brown, Gertie
Brown, Mack
Chandler, Julia
Clark, B. T.
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Harriet
Clark, Ida
Clark, Joe H.
Clark, Lila
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Milly
Clark, Neva
Clark, Raymond
Clark, W. B.
Conner, Alice
Conner, Carl
Conner, Ernest
Conner, Hester
Conner, Isophine
Conner, Lela
Conner, Minyard
Conner, W. R.
Cooper, Hettie
Cowan, Embell
Cummings, Art
Cummings, Artie
Cummings, Charlie
Cummings, Nancy
Cummings, Nancy Ann
Cummings, Robert
Cutshaw, Arlie
Cutshaw, Estilee
Cutshaw, George
Cutshaw, Henry
Cutshaw, Janard
Cutshaw, Lawrence
Cutshaw, Margaret
Cutshaw, Myrtle
Cutshaw, Nelson
Cutshaw, Neva
Cutshaw, Rettie
Cutshaw, Senia
Cutshaw, William
Cutshaw, Zelma
DeLozier, Raymond
Dickens, Sarah
Drimel, Nancy
Ellis, Gracie
Falls, Bessie
Galyean, A. C.
Galyean, Alice
Galyean, Belle
Galyean, Ben H.
Galyean, Charlie
Galyean, Ellen
Galyean, Flora
Galyean, George
Galyean, Hattie
Galyean, Holmes
Galyean, Hubert
Galyean, Jemimma
Galyean, Langston
Galyean, Lela
Galyean, Mack
Galyean, Martha
Galyean, Mary
Galyean, Mayford
Galyean, Morton
Galyean, Nancy
Galyean, Ora
Galyean, Oscar
Galyean, Roy
Galyean, Scott
Galyean, Troy
Galyean, Will
Gipson, Gertie
Graves, Gertie
Graves, Jack
Graves, Lawrence
Graves, Sarah J.
Green, Bell
Green, Edd
Green Leetha
Green, Ola
Green, Robert Je.
Haun, Jessie
Hodge, Christina
Hughs, Tennessee
Ingle, Adaline
Ingle, Emily
Ingle, Henry
Ingle, John F.
Ingle, Lucy
Ingle, Sam
Johnson, Bonnie
Johnson, Ella
Johnson, Eula
Johnson, Hubert
Johnson, Maude
Johnson, Minnie
Johnson, Otha
Johnson, Vola
Johnson, Wadie
Johnson, Zack
Justus, Dora
Justus, Nancy
Knight, Dora
Knight, Ellie
Knight, Ezzie
Knight, Fowler
Knight, Josie
Knight, Sallie
Knight, Sidney
Latham, Rella
Linebarger, Susey
Loveday, Geneva
Loveday, James
Loveday, Trula
Lowe, Rodman
Manis, Arthur
Manis, Leonard
Manis, Scytha
Martin, Charles D.
McCully, Harrison
McCully, Otha
McCully, Sally
Moore, Clyde
Moore, Cora
Moore, Harriet
Moore, Hazel
Moore, Sally
Moore, Joe
Moore, Joe Sr.
Moore, John Houston
Moore, Lossie
Moore, Luther
Moore, Luther J.
Moore, Martha
Moore, Matha Anne
Moore, Otha
Myers, Cleo
Norton, Scytha
Odem, Henry
Ogle, Effie
Parrott, Anna Bell
Parrott, Flora
Parrott, George
Parrott, Jim
Parrott, John
Parrott, Lila
Parrott, Lucy
Parrott, Mildred
Parrott, Oscar
Parrott, Suetta
Parrott, Shelby
Parrott, Vola
Pitner, Cecil
Pitner, Christina
Pitner, Hannah
Pitner, Jim
Pitner, Neva
Pitner, Otha
Pitner, Paul
Reed, Annie
Reed, Bertie
Reed, Bruce
Reed, Minnie
Rogers, Anderson
Rogers, Clyde
Rogers, Edd
Rogers, Elmer
Rogers, Fred
Rogers, Grace
Rogers, Irene
Rogers, Joe
Rogers, Johnny
Rogers, Martha
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, May
Rogers, Nancy Ellen
Rogers, Neva
Rogers, Otilee
Rogers, Tim
Rogers, Tishia
Rogers, T. W.
Rogers, Will
Rogers, W. J. (Bill)
Rose, Ida
Shelley, E. D.
Shelley, Ezalee
Shelley, Flora
Shelley, Oscar
Smelcer, Anna Bell
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Scenia
Spangler, Elsie
Spence, Nancy
Stevens, Laura
Stevens, William
Stoffel, Joe
Stoner, A. J.
Stoner, Anne
Stoner, J. Pink
Stoner, Roy
Stoner, Sarah
Taylor, Eliza
Taylor, Ira
Taylor, William
Teague, Celia
Teague, Hannah
Teague, Hattie
Teague, Huston
Teague, James
Teague, Mary
Teague, William
Thomas, Myrtle
Thomas, W. A.
Tinsley, Addie May
Turner, Elijah
Turner, Mrs. Elijah
Turner, Estella
Wells, Bettie
Wells, Laretta
Whisenant, A. J.
Whisenant, Mattie
Widner, Russell
Widner, William
Wylie, Rebecca

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