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Name: Samples, Oscar      Gender: M
Born: Dec 7, 1924      Died: Apr 7, 1944      Buried: Dunn
Father: Bose Samples      Born: TN
Mother:       Born:

Name: Sane, Lucinda Jane      Gender: F
Born: Nov 29, 1864      Died: Aug 31, 1934      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Ben Gregg      Born: TN
Mother: Margarett Boley      Born:
Spouse: William Sane
Children: Willie, Ben, Robert, Ray and Sallie

Name: Sane, Mary Elizabeth      Gender: F
Born: May 20, 1853      Died: Dec 23, 1941      Buried: Mt Olive
Father: Lawson White      Born: SC
Mother: Mary Collins      Born: SC
Spouse: James Sane
Children: Lawson, Mrs Alpha Lafayette??

Name: Sane, Oscar Burnett      Gender: M
Born: Nov 23, 1890      Died: Dec 29, 1945      Buried: Forbian
Father: George Sane      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Mary Keistler      Born: Cocke Co
Children: Otis, Mrs Marie Ayers, Mrs Echra ??

Name: Sartin, John Baxter?      Gender: M
Born:       Died: Mar 7, 1936      Buried: Union
Father: Calvin Decab??      Born: TN
Mother: Amanda Sexton      Born:
Spouse: Margarett Elizabeth Green
Children: Eula, Elsi, Carl, John, Horace?, Laura Mae, Beachell

Name: Scott, Margaret Lavina      Gender: F
Born: Apr 6, 1894      Died: Aug 20, 1943      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Wyatt Proffitt      Born: NC
Mother: Lillie Kerr      Born: NC
Spouse: Clarence W Scott

Name: Self, Julia Belle      Gender: F
Born: Dec 16, 1873      Died: Mar, 14, 1942      Buried: Householder????
Father: William Smith      Born: TN
Mother: Nancy John?????      Born: TN
Children: Toney, John, Fannie, Mrs D Beaver

Name: Self, Martha      Gender: F
Born: Age 68      Died: Apr 23, 1937      Buried: Shetley
Father: Joseph Carlisle      Born: TN
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Charles Self
Children: Walter, Loyd, Hilliard, Maggie, Minnie

Name: Sharp, Charles Andrew      Gender: M
Born: May6, 1894      Died: Jan 13, 1936      Buried: Union
Father: Alonzo Hall      Born:
Mother: Laura Moore      Born: NC

Name: Sharp, Harriett Underdown      Gender: F
Born: Jun 25, 1916      Died: Sep 30, 1942      Buried: Pruitts Hill
Father: William M Underdown      Born: TN
Mother: Maggie Jackson      Born: TN
Spouse: Wiliam P Sharp

Name: Shell, Alice Elizabeth      Gender: F
Born: Sep 4, 1868      Died: Mar 18, 1933      Buried: Union
Father: A B Hedrick      Born: TN
Mother: Issibelle Gregg      Born: TN
Spouse: John H Shell

Name: Shell, Jo Ann      Gender: F
Born:       Died:       Buried: Bridgeport
Father: Stanley Shell??      Born: TN
Mother: Mae Godfrey      Born: TN

Name: Shell, John Henry      Gender: M
Born: Sep (, 1880      Died: Jul 18, 1942      Buried: Ua
Father: Andrew Shell      Born:
Mother: Charlottie Hedrick      Born: TN
Spouse: Myrtle Click

Name: Shelton, Doris June      Gender: F
Born: Mar 12, 1944      Died: Sep 2, 1944      Buried: Dunn
Father: Hucus Shelton      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Mary Stinnett      Born: Jefferson Co

Name: Shelton, Rhoda      Gender: F
Born: Aug 5, 1863      Died: Jan 22, 1945      Buried: Dunn
Father: Joe Holoway      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born: Unknown
Spouse: James Rubin Shelton
Children: 7 Step-Children

