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List compiled by Patsy Bradford, Director, Sevier County Heritage Museum, in 1997.

Additions and corrections to this list may be sent to
Ms. Bradford by using the Contacts link in the Menu.

* indicates those killed in action

Abbott, Harrison L.

Abbott, James Roy

Abbott, Walter C.

Adams, Jimmie

Adams, Joe N.

Adams, Ray C.

*Adams, Woodrow Wilson, Germany

Ailey, Earl S.

Ailey, Harrison A. Jr.

Ailey, William H.

Ailey, Winfred Earl

Aker, Charles

Albertson, Sara Jenkins

*Allen, Clarence E., Belgium

Allen, Clifford C.

Allen, Conard

Allen, David C.

Allen, Dixie Corum

Allen, Dwight J.

Allen, Garfield

Allen, Glen C.

*Allen, Hugh H., South Pacific

Allen, James A.

Allen, James Delmar

Allen, Kenneth

Allen, Milton

Allen, Otis W.

Allen, Ralph Lincoln

Allen, R. B.

Allen, R. V.

Allen, Virgil M.

Allen, Wayne Sharp

Allen, William O.

Allen, William P.

Anderson, Robert C.

Andes, Hugh Everett

Andes, Rex Olin

Arwood, Carl

Arwood, James

Arwood, Ronald

Arwood, Walter Eugene

Arwood, Warren Gene

Arwood, Winfred

Atchley, Aaron

Atchley, Buford

Atchley, Cecil Sanders

Atchley, Charles Harold

Atchley, Clyde Delmar

Atchley, Eldridge C.

Atchley, Ernest D.

Atchley, Frank R.

Atchley, George LaFayette (Fate)

Atchley, Glenn Albert

Atchley, James M.

Atchley, John W.

Atchley, Joseph B.

Atchley, J. R.

Atchley, Marion E.

Atchley, Mayford B.

Atchley, Ralph

Atchley, Raymond F.

Atchley, Raymond R.

Atchley, Robert Glenn

Atchley, Wallace Junior

Atchley, W. R.

Atchley, W. T. (Bill)

Autrey, Clarence J.

Autrey, Keltz C.

Autry, Aaron W.

Autry, John B.

Bailes, Grady

Bailey, Andrew L. Jr.

Bailey, Benton J.

*Bailey, James William, 24 Jan 1944

*Bailey, Johnnie H., Kyushu

Bailey, Johnny Harrison

Bailey, Thomas A.

Baker, Beecher W.

Baker, Boford

Baker, Bruce Dale

Baker, Carlus

Baker, Charles H.

Baker, Clifford

Baker, Eldridge

Baker, Ernest L. Jr.

Baker, Ester C.

Baker, Eugene N.

Baker, Greeley James

Baker, Howard Ross

Baker, James

Baker, Junior

Baker, Paul

*Baker, Reece H., France

Baker, Thomas Earl

Bales, Bruce

Bales, Carl

Bales, Carl Jr.

Bales, Charter G.

Bales, James

Bales, Odie N.

Bales, Paul

Bales, Roy

Bales, Rubin O.

Bales, Teddie E.

Bales, Wiley

Ball, Andy M.

Ball, Benjamin Harrison

Ball, Carl Dot

Ball, Elmer N.

Ball, Homer L.

Ball, James Norman

Ball, Jessie J.

Ball, Roy Gladys

Ball, Zelmer R.

Ballard, George Judson

Ballard, Gordon

Ballard, Lyman

Banks, Marion C.

Barker, Irwin N.

Barker, Richard Elmer

Barnes, Charlie Ray

Barnes, George Jr.

Barnes, Glenn

Barnes, James Howard

Barnes, Ottis L.

Barnes, Wayne V.

Bass, Charles W.

Batson, Ara B.

Batson, James V.

*Batson, Marion, Czechoslovakia

Baxter, Beecher Artimas

Baxter, Daniel R.

Baxter, Fount Beman

*Baxter, Hal Yandell, 24 Oct 1944

Baxter, Milford Wm.

Baxter, Paul T.

Baxter, Willis

Beason, Floyd

Beason, William H.

Beeler, William D.

Bell, Kemp W.

Benson, Clyde Robert

Benson, James W.

Benson, Loy W.

Benson, Ray Fred

Benson, Willard R.

Benson, William B.

Berrier, Billy

Berrier, Will

Bible, Carson R.

Biddle, Everett Lloyd

*Biggs, Robert C.

Bird, Lester Hamilton

Birden, Charles Robert

Birden, Earl Fisher

Birden, George Isaac, Jr.

Birden, James

Birden, John Alfred

Birden, Melvin

Birden, Paul Bernard

Birden, Robert

Black, William H.

Blalock, Clyde C.

Blalock, David Ralph

Blalock, George C.

Blalock, Roy J.

Blalock, Warner B.

Blankenship, Arlie L.

*Blazer, John C., 18 Sept 1944

Blazer, Max H.

Bobb, Douglas C.

Bogart, Paul Mitchell

Bohanan, Dillen Columbus

Bohanan, James C.

Bohanan, Lee

Bohanan, Lonnie

Bohanan, Ora

Bohanan, Robert Tipton

Bohanan, Sam R.

Bohanan, Troy

Bohanan, Walter

Bohanan, Willie L.

Boling, Andrew Fred

Boling, Clarence

Boling, Earl William

Boling, Fred A.

*Boling, Harvey W.

Boling, James E.

Boling, James R.

Boling, Jesse Berl

Boling, Jesse Winfred

Boling, Jessie E.

Boling, Roscoe L.

Boling, Stanley Buford

Boling, Thomas Dewey

Boling, Troy L.

Boling, Victor L.

Boling, William T.

Brabson, Reece William

Brackins, Charles Shirrel

Brackins, Clifford E.

Brackins, Ernest

Brackins, John Bill

Brackins, Riley Jr.

Braden, Virgil Claris

Bradley, Isaac Elijah

Bradley, John R.

Bradley, Lloyd Elvin

Bradley, William T.

Bragg, George W.

Branam, Charles O.

Branam, Junior

Branam, Lonard

Branam, Luther

Branam, Ray Glenn

Branch, Floyd

Branch, Leonard H.

Branch, LeRoy

Branton, Lee Jr.

Branton, Robert L.

Breeden, Burl

Breeden, Clyde Uless

Breeden, Elmer Helton

Breeden, Floyd H.

Breeden, Homer Burl

Breeden, Jay H.

Breeden, Lawrence

Breeden, Lonnie

Breeden, Otha

Breeden, Pascal B.

Breeden, Robert C.

Breeden, Shirley

Breeden, Stacy A.

Breeden, William D.

Breeden, William J.

Brewer, Albert B.

Brewer, Bill L.

Brewer, Johnnie Anderson

Brewer, Kenneth Massey

Brewer, William R.

Brewer, Winfred W.

Brickney, Melvin W.

Brock, Mose, Jr.

Brock, Theron

Brock, William Thomas

Brown, Arthur

Brown, Charles

Brown, Freeland

Brown, Oscar

Brown, Richard

Brown, Robert H.

Brown, Robert L.

Broyhill, Butler

*Bryan, Carroll Baxter, England

Bryan, Fred R.

Bryan, Johnnie Revis

Buchanan, Loyd D.

Buckner, Lynn

Buckner, Walter Noah

Bull, Amos R.

Bull, Buford O.

Bull, Noah R.

Bullock, Robert F.

Burchfiel, William Wesley

Burchfield, Clyde Walter

Burchfield, John Robert

Burchfield, Minnis Lawrence

*Burchfield, Thomas R.

Burchfield, Winfred E.

Burden, Eugene

Burden, Stewart H. Jr.

Burett, Ralph A.

Burgess, James C.

Burkett, Verlis

*Burnett, Charlie

Burnett, Robert L. Jr.

Burnette, James Alexander

Burnette, Wendell E.

Burns, Carl M.

Burns, Robert P.

Burns, Rondie Lee

Burns, William E.

Butler, Charles W.

Butler, David Dewitt Jr.

Butler, James L.

Butler, Martha Katherine

Byrd, Calvin C.

Byrd, Earl

Byrd, Floyd R.

Byrd, Hansel C.

Byrd, Oliver

Byrd, Ralph G.

Byrd, Ray L.

Byrd, Roy C.

Byrd, Simon C.

Cameron, Arthur C.

Cameron, Charley C.

Campbell, Burl Denton

Campbell, Charles R.

Campbell, George McKinley

Campbell, Roy William

Campbell, Wilbur F.

Canby, Thomas H.

Cannon, J. P.

Cardwell, Brady

Cardwell, Charles E.

Cardwell, Claude W.

Cardwell, Clay C.

Cardwell, Columbus D.

Cardwell, Earl Silver

Cardwell, Emert Ashley

Cardwell, Grady E.

Cardwell, Harley W.

Cardwell, Jack Robert

Cardwell, John R.

Cardwell, Ralph

Cardwell, Roy L.

Cardwell, Wayne H.

Carpenter, James Harry

Carr, Frank

Carr, James Wade

Carr, Jess Edward

Carr, Joe

Carr, John M.

Carr, Melvin David

Carr, Ralph John

Carr, Shirley M.

Carter, Gordon Dean

Carter, Ora Joslin

Carver, Alonzo William

Carver, Clyde Edward

*Carver, John T., Germany

Carver, Lawrence

Carver, Shirley

Carver, Willard H.

Cate, Earnest M.

Cate, Harry Brown

*Cate, John R.

Cate, Junior S.

Cate, Lawrence B.

Cate, Maurice B.

Cate, Max V.

Cate, Paul Emert

Cate, Robert

Cate, Rudolph

Cate, Samuel H.

Cate, Toy V.

Cate, Troy Columbus

Cate, William Cleophis

Cate, Winford

Cates, George Haskell

Catlett, Buford Terry

Catlett, Carl F.

Catlett, Frank J.

Catlett, J. Olin

Catlett, Robert Reese

Catlett, Samuel B.

Catlett, Samuel Leon

Catlett, William H.

Catlett, Willie E.

Catlett, Wilson A.

Caton, Clarence E.

Caton, John Horatio

Caton, Millard D.

Caton, Roy A.

Caughron, Clay P.

Caughron, Dot

Caughron, Hubert

*Caughron, James W., France

Caughron, Johnnie Casville

Caughron, Judson

*Caughron, Luther E., Peleliou Island

Caughron, Samuel A.

