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Transcribed by Duay O'Neil

Source: The Knoxville Gazette -- Monday, August 8, 1803

"Pursuant to an act of Congress, entitled, "An act to amend an act, entitled, 'an act to lay and collect a direct tax within the United States'," the collector of the direct tax for the sixth collection district, including the counties of Blount, Sevier, and Cocke, has lodged in this office a list of the lands within said district, upon which the direct tax remains unpaid, which is open to the free inspection of all parties concerned. Unless said taxes are within six months from the date hereof, paid either to the collector or to the subscriber resident at Nashville, said lands, or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to satisfy the direct tax due thereon, together with all costs and charges, will be exposed to public sale at the court houses of the respective counties in which the lands are situated, viz, at the court house of Blount County, on the ninth day of January next; at the court house of Sevier county, on the sixteenth day of January next; and at the court house of Cocke county, on the twenty third day of January next.

John Overton, Supervisor of the Revenue for the District of Tennessee

Lands in Sevier County

Reputed OwnersAcresWater Courses
John Trotter 150 Flat creek
Joseph Tipton 30 Knob creek
James Tylar 144 Dumplin creek
Joseph Varnel 50 Jesse's creek
George Vinyard 100 Millikin's creek
Mathias Willhite 100 Dumplin creek
David Waldon 70 Waldon's creek
Isaiah Walker 40 Ditto
Joseph Atchley 35 French Broad
Jonah Arther 120 Ditto
Alex. Anderson 80 Pigeon
Joseph Cambell, sen. 11 French Broad
John Culter 30 Knob creek
Solomon Carpenter 100 Walder creek
John Cline 200  
Sarah Davis 100  
Stockley Donelson 5000 Pigeon
William Frazer 144 Jesse's creek
Guss Ruth 100 Dumplin creek
George Gillespie 1 lot Sevierville
Mary Gillinan 100 Walder's creek
James Green 50  
Abraham Hustand 60  
Abraham He 50  
James Knight 30 Jesse's creek
Pastor Kernacher 40 Ditto
Latern Lewis 60  
James Wood lackey 800 French Broad
George Lowdermeik 100  
Daniel Lemmon 20  
Mary M'Kee 50  
Abraham Mullerdore 90 Pigeon
Adam Mires 100  
John M. Donald 200 Jones's Cove
John Moon or John More 100  
William Miller, sen. 200 Pigeon - 2 slaves
James Montgomery 150 Ditto
William M'Guire 30  
John Omnet 50 Pigeon
James Pn. Porter 300 Boyd's Creek
James Penney 1 lot Sevierville
Jesse Price 30  
Mathias Pindle 56  
John Parkerton 80  
Anthony Rager 100  
Jesse Renfro 50  
Gabriel Richards 200  
Robert Philips 100  
Daniel Shields 117  
Martin Shults 20  
Robert Shields 60  

Lands in Cocks [sic] County

Reputed OwnersAcresWater Courses
George Able 40 Pigeon
Acley or J. Nicholson 200 Ditto
James Anderson 1 Newport
George Bexter 110 French Broad
James Riddle 148 English creek
William Braseal 1 lot Newport
Benj. Copelan 210 French Broad
Saml. Cole 100 Ditto
N. Chrismas 2 lots Newport
Jacob Groce 200 Pigeon
Robert Henry 100 Cosby's creek
Samuel Hendrick 1 lot Newport
James Lillard 48
1 lot
Cosby's cr.
Thomas More 50 Dutch botton
John M'Donel 250 English creek
John M'Clenniham 50 Ditto
John M'Farlan 98 Pigeon
John Philips 100 French Broad
Stephen Riddle 30 Cosby's creek
Charles Robens 25 Ditto
James Stinnet 100 Sinking creek
John Stinnet 100 Ditto
James Stinnet, sen. 70 Ditto
John Woods 40 English creek
George Gordon 400 Nolichucky
Thomas White 64 Ones creek
A. Robertson 1 Slave
H. Netherton 1 Slave

Lands in Blount County

Reputed Owners Acres Water Courses
Erastes Tippet 160 Sinking creek
James Cunningham 350 Sinking creek
John M'Camy 640 Baker's creek
George Caldwell 75 Little river
John Keeny 50 lackey's creek
Arthur Leadbetter 5 Tuckaleechy
John Liddy 150 On Holston
James Wood Lacky 2 slaves  
James lackey 800 lackey's creek
John Lowry 298 Crooked creek
James Greenaway 382 Tennessee
Daniel Bails 60 Murphy's creek
Leonard Bowerman 300 Nine Mile
James Car 300 Tennessee
John Cuburn 100 Pistol creek
John Key 220 Crooked creek
Andrew Hey 132 lackey's creek
Peter Key 100 lackey's creek
Thomas M'Culloh 1000 Little river
Matthew Wallis 690 Baker's creek
Jonathan Boswell 100 Holston
Thomas Bromley   Tackaleechy
Elisha Cast 70 Tennessee
Robert King 300 Tennessee
John Wauters, jun. 30 Murphy's cove
John Wauters 20 Ditto
Joseph Weldon 200 Pistol creek
John Maybury 30 Tuckaleechy
William Morrison 50 Murphy's cove
William Finley 100 Tuckaleechy
John Franklin 120 Middle settlement
Joseph Golliher 300 Lackey's creek
John M'Cabe 640 Baker's creek
David Edmaston 640 Baker's creek
Edward Mark 100 Six mile creek
Jacob Dennas 250 Crooked creek
Samuel Boy 100 Near Holston
John Debzell 400 Pistol creek
John Huston 160 Ditto
Robert Culton 100 Ditto
Joshua Tharp 100 Willis's creek
Andrew Greer 1280 Nine Mile creek
John M'Curdy 1 slave  
Robert Hanna 300 Nine Mile creek
Robert Huston    
Joseph Cooper 150 Allejoy
James Lewis 228 Holston
Jane Lewis 100 Allejoy creek
James Irvin 100 Piston creek
Thomas Shaddin 50 Allejoy creek
Thomas Sippit 640 Tennessee
Thomas Walker 200 Crooked creek
Henry Jains 640 Allejoy
Jeremiah Kiching 120 Murphy's creek

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