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Name: Garner, Francis Diane      Gender: F
Born: Jan 13, 1942      Died: Sep 7, 1943      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: John Garner      Born: TN
Mother: Eunice Clevenger      Born: TN

Name: Gibson, Henry Porter      Gender: M
Born: Sep 29, 1907      Died: May 17, 1941      Buried: Point Pleasant
Father: Bayless Gibson      Born: TN
Mother: Nancy Eddington      Born: TN
Spouse: Katie Hurst
Children: Eugene, Carrol

Name: Gillespie, Sarah Ann      Gender: F
Born: Oct 22, 1859      Died: Apr 19, 1949      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Dave Boyer      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Children: Stella, Bonnie, Gay, Edgar, Jessie

Name: Gillespie, Thomas Jefferson      Gender: M
Born: Mar 17, 1864      Died: Feb 4, 1943      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Thomas Gillespie      Born: NC
Mother: Mary Reynolds      Born: NC
Spouse: Sarah A Boyer
Children: Stella, Bonny, Ray, Edgar, Verna Jessie

Name: Gooch, Ada Clara      Gender: F
Born: Apr 6, 1879      Died: Apr 10, 1944      Buried: Hamblen Co
Father: Jacob C Barkley      Born: Washington Co
Mother: Alice Telford      Born: TN
Spouse: William Horace Gooch
Children: Mrs Helen Wood,

Name: Goodrum, Infant      Gender: F
Born: Jun 17, 1945      Died: Jun 17, 1945      Buried: Old Town
Father: James Henry Goodrum      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Nannie Bee Posey      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Gorman, Joseph Nettie      Gender: M
Born: Aug 30, 1873      Died: Aug 12, 1940      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: William Gorman      Born:
Mother: Malissia Atchley      Born:
Spouse: Sallie Oneil
Children: Mrs Trula Miller

Name: Gorrell, James Walter      Gender: M
Born: Apr 11, 1932      Died: Sep 12, 1932      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Roscoe Gorrell      Born: TN
Mother: Mollie Raines?      Born: TN

Name: Gorrell, Olta? Mae      Gender: F
Born: Apr 10, 1901      Died: Oct 18, 1935      Buried: Forbian
Father: J C Mathews      Born: TN
Mother: Dora Allen      Born: TN
Spouse: John E, Gorrell
Children: Mary, Margaret, Maudella??, Charles

Name: Gowan, Carrie Della      Gender: F
Born: May 24, 1872      Died: Nov 9, 1945      Buried: Forbian
Father: William R Lambe      Born: Hot Springs, NC
Mother: Eliza Rollins      Born: Greene Co
Children: Thenward?, Cecil, Mrs Tennie Wyatt, Mrs Verlie Lawson

Name: Gray, Clinton Monroe      Gender: M
Born: Dec 19, 1873      Died: Aug 26, 1943      Buried: Wilsonville
Father: Newton Gray      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Catherine Lewis      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Mary Vegie Fine
Children: Thos James, William, Mrs Jack Mathews

Name: Gray, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Oct 2, 1945      Died: Oct 2, 1945      Buried: Bryant
Father: Walter Gray      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Della Raines      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Gray, Mary Cora Ellen      Gender: F
Born: Jul 22, 1870      Died: Feb 5, 1938      Buried: Union
Father: Walter Gray?      Born: TN
Mother: Nannie Markell??      Born:

Name: Green, Isaac Milham      Gender: M
Born: Feb 4, 1858      Died: Dec 10, 1942      Buried: Green
Father: Isaac Green      Born: Unknown
Mother: Sarah Henry      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Mary Huskey
Children: Lawson, Edmund, Nellie, Betty, Rachel, Nettie, Walter,

Name: Green, John Calvin      Gender: M
Born: Aug 28, 1945      Died: Aug 30, 1945      Buried: Clark
Father: Oren Green      Born: DelRio, TN
Mother: Lola Cates      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Gregg, Arnold Ray      Gender: M
Born: Dec 13, 1941      Died: Apr 13, 1942      Buried: Forbian
Father: Mack Allen Gregg      Born: TN
Mother: Annie Laura Freshour      Born: TN

Name: Gregg, Billie Carroll      Gender: M
Born: Aug 27, 1941      Died: Nov 24, 1941      Buried: Forbian
Father: Charles Nepolean Gregg      Born: TN
Mother: Edna Belle Gregg      Born: TN