*Caughron, Willard B., Belgium

Caughron, William D.

Caylor, Frank

Caylor, Hobert

Caylor, James A.

Caylor, Jethro

Chambers, Billy

Chambers, Chester A.

Chambers, Claude M.

Chambers, Dexter H.

Chambers, Dot W.

Chambers, Eugene Randolph

Chambers, Harold L.

Chambers, Jimmie

Chambers, Otha

Chambers, Paul

Chance, Brady

Chance, Clyde

Chance, Clyde B.

Chance, Fred R.

Chance, Harold L.

Chance, James Rex

Chance, James W.

Chandler, Frank Steward

Chandler, John Foster

Chandler, Joe B. Jr.

Chandler, Raymond

Chesney, George Henderson

Chesney, James W.

Christopher, Albert H.

Christopher, Charlie S.

Christopher, Clyde O.

Christopher, Fred L.

Christopher, John M. Jr.

Christopher, Wallace J.

Chunn, Floyd H.

Clabo, Angus L.

Clabo, Buford

Clabo, Charles G.

Clabo, David A.

Clabo, Delmer

Clabo, Elijah W.

Clabo, Frank B.

Clabo, Frank Decatur

Clabo, Frank S.

Clabo, H. B.

Clabo, Horace Clyde

Clabo, James E.

Clabo, Jetta A.

Clabo, Jewel Erven

Clabo, J. L.

Clabo, John Thomas

Clabo, Joy R.

Clabo, Leonard

Clabo, Mayford O.

Clabo, Newell

Clabough, Arvel, Sr.

Clabough, Harold M.

Clark, Ben H.

Clark, Bryan F.

Clark, Edward Preston Jr.

Clark, Walter Newton

Clayton, Dean W.

Clevenger, Paul Sr.

Clinton, James R.

Clinton, Lloyd R.

Clinton, Luther C.

Clinton, Otha A.

Clinton, Paul

Clinton, Robert E.

Cloninger, James F.

Clower, Harold C.

Cody, Charles Raymond

Cody, Loren H.

Cody, Mack

Cody, Ralph T.

Cody, Robert E.

Coe, William H.

Coffelt, Gene C.

*Cole, Allen, Okinawa

Cole, Amos John

Cole, Charlie H.

Cole, Frank James

Cole, James E.

Cole, James M.

Cole, Jasper S.

Cole, Ray Ramble

Cole, Richard Tilman

Cole, Roy W.

Cole, William A.

Cole, William K.

Collier, Mindle Ray

Compton, Clay C.

Compton, Frank Wesley

Connatser, Audley W.

Connatser, Birdwell

Connatser, Bruce William

Connatser, Carl

Connatser, Earnest F.

Connatser, Kenneth

Connatser, Leonard Henderson

Connatser, O. Maynard

Connatser, Prince F.

Connatser, William

Conner, Charles Henry

Conner, Fred William

Conner, James G.

Conner, Jesse Green

Conner, Newell Wayne

Cook, Carl B.

Cook, Dewey E.

Cook, Hobert Henderson

Cook, Oscar T.

Cook, William E.

Cooper, Blaine

Cooper, Carl William

Cooper, Charles E.

Cooper, David C.

Cooper, Dot

Cooper, Fred John

Cooper, Henry I.

Cooper, Ollie

Cope, Charles E.

Correll, Walter

Cotter, Charlie E.

Cotter, John E.

Cotter, William Oliver

Cowan, Lawrence Eugene

Cowan, Lee R.

Cowden, John B.

Creel, Johnny S.

Creoway, Clarence Daniel

Creswell, Amos Eugene

Creswell, James Andrew

Creswell, James

Creswell, John E. Jr.

Creswell, Joseph B.

Creswell, Stanley K.

Crouse, James T.

Crowson, James A.

Crowson, Leonard Howard

Croxdale, Jack L.

Cruze, Claude Oliver

Cruze, C. Ray

Cummings, James H.

Cunningham, Robert Lee

Cursons, Jerome S.

Cusick, Eugene

Cutshaw, Earl

Cutshaw, Jesse J.

Cutshaw, Winfred R.

* indicates those killed in action

Dalton, Claude B.

Davenport, Lincoln T.

Davenport, Xanthus Conrad

Davidson, Frank J.

Davis, Cecil T.

Davis, Frank H.

Davis, James A.

Davis, Lee E.

Davis, Leon Luther

Davis, Murrell Conard

Davis, Robert M.

Deavers, Jeff Ruleford

Deavours, George

Delius, B. J.

Delius, Cusick J.

Delius, Earl L.

Dellinger, Ben Harrison

Dellinger, Clyde M.

Dellinger, Conley

Dellinger, Walter E.

Dellinger, William Hancel

DeLozier, Fletcher Lee

DeLozier, George H.

DeLozier, Jack Johnson

DeLozier, Louis W.

DeLozier, Robert E.

DeLozier, Robert N.

DeLozier, W. R.

DeLozier, William C.

DeLozier, William Ralph

Dennis, Carl

Denison, Somerhall

Denton, Clifford Lonzo

Denton, Clyde E.

Denton, Floyd Scisco

Denton, Glenn M.

Denton, James J.

Denton, Joseph M.

Denton, Kenneth T.

Denton, Walter Bruce

Derrick, Parmer C.

*Dickey, Steward R., Jr.

Dimler, George J.

Dinkins, Clayton M.

Dinkins, Ford D.

Dixon, Alfred P.

Dixon, Prentice C.

Dixon, Richard M.

Dixon, Walter J.

Dockery, Bill

Dockery, George Dewey

Dockery, Joe W.

Dockery, John T.

Dockery, Warren G.

Dodgen, Eugene R.

Dodgen, Johnny

Dodgen, John P.

Dodgen, Rellie D.

Douglas, Arthur Eugene

Douglass, Charles H.

Douglass, Gene

Douglass, Glenn

Douglass, J. B.

Douglass, James Lester

Douglass, Luna H.

Douglass, Luther Junior

Douglass, Rudolph H.

Drinnen, James L., Jr.

Drinnen, Reece B.

Dudley, Jack Edward

Dudley, William Andrew

Duggan, Orton L., Jr.

Duke, Guestille C.

Dunn, George Edburne

Dyer, Charles E.

Dyer, James D.

Dykes, Eulis S.

Dykes, Fred

Dykes, Luther Andrew

Dykes, Shady Lee

Dykes, Willie

Earle, Clyde

Eckel, Frank Y.

Eckel, Hugh G.

Edwards, Harold O.

Edwards, Joseph, F.

Elder, Joe A.

Elder, John Hal Jr.

Elder, Roy S.

Eledge, Alvin J.

Eledge, Coy H.

Eledge, Hubert L.

Ellis, Chester

Ellis, Ollie Edward, Jr.

Ellis, Ollie Ray

Ellis, Paul N.

Ellis, Reece

Ellis, Sam

Ellis, Verlis G.

Ellison, Arvil

Ellison, Curtis R.

Ellison, Ernest C.

Ellison, Paul

Ellison, Robert H.

Ellison, Willie A.

Emerson, Leonard

*Emert, Alfred

Emert, Earl W.

Emert, Glenn Caton

Emert, Howard M

Emert, Mary Louise

Emert, Otha

Emert, Stanley

Emert, Victor

England, Elmer O.

England, John H.

England, Julius H.

England, Lem L.

England, Stanley A.

England, Thomas R.

Enloe, Walter Winston

Eslinger, Zimmearly

Etherton, Arthur Blaine (Jack)

Etherton, James W.

Etherton, L. B.

Etherton, Nathan W.

Evans, Raymond J.

Fain, Ferrell B.

Fain, James W.

Fain, John H.

Fain, Paul A.

Fain, Robert M.

Farmer, Billy

Feezel, Arthur A.

Feezel, Everett Clarence

Feezel, James Luther

Felker, Rogers C.

Felker, William H. Jr.

Fenn, Joe W.

Fine, Charles H.

Fine, John Alvin

Fine, Sam M.

Finley, Arthur L.

Finley, Earl A.

Fish, Marvin Lawson

Fisher, Charlie V.

Fisher, Clarence Jr.

Fisher, Hayes Emert

Fisher, Robert Connard

Fisher, Toy T.

Fitch, James A.

Fleming, Hugh

Floyd, Burle Everette

Floyd, Fay W.

Floyd, Elmer L.

Floyd, Harvey C.

Floyd, Terrance

Flynn, Arville R.

Flynn, Bearl T.

*Flynn, Carl Hines

Flynn, Cleo C.

Flynn, Doyal

Flynn, Eugene Edward

Flynn, Eugene Willie

Flynn, Grady L.

Flynn, Hernert Laymon

Flynn, Herman James

*Flynn, James Catlett, 27 Apr 1945

Flynn, James Garfield

Flynn, Lloyd C.

Flynn, L. V.

Flynn, Otha Ballard

Flynn, Paul S.

Flynn, Ralph H.

Flynn, Ray C.

Flynn, Roscoe D.

Flynn, W. A.

Flynn, Walter L.

Foister, Roy

Ford, David H.

Foster, Burnett E.

Foster, Charles William

Fowler, James F.

Fowler, William Steward

Fox, Amos C.

Fox, Ben Eugene

Fox, Carroll Lawson

Fox, Charlie R.

Fox, Dot M.

Fox, Glenn H.

*Fox, Harold C.

Fox, Herman

Fox, Hugh O.

Fox, Jack Carnes

Fox, James Olin

Fox, James Wilford "Sarge"

Fox, Jesse M.

Fox, Jesse Ray

Fox, J. P. M.

Fox, J. T.

Fox, Kenneth Doyle

Fox, Meredith Coyle

Fox, Ponder A.

Fox, Ralph Eugene "Pappy"

Fox, Ralph O.

Fox, Rex S.

Fox, Rex W.

Fox, Stanley James

Franklin, Alfred T.

Franklin, Brice O.

Franklin, Charles H.

Franklin, Charles William

Franklin, Conley W.

Franklin, Earl R.

Franklin, Ernest

Franklin, Eugene

Franklin, Gilford Murel

Franklin, Haskell Herbert

Franklin, Isaac C.

Franklin, James C.

Franklin, John E.

Franklin, John Henry Jr.

Franklin, Perry C.

Franklin, Porter C.

Franklin, Robert M.

