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Source: Brownlow's Whig, May 21, 1853

Transcribed and submitted by Debbie Painter

Lynching in Sevier County!

A desperate organization has existed in Sevier County, but several months past, and a gang of rascals have been assembled at two different Distilleries, stealing poultry, killing and cropping horses, and otherwise destroying property and annoying the citizens, causing them to have to set up and watch their houses and barns after night.

The orderly citizens of the County called a meeting at the Court House a few days ago and resolved, that in as much as these outrageous villians had been bailed out by their friends, when arrested, they would take the law into their own hands, and accordingly organized a Lynching Company, and proceeded to tie up the rascals and flog them at an awful rate!

This good work is now going on in the County. Vigilent Committees are in the field - and they are determined to exterminate the whole villainous pack. One day last week, they found four of these miscreants, concealed in the house of Col. Dugan - dragged them forth into open day - took off their shirts, tied them up, and cut the hides of three of them right and left. The outlaws are beginning to flee from the County, and among them is one of Dugan's Sons. It is worthy of remark, that thus far, none but still house and doggery men have been found among this miscreants.

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