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Transcribed by Patsy Galyon Bradford

People who contributed to the Zion Hill Baptist Church Building Fund, 1943 (during the height of World War II) - Winfred McCarter, Treasurer

Adams, Alex
Alexander, Irwin
Allen, Dick
Allen, S. P.
Antioch Baptist Church
Arwood, Johnnie L.
Aston, Fred
Atchley, Ada
Atchley, Fred C. & family
Atchley Funeral Home
Atchley, Rev. S. C.
Atchley, S. L.
Baker, Beecher
Baker, Charles
Baker, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde
Baker, Mr. & Mrs. Edd
Baker, Mrs. Edd
Baker, Ella Jean
Baker, Freeman
Baker, J. A.
Baker, John
Baker, Junior
Baker, Katheryn
Baker, Otis
Baker, Mrs. Otis
Baker, Mrs. Sherman
Bales, Elder
Bales, John William
Bales, Lester
Bales, Mellie
Bales, Paul
Ballard, Buena
Ballard, E. B.
Ballard, Ermal
Ballard, Mrs. Homer
Ballard, JoAnne & Ermalee
Ballard, Johnnie
Ballard, W. E.
Ballard, Mrs. W. E.
Ballard, Willie Mae
Barbee, Bill
Benson, Ernie
Benson, Jane
Benson, Jessie
Benson, Jim
Benson, Roscoe
Blair, J. H.
Blair, Luther
Blalock, Cleo
Blalock, Zelpha
Bogart, Leroy
Boling, Richard
Bowman, Curtis
Bowman, Dennis
Bowman, S. M.
Bozeman, John
Brewer, Olla
Brodine, John
Brown, Lela
Brown, M. C.
Buckner, Rev. S. C.
Buckner, W. H.
Bundon, Hubert
Burgin, Freeman
Burnette, Edd
Bush, T. H.
Byerly's Chapel
Byrd, Lewis
Carmon, Clayton
Carr, Beulah
Carr, Rev. Joel
Carter, Evelyn
Caughron, John
Cedar Grove Baptist
Chambers, Mr. & Mrs. Gene
Chandler, Mrs. Ethel
Christopher, John
Clabo, Mr. & Mrs. Sanford
Clark, Ben P.
Clark, Boyd
Clark, Clarence
Clark, Harriett
Clark, James
Clark, Raymond
Clark, Rev. S. H.
Clark, T. C.
Clark, W. B.
Clark, Wanda
Clevenger, Lester
Clinton, Miss Celetia
Coleman, Ollie
Compton, Sherrill
Connatser Furniture
Connatser, C. S.
Conner, W. R. & family
Cox, Mrs. Roy
Cross, John
Cummings, Art
Cummings, Willie
Curtis, Bill
Cuthsaw, John
Cutshaw, Lawrence
Cutshaw, L. C
Cutshaw, Mr. & Mrs. Nelson
Cutshaw, W. R.
Dalton, Georgie
Davis, Mrs. Frank
Davis, J. C.
Davis, John
DeLozier, Asa
DeLozier, F. L.
Denton, Ralph
Dixon, Hulet
Dotson Memorial Church
Drinnen, Jimmie
Duggan, R. B.
Dunlap, Dewey
Dunn, R. C.
Dupont Baptist Church
East Maryville Baptist Ellijoy Baptist Church
Elliott, Oscar
Ellis, B. M.
Ellis, Chester
Ellis, Grace
Ellison, W. L
Emory, John
Fain, Arthur
Fain, J. R.
Forest Hills Baptist
Fowler, Hyden
Fox, George N.
Frye, Katherine
Galyon, A. C
Galyon, Mrs. A. S.
Galyon, Buena
Galyon, Hobert
Galyon, Holmes
Galyon, Hubert
Galyon, J. A.
Galyon, Mrs. Jane
Galyon, Jim
Galyon, John
Galyon, Kenneth
Galyon, Lela
Galyon, Mack
Galyon, Marjorie
Galyon, Mayford
Galyon, Mayford Jr.
Galyon, Ollie
Galyon, Mr. & Mrs Oscar
Galyon, Perry
Galyon, Roy
Galyon, Ruth Carr
Galyon, Scott
Galyon, Mrs. Scott
Galyon, Mr. & Mrs. W. A.