Franklin, William Ashley

Frazier, Bernard W.

Frazier, Carey D.

Frazier, Sherman Edward

*Frazier, Talmadge

Frazier, Wilburn R.

French, Charlie

Frye, France

* indicates those killed in action

Gachwind, Theodore K.

Galbraith, David E.

Galyon, Claude Mayford

Galyon, Luther

Galyon, Otha M.

Galyon, Pitner

Galyon, W. A.

Galyon, Walter D. Jr.

Galyon, Wattie Wilbur

Galyon, Wesley

Gann, Clifford E.

Gann, Clyde T.

Gann, Conley M.

Gann, Ernest

Gann, Herman C.

Gann, Hubert C.

Gann, James H.

Gann, James R.

Gann, Johnny Eugene

Gann, Leon Bryan

Gann, Pearl L.

Gann, Roy

Gann, William Brady

Gann, William Claude

Garner, Berl

Garner, Drewey Mason

Garner, Homer H.

Garner, Jimmie E.

Garner, John Robert

Garner, Lige

*Garner, Ode J.

Garner, Walter C.

Gazley, Harold James

Gerding, Frederick W.

Gibson, Benjamin Harrison

Gibson, Bert L.

Gibson, Bill J.

Gibson, Bruce A.

Gibson, Earl Ector

Gibson, Earl T.

Gibson, Floyd Junior

Gibson, Grady Franklin

Gibson, James Grayham

Gibson, James Luther

Gibson, Jim H.

Gibson, Jop E.

Gibson, Kim M.

Gibson, Lloyd Milton

Gibson, Marion Edgar

Gibson, Millard H.

Gibson, Oda L.

Gibson, Otha C.

Gibson, Ray W.

Gibson, R. J.

Gibson, Roy F.

Gibson, Sedrick D. L.

Gibson, Zack M.

Gilbert, Carl John

Gillespie, James M.

Gilreath, Francis C.

Gilreath, Jake L.

Gilreath, Kyle H.

Gobble, Hubert Lawson

Godfrey, Ray

Goforth, James C.

Goforth, John W.

Gorenflo, David N.

Gosnell, James M.

Gossett, Alfred Richard

Gossett, Andrew P.

Gossett, Claude Harvey

Graham, Mack

*Graves, Andrew H., Anguar Island

Graves, Carl W.

Graves, Charles L.

Graves, Fred L.

Graves, James A.

Graves, James Reece

Graves, James Roy

Graves, Luther E.

Graves, Richard C.

*Graves, Walter Blaine

Graves, William C.

Gray, Ray W.

Grayson, Earl J.

Grayson, Hobart H.

Grayson, Lonas A.

Grayson, Walker

Green, Alvin B.

Green, Charles D.

Green, Frank H.

Green, Garland O.

Green, Garlen J.

Green, Herman

Green, Imal Fred

Green, Jack W.

Green, John H.

Green, Orville Richard

Green, Paul

Green, Ray H.

Green, Roland W.

*Green, Roy G., Mediterranean

Green, Sherman C.

Green, William H.

Green, William L.

Green, William W.

Greene, Bennie Robert

Greene, Cecil

Greene, Charlie T.

Greene, Elmer Albert

Greene, Harry B. Jr.

Greene, Johnnie Elmer

Greene, Joseph Arthur

Greenway, Clarence D.

Gregory, Connie W.

Gresham, Robert B.

Griffin, Brickey R.

Griffin, Homer C.

Grooms, Gerald C.

Grooms, Junior P.

Grooms, Scott J.

Gross, Henry C.

Grubb, Lewis F.

Guffey, William H.

Guffy, Samuel E.

Guilliams, Edd

Gunter, Cleve Allen

Gunter, Glenn

Haggard, Ray

Haggard, Ross

Hale, Charles D.

Hale, James O.

Hale, Robert L.

Hall, John H.

Hall, William F. Jr.

Hammer, Samuel L.

Hardin, Charles W.

Hardin, Gene M.

Hardin, Glen N.

Hardin, Harvey S.

Hardin, James C.

Hardin, Jessie

Hardin, John C.

Hardin, Ray C.

Hardin, Raymond Fred

Hardin, Troy E.

Hardin, Verlie E.

Hardin, Wayne C.

Harghett, Wesley W.

Harrell, Gladys Albertine

Harrell, Ray B.

Harrell, William S.

Harville, Claude Willis

Harville, John B.

Hatcher, Alfred

Hatcher, Arthur E.

Hatcher, Broade A.

Hatcher, Eckard

Hatcher, Ernest

Hatcher, Frank Lewis

Hatcher, Fred Andrew

Hatcher, Glenn

Hatcher, John A., Jr.

Hatcher, Lendell A.

Hatcher, Lendell B.

Hatcher, McKinley L.

Hatcher, Robert W.

Hatcher, Samuel Wilson

Hatcher, William F.

Hatcher, William H.

Hatcher, William Wayne

Hatmaker, David C.

Hawn, Floyd Eugene

Hayes, Andrew, Jr.

Hayes, Bruce G.

Hayes, Charles

Hayes, John Russell

Hayes, Robert E.

Hayes, Robert N.

Hayes, Robert R.

Hayes, William R.

Headrick, Benjamin H.

Headrick, Dave

Headrick, Dot Oscar

Headrick, Edward H.

Headrick, Hugh Montrey

Headrick, James Clark

Headrick, Leola W.

Headrick, Luther H.

Headrick, Ralph Holbert

Headrick, Warren B.

Headrick, William C.

Hedrick, Cecil Henry

Hedrick, Eugene F.

Hedrick, F. D.

Hedrick, Frank D. Jr.

Hedrick, Harold R.

Hedrick, Jean

Hedrick, Larry Earl

Hedrick, Sam Hubert

Hedrick, Sam R.

Hedrick, Ted K.

Hedrick, William H.

Helton, Arthur D.

Helton, Charles F.

Helton, Clarence E.

*Helton, Clyde E., 25 Nov 1944

Helton, Clyde R.

Helton, Delmar

Helton, Eliza Andrew

Helton, Ellga A.

Helton, Homer

Helton, Oscar Maynard

Helton, Otha A.

Helton, Ray B.

Helton, Robert Powell, Jr.

Helton, Robert W.

Helton, Sam E.

Helton, William Charles

Helton, Willie Andrew

Henderson, Amos T. Jr.

Henderson, Burl Francis

Henderson, Carl Woodrow

Henderson, Glenn W.

Henderson, Henry Edsel

Henderson, Hugh F.

Henderson, John L.

Henderson, Paul

Henderson, Winfred W.

Hendrix, Charles Bowman

Hendrix, David Rule

Henry, Burl Nelson

Henry, Carl Herman

Henry, Clyde F.

Henry, Clyde H.

Henry, Clyde W.

Henry, Conlye Earl

Henry, Earl Andrew

*Henry, Frank V.

*Henry, Glenn Huston

Henry, Horace E.

Henry, Horace H.

Henry, James K.

Henry, Jennings B.

*Henry, Jessie R., France

*Henry, Joe E.

*Henry, John R., France

Henry, Orville E.

Henry, Richard C.

Henry, Robert Russell

Henry, Roy W.

Henry, S. E.

Hickman, Carl Benson

Hickman, Eugene, E.

Hickman, Fred Aaron

Hickman, Herman E.

Hickman, James L.

Hickman, Jimmy O.

Hickman, Lucy G.

Hickman, Paul S.

Hickman, Ray H.

Hickman, Raymond Paul

Hicks, Audy W.

Hicks, Glen R.

Hicks, Hugh Mize

Hicks, John McNutt

Hicks, John R.

Hill, Hubert Prince

Hill, Thomas H.

Hillard, Herman

Hillard, Joseph L., Jr.

*Hillard, Robert T.

Hippe, Floyd J.

Hitson, Keith E.

Hockenjos, Lewis E.

Hodge, Alger Harding

Hodge, Ben E.

Hodge, Clyde

Hodge, Hal P.

Hodge, John H.

Hodge, Shelby Ray

Hodges, Charles J.

Hodges, David E.

Hodges, Edmon H.

Hodges, Frank C.

Hodges, Homer Hugh

Hodges, Ira

Hodges, James Hobert

Hodges, Jesse H.

Hodges, John E., Jr.

Hodges, Leonard C.

Hodges, Malcolm R.

Hodges, Oliver B.

Hodges, Ralph O.

Hodges, Robert L.

Hodges, Sidney C.

Hodges, Wilburn Taft

Holbert, Raymond J.

Holder, Troy C.

Holland, Lloyd Eugene

Holt, William Edward

Hood, David

Hood, Paul

Hoole, Leola

Hopkins, Mark L.

Houk, Burk R.

Houk, Howard, C.

Houk, Paul M.

Householder, Benton

Householder, Billie Lois

Householder, Earatel B.

Householder, Edgar Dowell

Householder, James Ashley

Householder, James Harold

Householder, James L.

Householder, Leland Wayne

Houser, Clarence E.

Houser, Cowan D.

Houser, Manfred J.

Houser, Marion C.

Houser, Murey A.

Housewright, Charles W.

Howard, Allen

Howard, Ben F.

Howard, Charles L.

*Howard, Ernest L.

Howard, Henry Mayford

Howard, Hugh

Howard, James Truman

Howard, Lonas A.

Howard, Oscar W.

Howard, Ray

Howard, Robert Samuel

Howard, Sammie C.

Howard, Warren G.

Howard, William T.

Howell, Harry Wilson

Howell, Thomas R.

Hoyles, James H.

Huff, Claude N.

Huff, Creswell D.

Huff, Elmer R.

Huff, Ernest H.

Huff, Fred B.

Huff, Herman O.

Huff, Hugh W.

Huff, Larmie O.

Huff, Roger R.

Huff, Sammie C.

Huffaker, Billy E.

Huffaker, Carroll J.

Huffaker, Ernest R.

Huffaker, George H.

Huffaker, Hal Harvey

Huffaker, Hal R.

Huffaker, Hoyel Eugene

Huffaker, James W.

Huffaker, Mack L.

Huffaker, Van E.

Huffaker, Wayne L.

Humphreys, William Edgar

Hunter, Jesse Lee

Hurst, Clifford

Hurst, Conard C.

Hurst, Connie

Hurst, Coy Kellogg

Hurst, Daresey R.

Hurst, Darrel

Hurst, Everett

Hurst, James R.

