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The Webmistress happily stumbled across an archive of the old Sevier County Library genealogy site. A good deal of the information there is no longer available on-line -- or else it's not obvious!

Because the photos are important, we're going to incorporate them into the on-line Photo Album associated with this Web site (see link in Menu). We will identify the original owners, if noted, and will remove any photo if requested to do so by an owner.

Many of the photos were not archived. As we go through the images, we will identify the "missing" items below. If you can help us locate a copy of one or more of the images, please Contact Us.

Updated 08 Sep 2009

Original Donor Description
Betty Davidson
  • Napoleon B. Brock and Family
  • Napolean B. Brock and Family early
Laury Hembree
  • Annie Eleanor Creswell, who was the daughter of Edward Everett Creswell and Polly Ogle. She was born and raised in Sevierville, TN. in 1909. They lived on Main Street, where the Dollar Tree store is now, by the river. Her father was the District Attorney in Sevierville. The man in the photograph is Robert McConkey, who used to operate a drugstore in Sevierville. This picture was taken near the Pigeon River. My grandma told me many wonderful stories about her childhood and life in Sevierville. She told me about the White caps and various happenings in the early part of the 20th century.
  • This is a picture of Edward Everett Creswell and his wife Mary Polly Ogle Creswell, who lived in Sevierville in the early 1900's. Both were born in 1881 - she in Gatlinburg, and he in Sevier Co. She is the daughter of Levi Evans Ogle and Nancy Ann King, who lived in Greenbrier area of Gatlinburg. Edward was a District attorney for Sevier co., and they lived on Main St. in Sevierville, (where the Dollar Tree is now, next to the river)

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