Name: Gregg, Eliza      Gender: F
Born: Mar 18, 1882      Died: Jul 14, 1942      Buried: Mt Olivet
Father: Sam Gregg      Born: TN
Mother: Sarah Gregg      Born: TN

Name: Gregg, Ima Gene      Gender: F
Born: 3 Months      Died: 12203      Buried: Union
Father: Alonzo?? Gregg      Born: Newport, TN
Mother: Edna Derring      Born: Greene Co

Name: Gregg, Infant      Gender: F
Born: Aug 22, 1943      Died: Aug 22, 1943      Buried: Union
Father: Wade Gregg Jr      Born: TN
Mother: Katherine Miller      Born: Greene Co

Name: Gregg, Infant      Gender: F
Born: Dec 6, 1944d      Died: Dec 6, 1944      Buried: Forbian
Father: Mack Gregg      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Anna Laura Freshour      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Gregg, James Henry      Gender: M
Born: Nov 6, 1871      Died: Jun 25, 1941      Buried: Salem
Father: Joseph Gregg      Born: TN
Mother: Vine Drymine      Born: TN

Name: Gregg, Marlyn      Gender: F
Born: Jun 13, 1944      Died: Mar 21, 1945      Buried: Gregg Chapel
Father: Til Gentry      Born:
Mother: Dorothy Lee Gregg      Born: Newport, TN

Name: Gregg, Martha Pearl      Gender: F
Born: May 13, 1899      Died: Oct 2, 1936      Buried: Cedar Hill
Father: Charlie Combs      Born: TN
Mother: Mary Bryant      Born: TN
Spouse: Estil Gregg
Children: Jack Gregg

Name: Gregg, Milas      Gender: M
Born: Aug 15, 1875      Died: Jan 31, 1936      Buried: Mt Olive
Father: Samuel Gregg      Born:
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Amanda Tweed
Children: Perry, Tony, Carter Herman, Henry

Name: Gregg, Ronald Earl      Gender: M
Born: Nov 3, 1938      Died: Nov 7, 1938      Buried: Gregg
Father: Estil Earl Gregg      Born: TN
Mother: Ina Mae Shields      Born: TN

Name: Gregg, Theodore      Gender: M
Born: Nov 5, 1872      Died: Dec 7, 1945      Buried: Forbian
Father: William gregg      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Margaret Ebbs      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Lucy Hedrick??
Children: Mary, Dora Lee

Name: Gregg, Walter      Gender: M
Born: May 20, 1881      Died: Feb 26, 1945      Buried: Cedar Hill
Father: William Gregg      Born: Unknown
Mother: Mary Hensley      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Julia Mantooth
Children: Ernest, Thomas, Lewis, Persey???

Name: Gregg, William Marsh      Gender: M
Born: Apr 28, 1888      Died: May 26, 1940      Buried: Mt Olive
Father: Lewis Gregg      Born: Unknown
Mother: Malicie? Cutshaw      Born: NC
Spouse: Muncie Hensley
Children: Fred, Bobbie, Charles, Pauline, W M Jr, L D, J B

Name: Gregory, Thula Jane      Gender: F
Born: Oct 24, 1881      Died: Apr 12, 1939      Buried: Union
Father: Hugh Nance      Born: TN
Mother: Caroline Strange      Born: TN
Spouse: William Richard Gregory
Children: George, Henry, Lonnie, Sarah, Francis, Eva

Name: Grigsby, Laura Ann      Gender: F
Born: Dec 28, 11859      Died: Jun 20, 1941      Buried: Mulberry
Father: LewisGrigsby      Born: TN
Mother: Rebecca Bryant?      Born: TN
Spouse: Hicks Greenwood

Name: Gudger, W M      Gender: M
Born: Apr 30, 1895      Died: Jun 4, 1940      Buried: Old Town
Father: Anthony W Gudger      Born: NC
Mother: Alice Allen      Born: TN
Spouse: Beatrice Underdown
Children: Dortha, Annette, William, Charles, Emaline, Mary Alice

Name: Hale, Infant      Gender: F
Born: Jun 26, 1941      Died: Jun 26, 1941      Buried: Fox
Father: James Luther Hale      Born: TN
Mother: Hattie Wilds      Born: TN