Hurst, James T.

Hurst, Lacy

Hurst, Lela M.

Hurst, Louden

Hurst, Paul R.

Hurst, Paul V.

Hurst, Ralph P.

Hurst, Raymond Ralph

Hurst, Roosevelt

Hurst, Roy Ardets

Hurst, Roy L.

Hurst, Samuel T.

Hurst, Virgil

Hurst, Willie Lloyd

Huskey, Arlie

Huskey, Burl L.

Huskey, Carl R.

Huskey, Carlos T.

Huskey, Claude

*Huskey, Clell

Huskey, Clyde B.

Huskey, Clyde W.

Huskey, Conley

Huskey, David E.

Huskey, David H.

Huskey, Earl Melvin

Huskey, Earl R.

Huskey, Emert

Huskey, Ennis

Huskey, Eugene W.

Huskey, Fred

Huskey, Garlen

Huskey, Garfield

Huskey, Gordon C.

Huskey, Herman

Huskey, Jack F.

Huskey, James A.

Huskey, James B.

Huskey, Jess

Huskey, John F.

Huskey, Kenneth H.

Huskey, Leonard

Huskey, Leslie Peppers

Huskey, Lewis F.

Huskey, Loy C.

Huskey, Major

Huskey, Marshall J.

Huskey, Morman R.

Huskey, Paulas Allen

Huskey, Pearl C.

Huskey, Ralph P.

Huskey, Ray

Huskey, Raymond R.

Huskey, Robert L.

Huskey, Robert William

Huskey, Roy J.

*Huskey, Samuel T., France

Huskey, Sherrill Gene

*Huskey, Troy E., Morocco

Huskey, Willard G.

Huskey, William H.

Huskey, William P.

Huskey, William Robert

Huskey, Y. J. S.

Ingle, Fred E.

Ingle, Gilbert F.

Ingle, Harold J.

Ingle, Landis David

Ingle, Ronald J.

Ingle, Roy Samuel

Inman, Charles E.

Inman, Ray Howard

Irwin, Albert J.

Irwin, Charles R.

Irwin, Claude E.

Irwin, Jack Q.

Irvin, James W.

Irwin, Joseph L.

Irwin, Newell S. Jr.

Isenberg, Richard C.

Ivey, Charles K.

Ivey, James O.

Ivey, Ralph V.

Ivey, Robert David

Ivey, William Mayford

Ivey, William W.

* indicates those killed in action

James, Cordell H.

Jansen, Walter L.

Jarrett, Charlie A.

Jenkins, Dott

Jenkins, Frank

Jenkins, Geneva

Jenkins, Herchell

Jenkins, Howard

Jenkins, James G.

*Jenkins, Lloyd Eugene

Jenkins, Ressa

Jenkins, Rex Ashley

Jenkins, Ronald Audrey

Jenkins, William H.

Jenkins, William M.

Johnson, Arthur Warren

Johnson, Floyd S.

Johnson, Fred L.

Johnson, James Clyde

Johnson, James E.

Johnson, James Stratton

Johnson, Joe B.

Johnson, Marshall L.

Johnson, Mayford W.

Johnson, Paul A.

Johnson, Raymond C.

Johnson, Roy J.

Johnson, Theron Raymond

Jones, Charles F.

Jones, Earl C.

Jones, Royal P.

Julian, Troy C.

Justus, Alvin C.

Justus, David H.

Justus, Eugene

Justus, Frank C.

Justus, Henry Eckard

Justus, Julius Clifford

Justus, Lee O.

Justus, L. G.

Justus, Tom

Kear, Fred M.

Kear, Robert L.

Kearn, Elmer H.

*Keeler, Chester Ray Arthur, France

Keeler, Claude

Keeler, Edgar Wayne

Keeler, Elmer E.

Keeler, Guy H.

Keener, Ben Clark

Keener, Bill

Keener, Frank J.

Keener, James

Keener, Joe T.

Keener, Joseph Harris

*Kelley, Dallas R., New Guinea

Kelley, Roger

Kelley, Rufus B.

Kelly, Donald S.

Kelly, William C.

Kerley, Carroll R.

Kerley, George H., Jr.

Kerley, Glenn

Kerley, Seldon W.

Kerr, Elijah, Jr.

Kerr, Lester

Kerr, Mack

Kerr, Williiam C.

Kesterson, Thomas H. D.

Key, Wallace Herman

Killian, Walter F.

King, Andrew J.

King, Arthur G.

King, Arthur P.

King, Burnice I,

King, Clell M.

King, Clinton

King, Corbin R.

King, Daniel I.

King, Earl Louis

King, Edward R.

King, Floyd

King, Fred R.

King, Fred Willis

*King, George A., Germany

King, Henry R.

King, Herman O.

King, Herman R.

King, Hugh Q.

King, Ivan D.

King, John W.

King, LeeRoy

King, Paul Eugene

King, Ray Junior

King, Ray Levator

*King, Raymond

King, Samuel B.

King, Sanders Warren

King, Seldon E.

King, Sherman J.

King, Wade Davis

King, William

Kirby, Andrew J.

Kirby, Charlie R.

Kirby, Clay Arnold

Kirby, Ernest Walter

Kirby, Glenn E.

Kirby, Haskel

Kirby, Junior E.

Kirby, Oscar D.

Kirby, Ralph L.

Kirby, Ray Marshall

Kirby, Robert L.

Kirby, Shannon H.

*Kirkland, William E.

Kiser, Palmer

Knefel, Paul J.

Koontz, Carl M.

Koontz, Herbert

Koontz, Isham O.

Koontz, John Lawson

Kyker, Mack B., Jr.

Kyker, S. J.

Kyte, Jewell T.

Lafollette, Alger M.

Lafollette, Bearl L.

Lafollette, Carl F.

Lafollette, Dee B.

Lafollette, Earl E.

Lafollette, Earl F.

LaFollette, J. C.

LaFollette, James Dan

LaFollette, Judson Alfred

Lafollette, Otha C.

Lafollette, Paul J.

Lafollette, Ralph L.

Lafollette, Victor L.

Lambert William P.

Lamon, Charlie C.

Lamon, Fred

Lamon, Herbert W.

Lamon, McKinley E.

Lamon, Robert W.

Lamons, Conard

Lamons, James W.

Lampkin, Joe

Landers, Jesse Frank

Lane, Chester, Jr.

Lane, Clarence

Lane, Claude

Lane, Columbus E.

Lane, Eugene

Lane, George N.

Lane, Horace M.

Lane, Jack H.

Lane, James C.

Lane, James H.

Lane, Jesse P.

Lane, John Lester

Lane, Lloyd H.

*Lane, Melvin, Okinawa

Lane, Paul C.

Lane, Ray M.

Lane, Tidence H.

Lane, William B.

Lane, Willie A.

Laney, Hillie Elmer

Laney, Lawrence O.

Lanning, Richard Andrew

Large, Blaine

Large, David O.

Large, Dewey E.

Large, Johnnie S.

Large, O. L.

Large, Otto

Large, Raymond

Large, R. C.

Large, Rex

Larrance, Raymond R.

Larson, Emery

Latham, Bill

Latham, Castile Clay

Latham, Clyde W.

Latham, Earl B.

Latham, Fred W.

Latham, Haskell V.

Latham, Leban E.

Latham, Lloyd M.

Latham, William V.

Latham, Willie M.

Lawson, Dewey Oliver

Lawson, Earl Leroy

Lawson, Fred T.

Lawson, Harrison Brownlow

Lawson, James W.

Lawson, Paul

Lawson, Wilbur

Lawson, William Frank

Lawson, Willie F.

Layman, G. L.

Layman, James R.

Leadbetter, John E.

Leadbetter, John H.

Leatherwood, Berlin R.

Leatherwood, Jesse W.

Leatherwood, Serene Catlett

Ledbetter, Marvin

Ledbetter, Paul L.

Lee, Harold Alexander

Legr, Ashley R. Jr.

Lethco, Amos M.

Lethco, Clyde C.

Lethco, Ernest C.

Lethco, Fred

Lewelling, A. J.

Lewelling, Beck

*Lewelling, Burnette, 10 Sept 1942

Lewelling, Carl Jr.

Lewelling, Edward

Lewelling, Fred E.

Lewelling, Kenneth E.

Lewelling, Loyd Hicks

Lewelling, William L.

Lewelling, William V.

Lewelling, Willie

Lewis, Arnold Milton

Lewis, Charley

Lewis, Charlie

Lewis, Earl

Lewis, Ray Lynn

Lindsey, Amos R.

Lindsey, Camuel Theodore

Lindsey, Charles E.

Lindsey, Correl R.

Lindsey, Coy Newton

Lindsey, Crawford J.

Lindsey, Donald G.

Lindsey, Frank

Lindsey, Grady

Lindsey, James A.

Lindsey, James Crawford

Lindsey, James E.

Lindsey, James R.

Lindsey, John R.

Lindsey, Junior

Lindsey, Roy H.

Lindsey, Wade W.

Lindsey, Wilford R.

Lindsey, William A.

Lindsey, William H.

Lindsey, W. Ralph

Litton, Ezra

Long, Arlie A.

Long, Roy C.

Lopasser, Theodore P.

Loposser, Andrew Benjamin

Loposser, Clyde

Love, James

Love, J. H.

Loveday, Amos John

Loveday, Arlie C.

Loveday, Arlie W.

Loveday, Arthur

*Loveday, Buford M., 30 May 1945

Loveday, Buford P.

Loveday, Carl A.

Loveday, Carl W.

Loveday, Carroll W.

Loveday, Cecil L.

Loveday, Clay

Loveday, Clifford R.

Loveday, Clyde

Loveday, Conley Fred

Loveday, Fred H.

Loveday, Glenn K.

Loveday, Hobert N.

Loveday, Hubert

Loveday, James R.

Loveday, Leonard J.

Loveday, Mayford S.

Loveday, Milland

Loveday, Milton

Loveday, Newel

Loveday, Otis

Loveday, Pink Jr.

Loveday, Raymond

Loveday, Robert

Loveday, Roy R.

Loveday, Tennessee C.

Loveday, Uwell X.

Loveday, William C.

Loveday, William H.

Loveday, William Loy

Loveday, William R.

Loveday, Willie Clyde

Lowe, Albert Elisha

Lowe, Carl W.

Lowe, Columbus E.

Lowe, Frank

Lowe, Fred H.