Galyon, Wilma
Garner, Dick
Garner, Mrs. Leige
Garrett, Sherman
Gibson, Mr. & Mrs. O. R.
Gibson, W. C.
Gibson, Winford
Gibson, Zack
Gilbert, Mrs. White
Gist's Creek Baptist
Gossett, J. R.
Graves, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew
Graves, Lawrence
Green, Mrs. Pearl
Grinstead, B. M
Guilford, Margaret M.
Hale, J. A.
Hamilton, Homer
Hardin, Mrs. Bertie
Harrell, Clyde
Hatcher, Carl
Hatcher, Della Mae
Hatcher, Eckard
Hatcher, Lee
Hatcher, M. M.
Hatcher, Ola
Hatcher, Rube
Headrick, Bill & wife
Headrick, Judge
Helton, Polly
Henderson Brothers
Henderson, Mrs. Don
Hendrick, Dave
Hicks, Ben
Hicks, Bon
Hill, Frank
Hockenjos, Mrs. Clarice
Hodges, C. R.
Hodges, Theron H.
Holbert, Roy E.
Hollywood Studio
Holmer, Rembert
Hood, Ersie
Householder, D. M.
Householder, Earl
Householder, W. T.
Houser, George
Houser, Mrs. Reva
Huff, C. M.
Huskey, J. I.
Huskey, Simeon
Ingle, B. H.
Ingle, Ester
Ingle, Evelyn
Ingle, Mr. & Mrs. Fred
Ingle, G. S.
Ingle, Golda
Ingle, Hattie
Ingle, Landis
Ingle, Mary
Ingle, Rex
Ingle, Dr. R. J.
Ingle, Roy
Ingle, Mrs. Roy
Johnson, Arnold
Johnson, Arvile
Johnson, Beecher
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Ella
Johnson, George
Johnson, Harold
Johnson, Jim
Johnson, J. S.
Johnson, Mae
Johnson, Reece
Johnson, Sam
Johnson, Theron
Johnson, Trevis
Johnson, Vola
Johnson, Wadie
Johnson, Wallace
Johnson, Zack
Jones, Joe
Justice, Kale
Justice, Nancy
K. Rawlings & Co.
Kennedy, A. J.
King, C. C.
King, E. T.
King, George
King, Johnnie
King, Julia
Knight, B. C.
Knight, L. J.
Knight, Marion
Knight, W. L.
Kyker, C. A. & family
Kyker, J. Arthur
Large, Jack
Latham, Iva
Latham, Labe
Latham, Rona
Lawson, Fred
Lee's Drug Stone
Leek, Loy
Lewelling, L. L.
Lewelling, Mrs. Luther
Lindsey, Mrs. Coy
Long, Rev. Floyd
Love, Gertrude
Loveday, Newt
Loveday, Stewart
Lowe, Mrs. Beatrice
Lowe, Naomi
Lusby, Fred
Madden, D. G.
Madden, Herbert
Manis, Mr. & Mrs. Carl
Manis, Mrs. Charles
Manis, Cora
Manis, Mary Jane
Marshall, Conley
Martin, Rev. Charles
Martin, Clara
Martin, Verna
McAfee & King
McCart, F. A.
McCarter, Bobby & Ted
McCarter, Lou, Winfred & family
McCarter, Mary Alice & Charlotte Ann
McCulley, A. G.
McCulley, B. H.
McCulley, John
McCulley, Otha
McMahan, Ernest
McMahan, Mr. & Mrs. Jim
McPherson, Bill
Mickels, Horace
Miller, Ray
Miller, Robert
Miller, William
Mize, Mr. & Mrs. Claude
Montgomery, W. W.
Moore, Arthur
Moore, Audley
Moore, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde
Moore, Cora
Moore, Dora
Moore, Faye
Moore, Floyd & Clifford
Moore, Mrs. Harriett
Moore, Mrs. Harrison
Moore, Harve
Moore, Hugh
Moore, Joe
Moore, Mrs. John
Moore, John Henry
Moore, John Huston & family
Moore, John Huston Jr.