Name: Hall, Frank Bunette      Gender: M
Born: Feb, 11, 1936      Died: Mar 23, 1936      Buried: Swansylvania
Father: Lush Hall      Born: TN
Mother: Julia Edmons      Born: TN

Name: Hall, Melvin??      Gender: M
Born: Aug 18, 1942      Died: Aug 28, 1942      Buried: Mt Zion
Father: Theodore Hall      Born: TN
Mother: Sue Addie Turner      Born: TN

Name: Hall, Samuel Elbert      Gender: M
Born: Jun 6, 1867      Died: Jul 22, 1943      Buried: Bell Hill
Father: James Holt      Born: TN
Mother: Sarah Green      Born: TN
Spouse: Matilda Messer
Children: David, Horace, Hobert, Alex, Elizabeth

Name: Hance, Hugh      Gender: M
Born: May 20, 1859      Died: Apr 21, 1936      Buried: Lawson Chapel
Father: Calvin Hance      Born:
Mother: Mary Free?      Born:
Spouse: Carolyn Strange
Children: Charles, Calvin, Walker, Joseph, Mrs W R Gregory

Name: Hance, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Jun 3, 1944      Died: Jun 3, 1944      Buried: Rays Chapel
Father: Hugh Hance      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Lillie Ball      Born: Sevier Co

Name: Harper, Martha Tennessee      Gender: F
Born: Oct 1, 1870      Died: Mar ^, 1943      Buried: Union
Father: James D Pierce      Born: Carter Co
Mother: Arminter Frazier:?      Born: Cocke Co
Children: Mae?, Fred, Neil, Raymond, Allen, Mrs Homer Brooks, Mrs Ulius Burnett?

Name: Harris, Kathleen      Gender: F
Born: Apr 14, 1934      Died: Oct 14, 1934      Buried: Phillips
Father: Ben Harris      Born: TN
Mother: Sallie Clevenger      Born: TN

Name: Hatley, Eliza EmmaElizabeth      Gender: F
Born: Jun 4, 1880      Died: Jun 5, 1933      Buried: Union
Father: Jessie Brown      Born: Morristown, TN
Mother: Amanda Gray      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: George Hatley
Children: Mrs Gracie Woods

Name: Haynes, Laura Eliza      Gender: F
Born: Dec 2, 1862      Died: Feb 3, 1943      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Merdia???      Born: Unknown
Mother: Catherine??      Born: Unknown
Spouse: Laura Shores
Children: Mary, W P, Glenn, Webster

Name: Helm, Charles Miller      Gender: M
Born: Feb 26, 1916      Died: Oct 11, 1935      Buried: Union
Father: Bruce Helm      Born: TN
Mother: Leota Miller      Born: TN

Name: Henderson, Emma Belle      Gender: F
Born: Jan 29, 1873      Died: Sep 9, 1942      Buried: Hills Chapel
Father: John Henderson      Born: TN
Mother: Polly Henry      Born: TN

Name: Henderson??, Mary Jane      Gender: F
Born: Oct 9, 1944      Died: Feb 19, 1945      Buried: French Broad Jef co
Father: Joseph Henderson?      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Annie Phillips      Born: Jefferson Co

Name: Henry, Phoebe Jane      Gender: F
Born: Dec 15, 1877      Died: Jun 28, 1945      Buried: Phillips
Father: Robert Reece      Born: Sevier Co
Mother: Sarah Ketner      Born: Jefferson Co
Spouse: James Patrick Henry
Children: Ralph, J W, Clyde, Robert, Ruble

Name: Hill, Annie Carlean      Gender: F
Born: Mar 24, 1941      Died: Jul 8, 1941      Buried: Holders Grove???
Father: Elmer Hill      Born: TN
Mother: Ella Mae Holder      Born: TN

Name: Hill, Infant      Gender: M
Born: Sep 23, 1935      Died: Sep 23, 1935      Buried:
Father: Frank Hill      Born: TN
Mother: Connie Hall??      Born: TN

Name: Hoard, Jacob Henry??      Gender: M
Born: Jan 24, 1855      Died: Sep 21, 1941      Buried: Rays Chapel
Father: Joe Hoard      Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Spouse: Elizabeth Cogdill
Children: Drew, Robert, Cara, Ruth, Katherine