Lowe, George W.

Lowe, Grady B.

Lowe, John C.

Lowe, Kenneth H.

Lowe, Raymond Arthur

Lowe, Robert B.

Lowe, Roy Lee Jr.

Lowe, Willie Grady Clay

Lunsford, Clay L.

Lyle, Summers P.

Lynn, Lewis Ray

* indicates those killed in action

Mackey, Charles E.

Mackey, L. E.

Manes, Wade Preston

Manis, Cletis

Manis, Clotis

Manis, Dee V.

Manis, Edmond

*Manis, Frank E., Holland

Manis, Hugh

Manis, James A.

Manis, J. Hugh

Manis, James Oliver Sr.

Manis, Norman

Manning, Clarence

Maples, Bruce H.

Maples, Bruce O.

Maples, Carl Amberous

Maples, Cecil F.

Maples, Charles Howard

Maples, Clyde Louis

Maples, Conley

Maples, Earnest C.

Maples, Eula G.

Maples, Fred L.

Maples, George E.

Maples, Henry G.

Maples, Hubert G.

Maples, Hubert Wilson

Maples, James C.

Maples, James F.

Maples, James Mack

Maples, James Robert

Maples, James T.

Maples, John R.

Maples, Lewis S.

Maples, Neva E.

Maples, Oliver K.

Maples, Paul Winford

Maples, Philip

Maples, Rufus B.

Maples, Samuel Clyde

Maples, Samuel

Maples, Thomas Reece

Maples, Washington W.

Maples, Weldon

Maples, William F.

Maples, William R.

Maples, Willard B. Sr.

Maples, Wilson

Marine, Lloyd Judson

Marshall, Amos Harrison

Marshall, Duane A.

Marshall, James Sanford

Marshall, Robert L.

Marshall, Victor E. Jr.

Martin, Billy R.

Martin, Carlyle Franklin

Martin, Mack Tinsley

Martin, Verless J.

Mashburn, Paul F.

Massey, Roland McKinley

Massie, Ottis H.

Matte, Robert

Matthews, Dillard

Matthews, Edward Charles

Matthews, Robert E.

Matthews, Roy

Maxwell, Estel

Mayes, Clell Charlie

Mayes, Jack Allen

Mays, Robert D

McAfee, Carl

McAllister, Paul N.

McCall, Robert

McCall, William Beecher

McCarter, Alvin N.

McCarter, Arl

McCarter, Ashley C.

McCarter, Buford G.

McCarter, Carl Wesley

McCarter, Cecil G.

McCarter, Charlie

McCarter, Clyde L.

*McCarter, Creed C.

McCarter, Dewey

McCarter, Edna A.

McCarter, Edward Robert

McCarter, Elder

McCarter, Eli V.

McCarter, English

McCarter, Estel

McCarter, Eugene K.

McCarter, Eugene L.

McCarter, Floyd

McCarter, Garfield

McCarter, Glenn H.

McCarter, Harvey W.

McCarter, Homer K.

McCarter, Hoy

McCarter, Hugh

McCarter, Isham

McCarter, Ivan H.

McCarter, James E.

McCarter, James Max

McCarter, Joe

*McCarter, Joe L., Italy

McCarter, John Ralph

McCarter, John Wade

McCarter, Lester Dean

McCarter, L. F.

McCarter, Loney

McCarter, Mayford Burl

McCarter, Pershing

McCarter, Ples R.

McCarter, Ray

McCarter, Raymond Ashley

McCarter, Renford

McCarter, Roy C.

McCarter, Thomas J.

McCarter, Valentine

McCarter, Virgil Verner

McCarter, Walter A.

McCarter, Wiley

McCarter, William E.

McCarter, William Walter

McCarter, Zackery A.

McCarter, Zoda

McClain, Herman C.

McClure, James D.

McClure, Johnnie

McClure, Ray

McClure, Roy M.

McCoig, Chester A.

McCoig, Don

McCoig, James M.

McCoig, Varna O.

McCown, Carl Edwin

McCown, Dot Marshall

McCown, Glenn W.

McCroskey, Cleo

McCroskey, Ernest W.

McCroskey, Harold W.

McCroskey, James D.

McCroskey, Troy Lee

McCroskey, William Bruce

McCulley, Andrew G.

McCutchan, Jerome B.

McFall, Clyde L.

McFall, James P.

McFalls, Ben Charles

McFalls, John P.

McFalls, John Ray

McFalls, Major

*McFalls, Richard,

McFalls, Ronald M.

McFalls, Sherrel

*McGaha, Hermitt, Germany

McGaha, Hollis E.

McGill, Carl H.

McGill, Ernest

McGill, George R.

McGill, Martin Ray

McGill, Ray

McGill, Robert B.

McKay, Clyde W.

McKinney, Clarence A.

McMahan, Ben Clark

McMahan, Boyle Ray

McMahan, Carl H.

McMahan, Claude

McMahan, Clyde

McMahan, Doyle R.

McMahan, Dwight

McMahan, Elmer H.

McMahan, Ernest B.

McMahan, Frank H.

McMahan, Frank S.

McMahan, George D.

McMahan, Homer H.

McMahan, Homer Wright

McMahan, Howard C.

McMahan, James B.

McMahan, James Cecil

McMahan, Joseph L.

McMahan, Kenneth Fox

McMahan, Lloyd H.

McMahan, Mayford H.

McMahan, Miles B. Jr.

McMahan, Oliver B.

McMahan, Ora W.

McMahan, Oris L.

McMahan, Otha P.

McMahan, Ray G.

McMahan, Sam R.

McMahan, Samuel James

McMahan, Samuel Timothy Chandler, II "Sonny"

McMahan, Samuel Walter

McMahan, Tim Jr.

McMahan, Wade Howard

McMahan, Warren Jennings

McMahan, Wilbur W.

McNew, Rubin J. Jr.

McPherson, Fred D.

McPherson, Paul J.

MeDermott, Abraham L.

Medlin, Ree Stuart

Mellinger, Bluford

Merrill, John C.

Messamore, Claude W.

Messer, Clifford W.

Messer, James M.

Messer, James Walter

Metcalf, Frank G.

Metcalf, Hugh L.

Miller, Clifford

Miller, David J.

Miller, Fred R

Miller, Jack Lawson

Miller, James Frank

Miller, John H.

Miller, Quinton E.

Miller, Reed

Miller, Turner R.

Mills, Bill

Minton, Henry C.

Minton, Walter L

Mitchell, Edward O'Dell

Mize, Charles E.

Mize, Charles W.

Mize, Charlie R.

Mize, George S.

Mize, Homer R.

Mize, James C.

Mize, James D.

Mize, Lewis W.

Mize, Mark

Mize, Robert G.

Mize, Robert L.

Monger, Clyde Joseph

Montgomery, Delmar Dwight

Montgomery, Elder L.

*Montgomery, Roy V.

Montgomery, William R.

Moon, Paul William

Moore, Anderson P.

Moore, Bruce

Moore, Charles H.

Moore, Dewey E.

Moore, Ernest

Moore, Frank A.

Moore, Fred David

Moore, Harrison Lanston Jr.

Moore, Henry

Moore, James

Moore, James R.

Moore, John H.

Moore, Johnny DeLozier

Moore, Robert A.

Moore, Shea

Moore, Wallace

Moore, William H.

Moore, Xen Hicks

Morgan, Abraham

Morgan, Joseph C.

Morgan, Marion G. Jr.

Morgan, William Anderson

Morrell, John O.

Morris, Charles Bernard

Morris, Joe C.

Morris, Robert L.

Morris, Tom C.

Morton, James Frits

Mottern, Edward J.

Moulden, Clyde Edward

Moulden, Enoch

Moulden, M. B.

Moulden, Samuel H. Jr.

Moulden, Simon

Mounger, Omer R.

Mounger, Tommy O.

Mount, Clarence Eugene

Mount, Hal Lexie

Mount, Jack N.

Mount, James R.

Mount, John P.

Moyers, Carl

Mullin, E. L.

Mullins, Joe W.

Murphy, Arthur McSpadden

Murphy, Barton M,

Murphy, Ben Willard

Murphy, Carl O.

Murphy, Howard W.

*Murphy, James C.

Murphy, James Crawford

Murphy, Johnnie W.

*Murphy, Thomas T.

Murrell, Arvil C.

Murrell, Arvil Cleaphas

Murrell, Oscar L. Jr.

Murrell, Ralph E.

Myers, Amos E.

Myers, Arvel L.

Myers, Coy S.

Myers, Craton J.

Myers, Edgar R.

Myers, Frank D.

Myers, Grady Theodore

Myers, Houston O.

Myers, James Pleas

Myers, Ray Arm

Myers, Raymond Dale

Myers, Ray R.

Myers, Ray T.

Myers, Roy David

Myers, Sherman H.

Myers, Tate Herman

*Myers, Wayne Lloyd, Germany

Myers, Wayne Pleas

Myers, Winfred

Naples, Carr L.

Nave, Eldridge R.

Nave, Jewell W.

Neiman, Jack J.

Newman, Arthur G.

Newman, Carl Junior

Newman, Charles E.

Newman, Clyde Hugh

Newman, Dallas H.

Newman, Hugh H. Jr.

Newman, James Mitchell

Newman, James Samuel

Newman, John B. Jr.

Newman, Lowell Kenneth

*Newman, Lyman, France

Newman, Quincie

Newman, Roscoe Buell

Newman, Roy

Newman, Roy Columbus

Newman, Sam Otis

Newman, Theodore Q.

Newman, Wiley

Newman, William D. Sr.

Nichols, Carl Duggan

Nichols, Joshua

Nolan, June

Nolan, Kilmer

Nolan, Otha

Nolan, Wayne V.

Noland, Carl F.

Noland, Dot A.

Noland, Everette P.

Noland, Herman H.

Noland, John Patterson

Noland, Mack M.

Norman, Oscar Lindsey

Northcut, Andrew J.

Norton, Charles K.

Norton, David Raymond

Norton, Roy O.

Nottingham, Charles Edward

Nottingham, Charles L.

Oakley, Charles H.

Oakley, David C.

Oakley, Harvey

Oakley, Horace L.

Oakley, Wiley Casey

Oakley, Woodrow Wilson

Odell, Ray W.

Ogle, Alvin M.

Ogle, Arvest J.

Ogle, August L.

Ogle, Bana D.