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Mr. & Mrs. Otha
Moore, Posie & family
Moore, Tinnie
Moore, William H.
Morse, Henry
Mose, Charlie
Murphy, R. M.
Myers, John
Newman, J. R.
Newport Mills
Noe, Troy
Noe, Winfred
Norton, Georgia
Norton, Mrs. J. F.
Norton, Mr. & Mrs. J. H.
Norton, Nell
Norton, Winfred
Norton, Mrs. Winfred
Ogle, Artie
Ogle, Beulah
Ogle, Edna
Ogle, Mr. & Mrs. E. N.
Ogle, Frankie
Ogle, Henry
Ogle, Ralph
Ogle, Reba
Ogle, Tom
Ogle, Mr. & Mrs. W. H.
Ogle, William
Owen, Martha
Ownby, Carl
Ownby, Mr. & Mrs. Carl
Ownby, Columbus
Ownby, Edith
Ownby, Grady & family
Ownby, Mrs. Grady
Ownby, Melvin
Ownby, R. W.
Paine, A. M.
Paine, Earl
Paine, T. C.
Parrott, Ernest
Parton, Brownlow
Parton, Ida B.
Patterson, Edith
Payne, John
Pierce, R. W.
Piney Level Baptist
Pitner, Mr. & Mrs. John
Pitner, Mr. & Mrs John H.
Pitner, Nate
Pitner, Paul
Pitner, Mrs. W. H.
Pitner, W. H. & family
Pleasant Hill Methodist Church
Powell, W. M.
Price, J. G.
Price, Walter
Proffitt, Hansel
Proffitt, Mamie
Proffitt, Oll
Providence Baptist
Ramsey, Emily
Ramsey, Mrs. Katheryn
Reagan, Bill
Reed, Arnold
Reed, Bruce & family
Reed, Mrs. Bruce
Reed, Frank & wife
Reed, Mr. & Mrs. H. M.
Reed, Mr. & Mrs. Mack
Reed, Mellie
Reed, Millard
Reed, Mr. & Mrs Stewart
Reed, Mrs. W. H.
Reeves, J. L.
Robbins, Henry
Roberts, Dr. A. W.
Robertson Bros & Sharp
Robertson, R. B.
Rogers, Andy
Rogers, Bert
Rogers, Donald & wife
Rogers, Earl
Rogers, Mr. & Mrs. Edd
Rogers, Esta
Rogers, Homer
Rogers, J. A. & wife
Rogers, Matt
Rogers, Neva
Rogers, Mrs. Raymond
Rogers, Reo
Rogers, Mrs. Reo
Rogers, Mr. & Mrs. Tilford
Rogers, Will
Ruckart, O. B.
Rush, Carl
Russell, Jim
Sartin, S. O.
Sellers, Floyd
Sevier Heights Baptist
Sexton, James
Sharp, Ray
Shepherd, Lawrence
Shields, A. B.
Shields, Sala
Shiloh Baptist Church
Siers, Eddie
Sims, Bill
Sims, Shanon
Smith, Gertie
Stafford, T. J.
Standard Knitting Dep.
Standard Knitting Employees
Stoner, A. J.
Stoner, Mr. & Mrs. Pink
Stoner, Roy & family
Sugar Loaf Baptist
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, O. W. (Editor, Baptist & Reflector)
Teague, Dock
Teague, James H.
Teague, Mr. & Mrs James H.
Teague, W. M.
Temple, J. E.
Thomas, Cris
Thomas, Glenn
Thurman, Wilson
Trotter, Mable
Trotter, W. L.
Tuck, Hubert
Turner, D. O.
Turner, James
Turner, Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd
Wade, Dwight R.
Wade, J. R.
Walker, Mrs. Frank
Walker, Jon
Watson, Dave
Watson, I. A.
Watson, Rev. W. E.
Whaley, J. M.
Whaley, Robert
Whaley, Roy
White, Edgar
White, J. W.
White, Rev. Sam
Wilbourn, Mr. & Mrs. Baxter
Williams, Frank M.
Wilson, Zoll
Yarberry, Maggie
Yearout, John
Yett, Walter

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