Name: Holbert, Willie      Gender: M
Born: Jun 12, 1913      Died: Feb 23, 1935      Buried: Rankin
Father: George Holbert?      Born: TN
Mother: Ida Gibson??      Born: TN

Name: Holland, George      Gender: M
Born: May 9, 1902      Died: Mar 11, 1943      Buried: Asheville, NC ??
Father: Walter Holland      Born: Unknown
Mother: Carrie Johnson      Born: NC

Name: Holloway, Joe      Gender: M
Born: Jun 4, 1935      Died: Feb 3, 1936      Buried: ??
Father: Charlie Hallaway      Born: TN
Mother: Nellie Herrell      Born: NC

Name: Holt, Cecil      Gender: M
Born: Apr 15, 1927      Died: 12198      Buried: Liberty Hill
Father: Jessie Holt      Born: Bybee, TN
Mother: Linnie Belle Sneed      Born: Bybee, TN

Name: Holt, Eura      Gender: F
Born: Jul 5, 1915      Died: Nov 17, 1945      Buried: New Home Ch
Father: James alexander French      Born: Greene Co
Mother: Martha Owens      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: Tilhman Holt
Children: Doyle, Arvin, Carrol, Lorene, Louis, Gail

Name: Holt, Harold Douglas      Gender: M
Born: Feb 1, 1933      Died: Sep 10, 1933      Buried: France
Father: Cecil Holt      Born: TN
Mother: Mammie Parris      Born: Union, SC

Name: Holt, Joseph      Gender: M
Born: xxx, xx, 1873      Died: Feb 11, 1933      Buried: Liberty Hill
Father: Dutch Holt      Born: TN
Mother: Mae Legg      Born: NC
Spouse: Silvey Fox
Children: Harrison, Ernest, Mack, Luther, Emery

Name: Holt, Juanita      Gender: F
Born: Aug 6, 1941      Died: Mar 15, 1942      Buried: Open Door
Father: Ruel Holt      Born: TN
Mother: Maude McCurry?      Born: TN

Name: Holt, Margaret Lucinda      Gender: F
Born: Aug 30, 1854      Died: Jul 11, 1941      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Henry Gregg      Born: Unknown
Mother: Ann Keifer      Born: Unknown
Children: Dolphus, Charlie B, Harrison

Name: Holt, Nancy      Gender: F
Born: May 21, 1942      Died: Sep 17, 1942      Buried: Union
Father: Joseph Andrew Holt      Born: TN
Mother: Edna Green      Born: TN

Name: Holt, Ray      Gender: M
Born: Mar 28, 1943      Died: Jul 24, 1944      Buried: Phillips
Father: Ruel Holt      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Maude McCurry?      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Holt, William J      Gender: M
Born: Nov 22, 1876      Died: Sep 16, 1938      Buried: Fine
Father: Geo Holt      Born: TN
Mother: Sabrie Harper??      Born: TN
Spouse: Sallie Griffin
Children: Walter, Chris, Judge, Donald, Ruth

Name: Horton, Andrew Jackson      Gender: M
Born: Nov 25, 1880      Died: Aug 21, 1937      Buried: PleasantHill Ch
Father: John Horton      Born: Va
Mother: Louise Carter      Born: Va
Spouse: Blanch Carpenter
Children: Bluford, Rewes?, Anna, Jack Jr

Name: Howard, Infant      Gender:
Born: Mar 10, 1943      Died: Mar 10, 1943      Buried: Swansylvania
Father: Richard Howard      Born: Hamblen Co
Mother: Vanilla Foster      Born: Grainger Co

Name: Huff, James Walter      Gender: M
Born: Apr 2, 1920      Died: Dec 12, 1935      Buried: Brooks
Father: William Austin Huff?      Born: TN
Mother: Cora Ambrose      Born: TN

Name: Huff, John David      Gender: M
Born: Feb 8, 1870      Died: Mar 24, 1942      Buried: Union
Father: Swan C Huff      Born: Unknown
Mother: Sarah Stokley      Born: TN
Spouse: Margaret Stokley
Children: Lester

Name: Hurley, Bernard L      Gender: M
Born: Apr 2, 1895      Died: Dec 1, 1934      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: Joe Hurley      Born: TN
Mother: Angeline Toby      Born: TN
Children: Ivan, Earl, Leana, Geo Robert