Name: Shelton, Royal Edgar      Gender: M
Born: Nov 21, 1945      Died: Nov 30, 1945      Buried: Forbian
Father: Frank Shelton      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Gracie Mae Norton      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Shoun, ?Alford Marshall      Gender: M
Born: Feb 4, 1943      Died: Apr 12, 1944      Buried: Cave Church
Father: Alford Clay Shoun      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Ella Dee Clevenger      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Shumaker, Lloyd      Gender: M
Born: May 31, 1933      Died: Jan ?? 1933      Buried: Dunn
Father: Hobert ????      Born:
Mother: Nora Schumaker      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Sisk, Catherine Luthera      Gender: F
Born: Sep 18, 1860      Died: Jun 2, 1933      Buried: Union
Father: Sam Hannon      Born: Unknown
Mother: Eliza Cornwell      Born: NC
Spouse: William Sisk
Children: Allen, Mark Sam, Ray, Mrs Rhoda Cooper

Name: Sisk, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Apr 6, 1938      Died: May 28, 1938      Buried: Huff
Father: Willie Sisk      Born: TN
Mother: Minnie Hale??      Born: TN

Name: Smith, Charlie David      Gender: M
Born: Jan 22, 1894      Died: Feb 26, 1942      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: John Smith      Born: TN
Mother: Elizabeth Basinger      Born: TN
Spouse: Nelle Fancher
Children: John, Harry, Fannie, Evelyn

Name: Smith, Elizabeth      Gender: F
Born: Sep 16, 1868      Died: Oct, 7, 1941      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Martin Kilgore      Born: TN
Mother: Ruth Lowe      Born:
Spouse: Charles Smith
Children: Charles Alexander Cox

Name: Smith, Florence Ellen      Gender: F
Born: Apr &, 1877      Died: Jun 15, 1935      Buried: Mt Zion
Father: John Black      Born: TN
Mother: Ellie Moore      Born: TN
Spouse: J B Smith
Children: Joel, Mrs Allice, J P, Mrs Annie Hinson, Mrs Oliver Smith

Name: Smith, Fred Jerry      Gender: M
Born: Jan 14, 1940      Died: May 22, 1941      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Walter Glenn Smith      Born: TN
Mother: Ladye Burton Eisenhour      Born: TN

Name: Smith, Iva Annette      Gender: F
Born: Nov 29, 1937      Died: Nov 29, 1937      Buried: Harneds Chapel
Father: Lancaster Smith??      Born: TN
Mother: Eva Kilgore????      Born: TN

Name: Smith, Margrette Burnette      Gender: F
Born: Sep 13, 1867      Died: Jun 5, 1933      Buried: Union
Father: James Burnette      Born: NC
Mother: Caroline Huff      Born:
Spouse: Geo F Smith
Children: Sue, George, Evan, Harry, Mrs James McIntyre,

Name: Sneed, Infant      Gender: F
Born: Apr 30, 1945      Died: Apr 30, 1945      Buried: Swansylvania
Father: Tommy Sneed      Born: Newport, TN
Mother: Catherine Wright      Born: Newport, TN

Name: Sneed, Sallie      Gender: F
Born:       Died: Oct 23, 1936      Buried: Union
Father: Will Green??      Born: TN
Mother: Martha Sisk      Born: TN
Spouse: Cephas Sneed
Children: Robert Whipple

Name: Snyder, Edna Blanche Shaun      Gender: F
Born: Aug 12, 1912      Died: Feb 11, 1943      Buried: Union
Father: William E Shaun      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Mollie Smith      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Walter Snyder

Name: Starts Maloy-Suggs Funeral Home --Clark, Ernest Hoyle      Gender: M
Born: Apr 9, 1945      Died: May 20, 1945      Buried: Clark Cemetery DelRio
Father: Gray Ernest Clark      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Cora Willis      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Steele, Myrtle Love?      Gender: F
Born: May 4, 1896      Died: Jun 29, 1938      Buried: Union
Father: W H Roberts      Born: TN
Mother: Bettie Line      Born: TN
Spouse: Aubrey