Ogle, Barney H.

Ogle, Barney Ray

*Ogle, Beecher B.

Ogle, Bernard

Ogle, Bill C.

Ogle, Bruce

Ogle, Calvin Lynn

Ogle, Cam Junior

*Ogle, Carl Arthur

Ogle, Carney C.

Ogle, Carroll D.

Ogle, Cecil Clarence

Ogle, Charles N.

Ogle, Charles Rellie

Ogle, Charlie J.

Ogle, Claude

Ogle, Clell A.

Ogle, Cleve C.

Ogle, Clifford

Ogle, Clyde E.

Ogle, Coy R.

Ogle, Earl R.

Ogle, Earnest N.

Ogle, Ellis Jr.

Ogle, Elmer Thomas

Ogle, Enzlie

Ogle, Eugene

Ogle, Felix

Ogle, Frank L.

Ogle, Frank S.

Ogle, Frank W.

Ogle, Fred M.

Ogle, Garland Edward

Ogle, General

Ogle, Glenn F.

Ogle, Hansel R.

Ogle, Harl C.

Ogle, Harod

Ogle, Homer C.

Ogle, Hubert Fillmore

Ogle, Isaac J.

Ogle, Ivan

Ogle, Jack

Ogle, James Arthur

*Ogle, James E., France

Ogle, James Hansel

Ogle, John D.

Ogle, John W.

Ogle, Lawson Lavator

Ogle, Lester Robert

Ogle, Levater

Ogle, Lloyd C.

Ogle, Lonn E. M.

Ogle, Louis

Ogle, Loyd M.

Ogle, Mayford C.

Ogle, Milton Ernest

Ogle, Murel

Ogle, Naiman W.

Ogle, Niles

Ogle, Norman W.

Ogle, Oliver William

Ogle, Parlon J.

Ogle, Parlon R.

Ogle, Paul

Ogle, Philip A.

Ogle, Ralph P.

Ogle, Raymond Carl

Ogle, Rellie M.

Ogle, Robert L. Jr.

Ogle, Rollins

Ogle, Roy Lee

Ogle, Roy Ray

Ogle, Samuel B.

Ogle, Sherrill W.

Ogle, Thomas A. Jr.

Ogle, Van D.

Ogle, Virgil E.

Ogle, Warren G.

Ogle, Wiley Cates

Ogle, Wilford A.

Ogle, William Roy

Ogle, Willie B.

Ogle, Winford

Ohls, Luther Erwin

Oliver, Paul C.

Oliver, William Ogle

Onmart, Mamie W.

Owen, Carl Clarence

Owenby, James D.

Owenby, John Leon

Owenby, Kenneth D.

Owenby, Lester E.

Owens, Columbus

Owens, Victor H.

Ownby, Albert M.

Ownby, Carl

Ownby, Cecil Dwight

Ownby, Chesterfield

Ownby, Clyde

Ownby, Euel J.

Ownby, Frank Walter

Ownby, Granville A.

Ownby, Hugh T.

Ownby, James T.

Ownby, James W.

Ownby, John L.

Ownby, John Walker

Ownby, L. A.

Ownby, Loy A.

Ownby, Loy B.

Ownby, Lyle S.

Ownby, Osie Paul

Ownby, Ottis, C.

Ownby, Ralph

Ownby, Ralph L.

Ownby, Ray C. (Shorty)

Ownby, Robert Thurman

Ownby, Roy Carl

Ownby, Roy Otto

Ownby, Sam W.

Ownby, T. A.

Ownby, Verlas C.

Ownby, Verlis

Ownby, William Hubert

Ownby, Willie R.

Ownby, Winfred S.

* indicates those killed in action

Pack, Charles

Pack, David M.

Palmer, Paul Mayford

Parrott, Albert H.

Parrott, Boyd P.

Parrott, Fletcher C.

Parrott, James Clifford

Parrott, Oscar P.

Parrott, Rex A. C.

Parrott, William C.

Parton, Alfred Taylor

Parton, Andy B.

Parton, Arnold

Parton, Ben L.

Parton, Ben L. Sr.

Parton, Carl

Parton, Clyde Willard

Parton, Coy Austin

Parton, David Oliver

Parton, Earl Clyde

Parton, Earl J.

Parton, Gene Douglas

Parton, George R.

Parton, Herrell

Parton, James A.

Parton, James L.

Parton, Karl C.

Parton, Lee R.

Parton, Lloyd R.

Parton, Lon B.

Parton, Marshall Andrew

Parton, Orvil L.

Parton, Orville Stanley

Parton, Rex William

*Parton, Robert C., West Coast, 1945

Parton, Robert Lee

Parton, Robert Richard

Parton, Walter

Parton, Willard R.

Parton, William W.

Pate, Ashley Clifford

Patterson, David C.

Patterson, Everett Raymond

Patterson, Ivan Victor

Patterson, James L.

Patterson, Jerome

Patterson, John W.

Patterson, Lefford Q.

Patterson, Malcolm Rice

Patterson, Ray L.

Patterson, Sam Wesley

Patterson, Toby Lee, Jr.

Patterson, Vernon Meredith

Patterson, William P.

Patton, Horace M.

Patty, Audly C.

Patty, Coy H.

Payne, Henry C.

Payne, Holand

Payne, Jimmy Caywood

Peak, Henry Lee

Peak, Robert R.

Pendley, Leona McMahan

Perryman, Harrison

Perryman, Wayne E.

*Petty, Ralph C., 13 March 1943

Petty, Samuel B.

Phillips, Fred B.

Phillips, John Taft

Phillips, Mitchell

Phillips, Theodore

Phillips, Verner E.

Pickel, Charles A.

Pickel, Charles E.

Pickel, James D.

Pickens, Fred Mayford

Pickens, Herman O.

Pickens, Norman O.

Pickens, Samuel Houston

Pickens, Sam W.

Pierce, Earl R.

Pierce, Fred

Pierce, Glenn W.

Pierce, James

Pierce, Ray

Pitner, Gilford R.

Pitner, Howard E.

Pitner, Marsh Jr.

Pitner, Paul

Pitner, Richard L.

Pitsenberger, Roy A. Jr.

Plemons, James Charles

Poe, Edgar A.

Pollard, Jack C.

Pollard, James F.

Pollard, James M.

Pollard, Willie E.

Poole, Leola

Pope, Vernon

Poplin, Millard

Powell, Lloyd L.

Presnell, Birl B.

Presnell, Major P.

Price, Ambrose E.

Price, Clay D.

Price, Clellen

Price, Dee H.

Price, Edward John

Price, George R.

Price, Glen C.

Price, Hanson T.

Price, James Burl

Price, James Melvin

Price, John M.

Price, Otha M.

Price, Paine T.

Price, Paul A.

Price, Ralph J.

Price, Ray T.

Price, Wilfred G.

Pritchard, John Ralph

Proffitt, Amber Horace

Proffitt, Donall L.

Proffitt, Henry

Proffitt, James Grant

Proffitt, Joe Crayton

*Proffitt, Lonas E., Germany

Proffitt, Wilbur Nelson

*Pruitt, Charles L.

*Pruitt, Paul

Quarrels, Harold W.

Quarrels, James Leonard

Quarrels, T. A.

Quilliams, Garland

Quilliams, Jake

Quilliams, John

Rader, Alvin C.

Rambo, Carl K.

Ramsey, Arnold Edgar

*Ramsey, Bill, Germany

Ramsey, Carl Dee

Ramsey, Charles R.

Ramsey, Gladys M

Ramsey, Herman Oliver

Ramsey, James A.

Ramsey, J. C.

Ramsey, John Walter

Ramsey, Lee R.

Ramsey, Max

Ramsey, Ray J.

Ramsey, Ray R.

Ramsey, Samuel L.

Ramsey, William T.

Ramsey, Winfred S.

Randles, Amos M.

Randles, Charles G.

Randles, Harry H.

Randles Homer G.

Randles, James Robert Jr.

Randles, Robert Tedford

Randles, Samuel O.

Randles, Sidney E.

Rauhuff, Frank E.

Rauhuff, Grover James

Rauhuff, Mack W.

Rauhuff, Raymond I.

Rawlings, Frederick P.

Rawlings, Josephine E.

Rawlings, Kenneth W.

Rawlings, Lynn P. Jr.

Ray, Ross

Rayfield, Floyd

Rayfield, Tess J.

Roberts, Boyd B.

Reagan, Amos Jr.

Reagan, Ben

Reagan, Bon C.

Reagan, Brownlee

Reagan, Buford C.

Reagan, Carl E.

Reagan, Charlie Austin

Reagan, Chester

Reagan, Claude Joel

Reagan, David

Reagan, Davis McKinley

Reagan, Don Clifford

Reagan, Earl R.

*Reagan, Ernest

Reagan, Ernest Alvin

Reagan, Ernest Clarence

Reagan, Frank A.

Reagan, Fred S.

Reagan, Harold R.

Reagan, J. H.

Reagan, James Harvey

Reagan, James R.

Reagan, John Lewis

Reagan, John Tolbert

Reagan, Lee G.

Reagan, Luther C.

Reagan, Marshall E.

Reagan, Ollie G.

Reagan, Orville V.

Reagan, Ralph C.

Reagan, Ray L.

Reagan, Raymond Richard

Reagan, Reuben

Reagan, Tolbert

Reagan, Verlus H.

Reagan, Wade McKinley

Reagan, William H.

Reagan, William K.

Reagan, Willie Howard

Rector, Calvin A.

Rector, Jack B.

*Rector, James N. Jr., United States

Reed, Boyd A.

Reed, Carl

Reed, Henry W.

Reed, Howard J.

Reed, Jack Newman

Reed, James D.

Reed, James Louis

Reed, James M.

Reed, James Otha

Reed, Joe Ben

Reed, Joe D.

Reed, Luther

Reed, Milbern

Reed, Paul T.

Reed, William M.

Rhea, Clarence Otis

Rhea, Clinton

Rhinehart, Frank Eugene

Riddle, William C.

Riggs, Morris P.

Riley, Carroll R.

Riley, James A.

Riley, Oscar H.

Rimel, Carl R.

Rimel, Stanely Eugene

Rimel, William C.

Rives, James F.

Roark, Henry Frank

Roark, William B.

Roberts, Allen C.

Roberts, Boyd S.

Roberts, Butler D.