Name: Hurst, Leonard M      Gender: M
Born: Mar 27??      Died: Dec 22, 1941      Buried: Hurst
Father: Mack Hurst      Born:
Mother: Laura Free      Born:

Name: Hurst, William Wesley      Gender: M
Born: Jan 1, 1852      Died: Apr 19, 1945      Buried:
Father: James Hurst      Born: TN
Mother: Catherine Wilkins      Born: TN
Spouse: Mary Eliz Travis
Children: Mae, Hattie, William

Name: Inman, Mary Cecil      Gender: F
Born: Nov 27 1944      Died: Jan 21, 1945      Buried: Union
Father: James R Inman      Born: Hamblen Co
Mother: Mollie White      Born: Hamblen Co

Name: Ismder??, Anna Margret      Gender: F
Born: Dec 3, 1869      Died: Jul 9, 1934      Buried: Faubian
Father: Abraham McKay      Born: TN
Mother: Eliza Parks      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: James F Ismder??
Children: Luceil Ismder, ?? Mrs Hugh Sparks

Name: Jackson, Ervin John Heny?      Gender: M
Born: Jul 5, 1904      Died: Aug 27, 1944      Buried: Forbian
Father: Isaac Jackson      Born: NC
Mother: Mary Wilkie      Born: Del Rio, TN
Spouse: Sarah Dawson

Name: Jackson, Frank?      Gender: M
Born: age 78      Died: Jan8, 1935      Buried: Swaggerty
Father: Unknown      Born:
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Rena Mills
Children: Loyd, Mrs William Bryand??

Name: Jackson, Geri??      Gender: F
Born: Jun 4, 1886?      Died: Oct 21, 1934??      Buried: Old Town?
Father: Frank Jackson      Born: SC
Mother: Rena Mills      Born: NC

Name: Jackson, Nannie Mae Young      Gender: F
Born: Jun 9, 1907      Died: May 21, 1938      Buried: Forbian
Father: Charlie Young      Born: TN
Mother: Elizabet Colman??      Born: KY
Spouse: ??Jackson

Name: James, William Henry      Gender: M
Born: Jul29, 1878      Died: Mar 11, 1936      Buried: James
Father: Sam James      Born: TN
Mother: Dicie Ball      Born: TN
Spouse: Kate Relaford
Children: Ruth, Bessie, Hazel, Taft, Jessie, Nellie

Name: James, RobertO'Dell      Gender: M
Born: Aug 22, 1942      Died: Jan 25, 1943      Buried: Forest Hill
Father: William Daniel James      Born: TN
Mother: Lorena Metcalf      Born: TN

Name: James, William Randal      Gender: M
Born: May 14, 1945      Died: Sep 21, 1945      Buried: ??
Father: Winfred Crocket James      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Gladys Webb      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Jenkins, Bryant??, Harrison      Gender: M
Born: Mar 18, 1876      Died: May 30, 1945      Buried: Union
Father:       Born:
Mother:       Born:
Spouse: Anna Ellen Ramsey
Children: Roy and Cecil

Name: Jenkins, Janis Kay      Gender: F
Born: Apr 16, 1942      Died: Apr 16, 1942      Buried: Gregg Chapel
Father: Thomas Cecil Jenkins      Born: TN
Mother: Vivian May Kropff      Born: TN

Name: Jenkins, Kenneth      Gender: M
Born: Jan 21, 1945      Died: Jul 9, 1945      Buried:
Father: Joseph Jenkins      Born: Highland, NC
Mother: Pearl Epely      Born: Cocke Co

Name: Jenkins, Lula Mae      Gender: F
Born: May 26, 1941      Died: Oct 30, 1941      Buried: Fine
Father: Joseph Jenkins      Born: NC
Mother: Pearl Epley      Born: TN

Name: Jenkins, Luvia Buel      Gender: M
Born: Jun 19, 1861      Died: Dec 30, 1945      Buried: Jenkins Chapel
Father: Sanders Jenkins      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Sallie Caughron      Born: Cocke Co
Children: Mrs Denver Howerton? Annie, Addie, Gertrude

Name: Johnson, Louella      Gender: F
Born: Mar 9, 1878      Died: Aug 31, 1936      Buried: Inman
Father: Anderson Hicks      Born: TN
Mother: Harper      Born:
Spouse: J Edward Johnson