Name: Stepp, William Ottis      Gender: M
Born: Dec 12, 1899      Died: Sep 22, 1941      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Charlie Stepp      Born:
Mother: Belle Ottinger      Born: TN

Name: Stokely, caroline      Gender: F
Born: Aug 28, 1874      Died: Oct 12, 1941      Buried: Stokely
Father: Watson Varner      Born:
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: James D A Stokely
Children: Horace, James, Andrew, Anderson

Name: Stokely, Martha Lee      Gender: F
Born: Apr 6, 1927      Died: Jun 27, 1939      Buried: Forbian
Father: Joe Stokley      Born: TN
Mother: Lelia Stokley      Born: TN

Name: Stokley, Mollie Hester      Gender: F
Born: Oct 12, 1881      Died: Dec 24, 1934      Buried: Smith
Father: Harrison Susong      Born:
Mother: Unknown      Born: TN
Spouse: Robert Stokley
Children: Roosevelt, Ernest, John, James

Name: Stuart, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Sep 18, 1934      Died: Sep 18, 1934      Buried: Rays Chapel
Father: Homer Stuart      Born: TN
Mother: Daisy McMahan      Born: TN

Name: Suggs, Isaac      Gender: M
Born: Nov 5, 1882      Died: Jun 8, 1945      Buried: Suggs Family
Father: Wiley Suggs      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Sue Brooks      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Willie Mae Keith
Children: Mark, John, Emma, Mrs Alex Blazer, Frs Fred Lafollette, Mrs Ermond McMahan, Edith

Name: Suggs, John Earl      Gender: M
Born: Oct 16, 1893      Died: Apr 21, 1944      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: George C Suggs      Born: NC
Mother: Mary Eli Blanchard??      Born: Cocke Co
Children: Paul, Darvel??

Name: Suggs, Mary Elizabeth Blanchard      Gender: F
Born: Nov 8, 1870      Died: Feb 5, 1944      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Billy Blanchard      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Spouse: George Suggs
Children: Ed, A D, Lore, Estil, Earl

Name: Suggs, Sarah Evelyn      Gender: F
Born: Apr 4, 1878      Died: Aug 24, 1944      Buried: Suggs Family
Father: William Richard Boley?      Born: TN
Mother: Laura Sawyers      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Wiley Brooks Suggs
Children: Ray, Milas, Luther, Mrs Rosa Lee Smith

Name: Sumner, Charles Edward      Gender: M
Born: Apr 25, 1945      Died: Jul 9, 1945      Buried: Union
Father: Richard Layfette Sumner      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Eloise Day      Born: NC

Name: Swaggerty, Alice Beecham Williams      Gender: F
Born: Jul 11, 1851      Died: Nov 8, 1932      Buried: Swagerty
Father: Jefferson Williams      Born: SC
Mother: Lucy      Born: Va
Spouse: Tilman Swagerty

Name: Talley, Robert Lee      Gender: M
Born: Aug 12, 1869      Died: Dec 28, 1942      Buried: Union
Father: James Carter Talley      Born: TN
Mother: Catherine Boyer      Born: TN
Spouse: Mary Florence Huff
Children: Elna, Mary, Kate

Name: Taylor, Jonnie Jr      Gender: M
Born: Jan 28, 1918      Died: Feb 22, 1933      Buried: Bruners Grove
Father: Monroe Taylor      Born: NC
Mother: Bonnie Wise      Born: TN

Name: Taylor, Mildred      Gender: F
Born: Dec 22, 1913      Died: Dec 24, 1934      Buried: Mulberry Gap
Father: Dallas Taylor      Born: NC
Mother: Sarah Lamb      Born: TN
Spouse: Gilmer Manos??

