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Tidbits of the Past, Volume III

The third volume of Robert McGinnis' series is now available!

Volume III covers the period 1892-1895. It contains more than 300 indexed pages of extracts from Knoxville newspapers, including death notices, obituaries, and "interesting articles." There was a lot of murder and mayhem in Knoxville and surrounding areas during the "Gay Nineties."

Many of the outlying regions have no existing newspapers for this period, so reports published in Knoxville are often the only resources available to researchers. Knoxville was the "hub" of the region's social, commercial, and political activities, so many news stories made their way into the newspapers.

Volume I of Tidbits covers 1868-1885. Volume II covers 1886-1891.

To order a copy of any volume, send a check for $35 (includes shipping) to Robert McGinnis, 205 E. Hill Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37915.

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