Name: Johnson, Luther Ottis      Gender: M
Born: Aug 14, 1902      Died: Sep 16, 1945      Buried: Chestnut Hill
Father: J Edward Johnson      Born: Jefferson Co
Mother: Eva Henderson      Born: Jefferson Co
Spouse: Eliza Coleman
Children: Dorothy

Name: Johnson, Willie Lewis      Gender: M
Born: Sep 1, 1866      Died: Feb 19, 1935      Buried: Maloney Family Cem
Father: Joel Johnson      Born: TN
Mother: Sallie Maloney      Born: TN
Spouse: Ollie Walton

Name: Jonas, John Julahu      Gender: M
Born: Apr 2, 1864      Died: 11824      Buried: Union
Father: William Jones      Born: DelRio
Mother: Polly Davis      Born: DelRio
Spouse: Sue Huff
Children: Mrs E G McNabb, Elizabeth Jones, Sara J McNabb

Name: Jones, Lena Stokely      Gender: F
Born: Oct 22, 1865      Died: Apr 5, 1945      Buried: Union
Father: Charles Stokely      Born: TN
Mother: Sara Jane Moore      Born: TN
Children: Jessie, Jennie, Mrs J Q Wagner

Name: Jones, Mossie Cattrell      Gender: F
Born: Apr 20, 1867      Died: Sep 28, 1945      Buried: Union
Father: Marshill Cottrell      Born: Claiborne Co
Mother: Eliza Woodson      Born: Claiborne Co
Spouse: George Jones
Children: Mannie

Name: Jones, Ollie Ball Mrs      Gender: F
Born: Jun 4, 1889      Died: 11830      Buried: Inman
Father: William Hall      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Martha Jane Turner      Born: Cocke Co
Spouse: John Jones

Name: Keener, Elisha      Gender: M
Born: Sep 1, 1862      Died: Dec 5, 1934      Buried: Keenerville
Father: William Keener      Born: NC
Mother: Unknown      Born:
Spouse: Maggie Ledford
Children: James and Caney, Alice

Name: Keistler, ?? Jamie Maloy      Gender: F
Born: Oct 16, 1864      Died: Jul 12, 1942      Buried: Union
Father: John Maloy      Born: TN
Mother: Nancy Jane Stuart      Born: TN
Spouse: Frank Keistler
Children: Mrs Frank Suggs, Mrts Grady Giles

Name: Kelley, Dellie      Gender: M
Born: Aug 22, 1889      Died: Apr 17, 1939      Buried: Clay Creek
Father: Abraham Kelley      Born: TN
Mother: Thula Ledford?      Born: TN
Spouse: Callie Cline
Children: Gertrude, Eugene, J W

Name: Killion, Anna MaeMrs      Gender: F
Born: Feb 2, 1895      Died: Aug 7, 1942      Buried: Swansylvania
Father: James Leanore Mayers      Born:
Mother: Alice Lillian Smith      Born: TN
Spouse: Hudson Killion
Children: J W, Neda, Mrs Mary Ramsey, Mrs Pearl Smith

Name: Killion, James Huydson?      Gender: M
Born: Jul 26, 1941      Died: Feb 25, 1943      Buried: Swansylvania
Father: J W Killion      Born: Cocke Co
Mother: Kathleen Freshour?      Born: Jefferson Co

Name: Killion, Patricia Ann      Gender: F
Born: Aug 25, 1941      Died: Sep 10, 1941      Buried: Swansylvania
Father: Alfred Ch?????      Born: TN
Mother: Veda Killion      Born: TN

Name: King, Annie      Gender: F
Born: Sep 4, 1879      Died: Aug, 30, 1944      Buried: Rays Chapel
Father: Bill Williams      Born: TN
Mother: Matilda Case      Born: TN
Spouse: Vordie, Steve, Matt, Bellie, Walter, Ollie, Bessie, Mrs Bill Rains

Name: Knowles, Lucille Grace      Gender: F
Born: Jul 19, 1910      Died: 11813      Buried: Union
Father: Prent Preston      Born: Kansas
Mother:       Born: Kansas
Spouse: Herman Knowles

Name: Knowles, Raymona Blanch      Gender: F
Born: 11811      Died:       Buried: Union
Father: Herman Knowles      Born: TN
Mother: Lucille Grace Preston      Born: Kansas

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