Name: Teague, Dorathea Joan      Gender: F
Born: Apr 13, 1942      Died: Nov 5, 1942      Buried: Chestnut Hill
Father: William moody Teague      Born: TN
Mother: Blanche Rainwater?      Born: TN

Name: Templin, James Horace      Gender: M
Born: Sep 15, 1874      Died: Jun 8, 1941      Buried: Allens Chapel
Father: Isaac Templin      Born: TN
Mother: Julia Yett      Born: TN
Spouse: Carrie Woods

Name: Thode, Hennings Frederick      Gender: M
Born: Nov 16, 1891      Died: Dec 26, 1944      Buried: Stokely
Father: Dr John Thode      Born: Unknown
Mother: ??Garvin      Born:
Spouse: Evelyn Stokely
Children: Bud, Hig, Fredie, Julius, Betty ?????

Name: Thomas, Scott      Gender: M
Born: Jan 18, 1926      Died: Feb 17, 1935      Buried: Hartford
Father: Edward Thomas      Born: NC
Mother: Octavia Burnette      Born: TN

Name: Thornton, James Jessie      Gender: M
Born: Nov 18, 1867      Died: Sep 21, 1938      Buried: Chestnut Hill
Father: John Thornton      Born: TN
Mother: Lomasn??      Born:
Spouse: Ida Rainwater
Children: Vida, Carrie, Opal, Ollie?

Name: Turner, Carrie      Gender: F
Born: Jun 17, 1938      Died: Oct 11, 1943      Buried:
Father: James Turner      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Bessie Manis      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Turner, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Jun 22, 1932      Died: Jun 22, 1932      Buried: Open Door
Father: Dosier Turner      Born: Jefferson Co
Mother: Gussie Hurst      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Gussie Hurst

Name: Turner, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Nov 7, 1945      Died: Nov 7, 1945      Buried: Mt Zion
Father: Edward L Turner      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Ida Mae Waddell      Born: Greene Co

Name: Turner, Jolie      Gender: F
Born: Feb 13, 1891      Died: Oct 24, 1942      Buried: Stokely
Father: James Ledford      Born: NC
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Children: Edd, Hercel, Millie, Annie Mae, Hayward, Edith

Name: Turner, Mrs Lucynda      Gender: F
Born: Mar 11, 1886      Died: Aug 22, 1933      Buried: Zion
Father: John Webb      Born: NC
Mother: Harrett Bright      Born: NC
Spouse: Jim Turner
Children: Ernest, Sue, Addie, James, Lou

Name: Turner, Newton      Gender: M
Born: Jun 6, 1869      Died: Dec 31, 1944      Buried: Deer Hill
Father: James Turner      Born: Unknown
Mother: Ramey Messer?      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Charlotte Townsend?
Children: Horace, Alice, Minnie, Gracie??

Name: Turner, Rhubin Sander?      Gender: M
Born: Jan 1, 1861      Died: Oct 6?, 1937      Buried: Sand Hill
Father: Ephram Turner      Born: TN
Mother: Luronia Messer?      Born: TN
Spouse: Lydia Frazier
Children: Garfield, Tray????

Name: Turner, Thelma      Gender: M
Born: Feb 9, 1934      Died: Feb 25, 1935      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Garfield Turner      Born: TN
Mother: Arkie Morrow      Born: NC

Name: Underdown, John      Gender: M
Born: Dec 14, 1869      Died: May 29, 1938      Buried: Forbian
Father: James Underdown??      Born: TN
Mother: Louisa Budger      Born: NC
Spouse: Estel Young

Name: Underdown, William M      Gender: M
Born: Aug 12, 1873      Died: Sep 13, 1944      Buried: Forbian
Father: Jim Underdown      Born:
Mother: Louisa Pruitt      Born:
Spouse: Mary M Jackson
Children: Guy, William, Beatrice, Louisa, Mrs Ones B Lytle