Roberts, Carl Headrick

Roberts, Homer J.

Roberts, James O.

Roberts, James R.

Roberts, Joe Willard

Roberts, John E.

Roberts, John K.

Roberts, Johnnie H.

Roberts, Lee W.

Roberts, Lester Monroe

Roberts, Otha E.

Roberts, Reece Clifford

Roberts, Roy A.

Roberts, Scott C.

Robertson, Emert Glenn

*Robertson, Lloyd M. Jr., France

*Robertson, Lon D., France

Robertson, Marion R.

Robertson, Rense W.

Robertson, Robert

*Robertson, Robert M., France

Robertson, Tip

Robertson, William P.

Robinson, Leter C.

Rodgers, Billy H.

Rogers, Albert C.

Rogers, Elizabeth K.

Rogers, Ermal R.

Rogers, Ernest C.

Rogers, Ernest Hudson

Rogers, Eugene W.

Rogers, Fred B.

Rogers, Fred Grove

Rogers, Harvey W.

Rogers, Herman H.

Rogers, Jack

Rogers, Joseph E.

Rogers, Kenneth B.

Rogers, Marvin

Rogers, Milburn Lee

Rogers, Reece C.

Rogers, Reo L.

Rogers, Richard

Rogers, Shadie Lee

Rogers, Tilford E.

Rogers, William Eugene

Rogers, William P.

Roland, Jessie

Rolen, Ben A.

Rolen, Cecil William

*Rolen, Charles A., Germany

Rolen, Clarence W.

Rolen, Clyde

Rolen, David A.

Rolen, Elgar

Rolen, Elton

Rolen, George A.

Rolen, J. B.

Rolen, James O.

Rolen, Jessie

Rolen, Jimmie Ray

Rolen, John W.

Rolen, Lon W.

Rolen, Richard

Rolen, Samuel D.

Rolen, Scott C.

Rolen, Warren G.

Romines, Alger Frank

Romines, Dwain

Romines, Harold B.

Romines, Hugh L.

Romines, Ira Catlett

Romines, John Samuel

Romines, Oliver Ray

*Romines, Ralph, Kyushu

Romines, Reece R.

Romines, Victor Hobert

Romines, William

Roop, Delmer Newton

Rose, Clarence

Rose, Cleo

Rose, Ernest

Rose, Leo

Rose, Leonard T.

Rose, Richard J.

Rose, Tommy Dewey

Ross, Morrris O'Neal

Roylston, Edward L.

Rudd, William Clarence

Rule, Boyd W.

Rule, Kenneth H.

Rule, Ned Sanders

Rule, Wayne

Runyan, Boyd R.

Russell, Curtis A.

Russell, Earl E.

Russell, George R.

Russell, Willie Boyd

Ryan, Euel

* indicates those killed in action

Sams, Corban C.

Sanders, Paul C.

Sauls, Ray M.

Sauls, Robert L.

Savage, Levi Newton, Jr.

Sayne, Ralph J.

Scarlett, George Alfred

Schrader, Joseph C.

Schmutzer, Al

Schultz, Boyd B.

Scott, Bart A.

Scott, Jim Franklin

Scott, Otis L.

Seagle, Everette J.

Seagle, Herman B.

Seaton, Boyd B.

Seaton, Glenn E.

Seaton, Harold O.

Seaton, Harry W.

Seaton, Houston A.

Seaton, John Riley

Seaton, Ralph Layman

Seaton, Sam D.

Seaton, Thomas R.

Self, Vernon H.

Sexton, James Lawrence

Sexton, James Shirdan

Shaddock, Jessie G.

Shahan, Rellie H.

Sharp, David

Sharp, Freeman R.

Sharp, George M.

Sharp, George William

Sharp, Grady

Sharp, James E.

Sharp, Leo Alvin

Sharp, Oliver Otis

Sharp, Wayne T.

Shelton, John A.

Shelton, Leonard C.

Shepherd, Elihu B.

Shields, Claude J.

Shields, Granville B.

Shields, Ray

Shields, Robert G.

Shields, Robert O.

Shoulders, Floyd J.

Shrader, Garlen R.

Shueler, Herbert Jr.

Shular, Claude W.

Shular, Verner C.

Shular, Willie N. C.

Shular, Willie Ray

Shults, Clifford James

Shults, Clyde Jewell

Shults, Dee B.

Shults, Eugene

Shults, James M. Jr.

Shults, Jenson C.

Shults, John Arch

Shults, Lewis P.

Shults, Neil

Shults, Sam Menvard

Shults, Sherrill B.

*Shultz, Chester, West Coast, 10 Aug 1943

Shultz, Dan P.

Shultz, Eugene

Shultz, Frank E.

Shultz, Garfield

*Shultz, James R., France, 10 Oct 1944

Shultz, Joseph Monroe

Shultz, Kendrick

Shultz, Mayford Elmer

Shultz, Virl E.

Shultz, William R.

Shultz, William S.

Simmons, Erastus

Simms, Charles S. Jr.

Simms, James Carroll

Simpson, Albert

Sims, Benton M.

Sims, Boyd Nowlin

Sims, David Crockett

Sims, Donald Reece

Sims, Eugene J.

Sims, Jack H.

Sims, Robert L.

Sims, Sharnnon F.

Sims, Stanley B.

Sims, Turner Roy

Sims, Walter A.

Sing, Thomas L.

*Sise, Charlie E., Saipan Island

*Sizemore, Charles W., France

Sizemore, Daniel H.

Sizemore, Donald

Sizemore, Hubert

Sizemore, Ray

Sluss, Charles H.

Smelcer, Alvin E.

Smelcer, Charles Leonard

Smelcer, Clarence Evert

Smelcer, Clay S.

Smelcer, Clifford

Smelcer, Clyde E.

Smelcer, Earl D.

Smelcer, Edward E.

Smelcer, Everett

*Smelcer, John Russell, Italy

Smelcer, Lee R.

Smelcer, LeeRoy

Smelcer, Levator

Smelcer, Lloyd R.

Smelcer, Loy R.

Smelcer, Truman

Smelcer, William M.

Smelcer, Winfred J.

Smith, Alvin Eugene

Smith, Carl Dexter

Smith, Carl Lowell

Smith, Charles E.

Smith, Charles Winford

Smith, Charlie Ray

Smith, Edward W.

Smith, Everett

Smith, George H.

Smith, Herman L.

Smith, James F.

Smith, James P.

Smith, Roy A.

Smith, Virlus E.

Smith, W. G.

*Smith, Walter Harlen

Smith, William James

*Smith, William R.

Smith, Willis Eugene

*Smith, Winfred G., France

Smothers, Hubert B.

Snapp, Edwin Columbus

Sneed, J. B.

Sneed, Jean B.

Snuder, Doyle F.

Snyder, Jack

Snyder, James A.

Snyder, Thomas S.

Snyder, Walter E.

Spangler, Albert

Spangler, Edward Lee

Spangler, Robert Leury

Spence, Alvia Lee

Spence, Arley N.

Spence, Mynatt

Spicer, Archie R.

*Spicer, Fred Jean

Spicer, Fred T.

Spitzer, John B.

Spurgeon, Ellis

Spurgeon, James Clyde

Spurgeon, Rufus W.

Spurgeon, Zola M.

Stafford, Thomas J. Jr.

Stallans, Sherman

Stamey, Jesse F.

Stamey, Ray C.

Stamey, Roy W.

Stanton, Dalton

Starkey, Earley A.

Starkey, George

Starkey, Jonas

Starkey, Marshall

Starkey, Otha C.

Starkey, Victor

Starkey, Wayne Lee

Stevens, Claude W.

Stevens, Raymond Henry

Stiles, Eugene F.

Stinnett, Bruce

Stinnett, Chester L.

Stinnett, D. L.

Stinnett, George J.

Stinnett, Glenn H.

Stinnett, John R.

Stinnett, Mansfield

Stinnett, Reuben Harrison

Stinnett, Wayne J.

Stoffle, Carl W.

Stoffle, Frank

Stoffle, Herman R.

Stoffle, Melvin E.

Stoffle, Ray C.

Stoffle, Roy

Stoner, Kenneth

Stoner, Luther K.

Stott, Olin Samuel

Stott, Samuel O.

Stott, Tip Joe

Stott, William R.

Strange, Leon C.

Styles, Eugene F.

Styles, James D.

Suttles, Charles Wesley

Suttles, James Walter

Suttles, Lloyd F.

Suttles, Roy K.

Suttles, Stanley Coy

Sutton, Aaron J.

Sutton, Carmon A.

Sutton, Dave

Sutton, Erbert Hobert

Sutton, Fred E.

Sutton, Irvin O.

Sutton, Jack

Sutton, Joe C.

Sutton, Joe Lawson

Sutton, John T.

Sutton, Paul

Sutton, Timmens R.

Swaggerty, Creed T.

Swan, Dane

Swann, Amos A.

Swann, John C.

Sweat, Walter B.

Taffer, Carl Dillard

Tarwater, Clyde G.

Tarwater, Coyde

Tarwater, Frank E.

Tarwater, Frank S.

Tarwater, Fred

*Tarwater, Fred W., 9 June 1944

Tarwater, Glenn Ashley

Tarwater, Harold W.

Tarwater, Henry H.

Tarwater, Henry Walter

Tarwater, James B.

Tarwater, James M.

Tarwater, Lloyd H.

Tarwater, Sardon Bishop

Tarwater, Walker

Tarwater, William H.

Tarwater, Winfred Frank

Taylor, Roy E.

Taylor, Samuel K. Jr.

Teague, Bill D.

Teague, Donald Bain

Teaster, Daniel Woodrow

Teaster, Earl Clay

Teaster, Lewis E.

Teaster, Oliver James

Teaster, Wiliam R.

Temple, David G.

Terry, Clyde Theodore

Terry, James Amor

Tharp, Zeon J.

Thomas, Blaine

Thomas, Burl Conlie

Thomas, Carl W.

Thomas, Conley

Thomas, David R.

Thomas, Dewey C.

Thomas, George Grady

Thomas, James Albert

Thomas, James Jake

Thomas, James Lawson

Thomas, James P.

Thomas, Jesse W.

Thomas, Johnny Dee

Thomas, Lester C.

Thomas, Luther K.

Thomas, Orville Bates

Thomas, Robert S.

Thomas, Roy E.

Thomas, Willard P.

Thomason, Paul W.

Thompson, Ruble E.

Thurman, Cyrus L. Jr.

Thurman, Jack Carroll

Thurman, John Russell

*Thurman, L. C. "Cotton," South Pacific

Thurman, Loren K.

Tinker, Willard E.

Tipton, A. J.

Tipton, Dewey E.

Tipton, G. B.

Tipton, Gene Allen

Tipton, Robert L.

Tipton, Robert W.

Tipton, William R.

Townsend, Carman Leavator

Townsend, Delmar

Townsend, Hobert Conley

Townsend, Kenneth C.

Townsend, Robert C.

Trentham, Alvin L.

Trentham, Amos W.

Trentham, Arvel

Trentham, Calvin L.

Trentham, Charles M.

Trentham, Conley L.

Trentham, Dave

Trentham, Dewey

Trentham, Dillard

*Trentham, Dott, Germany

Trentham, Elvin

Trentham, Eugene

Trentham, Frank

Trentham, Fred H.

Trentham, Henry W.

Trentham, Herbert Eugene

Trentham, Hobert W.

Trentham, Homer R.

Trentham, Hugh

Trentham, John B.

Trentham, Lee Jr.

Trentham, Levator

Trentham, Loy

Trentham, Munsey D.

Trentham, Nelson Frank

Trentham, Noah Harmon

Trentham, Otha

Trentham, Rellie J.

Trentham, Roah Austin

Trentham, Robert B.

Trentham, Robert Villkie

Trentham, Sam

Trentham, Stacy

Trentham, Vergil B.

Trentham, Virgil L.

*Tritt, Add

Trotter, Clyde Edward

Trotter, Ernest M.

Trotter, Frank E.

Trotter, Harry

Trotter, Harve Dayton

Trotter, Herman

Trotter, James T.

Trotter, Jean Clyde

Trotter, John P.

Trotter, John Robert

Trotter, Luther Ray

Trotter, Oliver Ray

Trotter, Troy C.

Trotter, Winfred

Turley, James F. Jr.

Turner, Charles

Turner, C. O. W.

Turner, Edgar

Turner, Fred

*Turner, Hubert, Luzon

Turner, James E.

Turner, James V.

Turner, Kenneth A.

Turner, Loyd A.

Turner, Milton C.

Turner, Paul E.

Turner, Willie Othey

Underwood, Alfred Hodges

Underwood, Arnold E.

Underwood, Boyd

Underwood, Earl George

Underwood, James

Underwood, John W.

Underwood, Joseph B.

Underwood, Leonard Devore

Underwood, Leonard J.

Underwood, Merinell

* indicates those killed in action

Valentine, Alvin I.

Valentine, Ashley

Valentine, August L.

Valentine, Burvil Arthur

Valentine, Cletis Wm.

Valentine, Cotis W.

Valentine, Fred A.

Valentine, Howard B.

Valentine, Isaac Ashley

Valentine, Paul Eston

Valentine, Shelby H.

Valentine, Wesley Lee

Van Byok, Leonard M.

Vance, Addy A.

Vance, Bill D.

Vance, Edrow W.

Vance, James C.

Vance, James E.

Vance, William G.

Vaughan, William H.

Viles, Wallace Lee

Wade, Earl

Wade, Fannie C.

Wade, John

Waldroup, Charles E.

Walker, Albert L.

Walker, Carl R.

Walker, Dallas

Walker, Daniel F.

Walker, Frank M.

Walker, Glenn H.

Walker, Hal

Walker, John Mitchell

Walker, Johnnie M.

Walker, Richard Lee

Wallin, Tommie F.

Ward, Bruce C.

Ward, Cav. J.

Ward, Coy Joe

Ward, Doyle

Ward, George K.

Ward, Gus E.

Ward, James I.

*Ward, Luther

Ward, Odis George

Ward, Oscar Jr.

Ward, Oscar L.

Ward, Ray K.

Ward, Robert S.

Ward, Roger S.

Ward, Roy C.

Ward, Sam Harrison

Ward, William Frederick

Wardell, Otha E.

Waters, Lewis T.

Waters, Orlis L.

Watson, Amos V.

Watson, Benford H.

Watson, Burl

Watson, Carl E.

Watson, Charles

Watson, Charlie E.

Watson, Claude W.

Watson, Clyde D.

Watson, Coswell G.

Watson, Coy T.

Watson, Dave (Red)

Watson, David E.

Watson, Dewey Marcus

Watson, Dot Walter

Watson, Eaf

Watson, Earl R.

Watson, Emerson James

Watson, Eph

Watson, Floyd William

Watson, Francis Gilbert

Watson, Frank Evans

Watson, Frank H.

Watson, Frank M.

Watson, Fred C.

Watson, Grant

Watson, Harold R.

Watson, Hubert Austin

Watson, Hugh J.

Watson, James Albert

Watson, James R.

Watson, Mayford H.

Watson, Noah

Watson, Readford N.

Watson, Richard D.

Watson, Sherell Alvin

Watson, Warren G.

Watson, Wilford H.

Watson, William R.

Watson, Zanely L.

Watts, Charles P.

Watts, Elbert L.

Wayland, James Lewis

Wayland, James O.

Wayland, William D.

Wear, Frank W.

Wear, William H.

Wear, William Jr.

*Webb, Amos H., France

Webb, Admiral D.

Webb, Ben Oscar

*Webb, Cleo, Germany

Webb, Elden S.

Webb, Ennis B.

Webb, Fred C.

Webb, Holden C.

Webb, John Chalmer

Webb, John E.

Webb, Lewis G.

Webb, Ovel O.

Webb, Ralph C.

Webb, Reagan

Webb, Wayne A.

Webb, William Hugh

Weeks, Isham C.

Wells, James Atchley

Wells, Ralph Curtis

*Whaley, A. D.

Whaley, Allen D.

Whaley, Amos N.

Whaley, Andrew Guy

Whaley, Arlie Elmore

Whaley, Arlie N. Jr.

Whaley, Audley

Whaley, Austin Manley

Whaley, Ben

Whaley, Bruce J.

Whaley, Carl

Whaley, Clarence

Whaley, Clay

Whaley, Clell

Whaley, D. J.

Whaley, David O.

Whaley, Delmer

Whaley, Dewey L.

Whaley, Dewey W.

Whaley, Dot R.

Whaley, Earl

Whaley, Ernest J.

Whaley, Everett E.

Whaley, Fred Alvis

Whaley, Fred L.

Whaley, George

Whaley, Glenn T.

Whaley, H. R.

Whaley, Haze

*Whaley, Hollen W., North Africa

Whaley, Homer

Whaley, Hubert C.

Whaley, Hubert L.

Whaley, Hubert R.

Whaley, Hurstell Amos

Whaley, Jack E.

Whaley, James E.

Whaley, James F.

Whaley, James H.

Whaley, Laymon Luther

Whaley, Leonard

Whaley, Lewis E.

Whaley, Lillie

Whaley, Lincoln A.

Whaley, Luke D. C.

Whaley, Marmon

Whaley, Millard

Whaley, Newton R. Jr.

Whaley, Nova Zell

Whaley, Olin H.

*Whaley, Silas J., Phillipines while a Prisoner of War

Whaley, T. J.

Whaley, Van B.

Whaley, Von B.

Whaley, Willie L.

White, Edward James

White, James J.

White, Millard

White, Millart Alozzo

White, Ransom John

White, Robert Patton Jr.

Whitehead, Judson E.

Whitehead, Rodney G.

Whitfield, Clyde I. Jr.

Whitted, Carl

Whitted, James Kenneth

Whitted, Paul O.

Widner, James O.

Widner, Joe J.

Widner, John E.

Wilhite, Harland E.

Wilkerson, Ralph W.

Williams, Avery Ector

Williams, Bertin Cleo

Williams, Bruce C.

Williams, Bruce R.

Williams, Burl R.

Williams, Carl J.

Williams, Charles B.

Williams, Charles C.

Williams, Charlie Gilbert

Williams, Clarence R.

Williams, Cleaburn D.

Williams, Clifford

Williams, Clinton

Williams, Clyde E.

Williams, Dallas

Williams, David C.

Williams, Delmar Forrest

Williams, Delmar J.

Williams, Donald Dale

Williams, Doyle B.

Williams, Elmore

Williams, Frank M.

Williams, Garfield

Williams, Glen

Williams, Henry Mack

Williams, Herbert F.

Williams, Hooper W.

Williams, Isaac N.

Williams, James Coy

Williams, Joel H.

Williams, John D.

Williams, Johnnie H.

Williams, Kenneth L.

Williams, Kenneth S.

Williams, Leonard C.

Williams, Lewis G. J.

Williams, Louis B.

Williams, Misher

*Williams, Omide, 31 July 1943

*Williams, Ora Lavator, Germany

Williams, Otha A.

Williams, Ottis R.

Williams, Paul D.

Williams, Paul N.

Williams, Paul W.

Williams, Raymond G.

Williams, Reed

Williams, Robert M.

Williams, Roy Clephus

Williams, Sam W.

Williams, Shannon O.

Williams, Stewart

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Virgil L.

Williams, Walker W.

Williams, Walter B.

Williams, Warren

Williamson, Milford

Wilson, Bobby E.

Wilson, Brad

Wilson, Charles

Wilson, Eliza T.

Wilson, Erell

Wilson, Evert A.

Wilson, Grady L.

Wilson, Herman Frank

Wilson, Howard Eugene

Wilson, James R.

Wilson, Kenneth Carl

Wilson, Lawrence

Wilson, Paul L.

Wilson, William Everett

Wilson, William H.

Wilson, Woodrow

Witenbarger, Carl W.

Wolfe, Alfred Jr.

Wolfe, Calvin Reford

Wolfe, Charles C.

Wolfe, Earle A.

Wolfe, Karl A.

Wolfe, Minnis

Wolfe, Robert K.

Wolfe, Virgel

Wolfe, Virgil E.

Womack, Floyd

Womack, Joel B.

Wood, Gene A.

Worth, August H.

Worth, Fred Kenneth

*Worth, Ray, 17 June 1944

Wright, Francis Marion

Wynn, Glenn H.

Wynn, Phillip A.

Wynn, Thaddeus M. Jr.

Wynn, Zirkel L.

Yates, Ambrose W.

Yates, Andy

Young, Charles Aubrey

Young, James Lewis

Zoder, Wallis

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