Name: Valentine, Loyd      Gender: M
Born: age 57      Died: Feb 22, 1936      Buried: Valentine
Father:       Born:
Mother:       Born:
Children: Mrs Ben Whitlock, Mrs Artel Baxter, Mrs Bertie Jenkins, Rosa, Homer, Lee, Elmer Beecher

Name: Vick, John Thomas      Gender: M
Born: Apr 30, 1878      Died: Aug 25, 1941      Buried: Fowlers Grove
Father: Edmond Vick      Born: NC
Mother: Myra Beatty      Born: NC
Spouse: Martha Belle Dyer
Children: Scott, Ruth, Hazel, A M,

Name: Walden, Charlie      Gender: M
Born: Jan 8, 1900      Died: 12080      Buried: Liberty Hill
Father:       Born:
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Bessie Thomas
Children: Charles, Stanley, Edward, Bernice, Mack

Name: Warden, Jessie James      Gender: M
Born: Sep 9, 1943      Died: Sep 30, 1943      Buried: Union
Father: Jake Warden      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Lauvadia Jenkins      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Wardroup?, Sarah Carolyn      Gender: F
Born: Apr 18, 1871      Died: Mar 23, 1944      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Curtis Tipton      Born: TN
Mother: Amanda Blankinship      Born: TN
Children: Mrs Hunter Greer, Mrs Clera Greway??

Name: Waters, Margaret Ann      Gender: F
Born: Jul 27, 1868      Died: Mar 17, 1942      Buried: Waters
Father: Giles W Caton      Born: TN
Mother: Deborah Howson      Born: TN

Name: Webb, Callie Samples      Gender: F
Born: Jun 7, 1895      Died: Oct 15, 1944      Buried: Cave Church
Father: Alex Samples      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Elizabeth Witt      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: George Webb
Children: E C, George, Pearl, Rosa, Albert?

Name: Webb, Rheba Joyce      Gender: F
Born: Jan 14, 1933      Died: Mar 9, 1933      Buried: Ogle
Father: Raymond Webb      Born: TN
Mother: Laura Gilliland?      Born: TN

Name: Whipple, Princes Iva Bell      Gender: F
Born: Feb 18, 1904      Died: Feb 5, 1936      Buried: Phillips
Father: William Hall      Born: TN
Mother: Charity Fowler      Born: TN
Spouse: John Whipple
Children: Viola, Elizabeth, Nellie, John G

Name: White, Charlie      Gender: M
Born: May 29, 1853      Died: Apr 24, 1938      Buried:
Father: Charlie White      Born: NC
Mother: Unknown      Born: NC
Spouse: Annie Denton
Children: George, Bum, Hobert, Annie Mae??

Name: Wilds, Georgie Lucille      Gender: F
Born: Nov 19, 1903      Died: Jan 16, 1937      Buried: Salem
Father: Dennis Ottinger      Born: TN
Mother: Zola Nease      Born: TN
Spouse: Ulys Wilds
Children: Margrieth, Mary, Henry, Janels??

Name: Wilds, Infant Gene      Gender: M
Born: Apr 15, 1941      Died: Apr 15, 1941      Buried: Inman
Father: Gene Wilds      Born: TN
Mother: Alma O'Dell      Born: SC

Name: Wilds, Peggy Jane      Gender: F
Born: May, 19, 1939      Died: Dec 27, 1940      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Charles Wilds      Born: TN
Mother: Hazel Carlisle      Born: TN

Name: Williams, Blaine P      Gender: M
Born:       Died: Nov 25, 1935      Buried: Haynes
Father: Harrison Williams      Born: TN
Mother: Ida Barnes      Born: TN

Name: Williamson, Belva Mrs      Gender: F
Born: Oct 29, 1908      Died: 11840      Buried: Smiths
Father: Chan McGaha      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Hattie Gunter      Born: TN
Spouse: Jethro Williamson
Children: Clyde, Gerlene?, Irene, Clay, Claude

Name: Willis, James Hershal      Gender: M
Born: Dec 15, 1926      Died: Sep 12, 1945      Buried: Clark
Father: Jake Lee Willis      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Mollie Roberts      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Wilson, Alice Faye      Gender: F
Born: Jul 6, 1944      Died: Apr 22, 1945      Buried: Bent Creek
Father: Jim Briscoe Wilson      Born: Grainger Co
Mother: Margaret Long      Born: Greene Co

Name: Wilson, Elizabeth      Gender: F
Born: Dec 12, 1857      Died: Feb 13, 1936      Buried: Huff
Father: James Harrison      Born: TN
Mother: Nancy Proffet      Born: TN
Spouse: Samuel Wilson
Children: J H, Schley, Mrs Constance Waters

Name: Wise, Margret M      Gender: F
Born: May 9, 1864      Died: Dec 23, 1934      Buried: Frances??
Father: Jessie K Garner      Born: NC
Mother: Zilpha Strange      Born: TN
Spouse: James Wise

Name: Witt, Lady Ora      Gender: F
Born: Feb 26, 1880      Died: Sep 14, 1944      Buried: Point Pleasant
Father: Thomas Jefferson Spitzer      Born: Unknown
Mother: Millie Walker      Born: Greene Co
Spouse: Storkey Witt?
Children: Tammie, Mrs Leata Gann

Name: Woods, Bradley      Gender: M
Born: Oct 26 1902      Died: Mar 26, 1933      Buried: Old Town
Father: Alexander Woods      Born: Newport, TN
Mother: June? Allen      Born: Newport, TN

Name: Woods, Cordie      Gender: F
Born: Apr 18, 1871      Died: Sep 8, 1943      Buried: Dunn
Father: John Barnes      Born: TN
Mother: Betty Allen      Born: TN
Children: Sam, Roy, Lawrence

Name: Woods, Dennis      Gender: M
Born: Jan 30, 1921      Died: Nov 15, 1939      Buried: Forbian
Father: Stuby Woods?      Born: TN
Mother: Bessie McCrary      Born: TN
Children: Mrs Minnie Moore

Name: Woods, Sturley      Gender: M
Born: Dec 23, 1877      Died: Dec 7, 1932      Buried: Rodgers
Father: James Woods      Born: Cocke Co
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Cilies Woods??
Children: Aron, Carrie, Cynthia, Roxie

Name: Woody, George Washington      Gender: M
Born: May 20, 1865      Died: Aug 9, 1943      Buried: Oak Grove
Father: George Woody      Born: Unknown
Mother: Edith Quilliams      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Mary Reece
Children: Rubin, Mrs Emma Gown, Mrs Myrtle Kelley

Name: Wrenner, Jenelia?      Gender: F
Born: Jul 12, 1858      Died: Jun 27, 1944      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Hiram L Balch      Born: NC
Mother: Mary Eliz Ikard?      Born: NC

Name: York, Margrette Rebecca Jane      Gender: F
Born: Aug 24, 1854      Died: Dec 2, 1932      Buried: Jenkins Chapel
Father: William Bentley      Born: NC
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Spouse: M C York
Children: John

Name: Young, Lewis      Gender: M
Born: Jan 12, 1870      Died: Mar 3, 1938      Buried: Forbian
Father: Anderson Young      Born: TN
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Spouse: Viola, Gertrude, Thurston?

Name: Young, Sue Addie      Gender: F
Born: Mar 22, 1912      Died: Sep 2, 1934      Buried: Faubian
Father: James Robinson      Born: NC
Mother: Emma Carr      Born: SC
Spouse: Jasper Young
Children: Margarett

Name: Young, William Jasper      Gender: M
Born: Mar 7, 1911      Died: Aug 24, 1934      Buried: Faubian
Father: Charles Harrison Young      Born: TN
Mother: Elizabeth Coleman      Born: KY
Spouse: Sue Addie Robinson
Children: Mrs Harold Kibe, Mrs H F Estes

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