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The approximately 1270 records contained in this article are from a document that was formerly available at the Sevier County Library's Web site. The document is no longer on-line, but it was located in an Internet Archive.

The actual source and transcriber were not identified in the document, nor was there any indication of whether the extraction was completed. Further, there was no explanation of the "Folder #" references.

No copyright infringement is intended by posting the information here for the benefit of researchers.

If you find an item of interest, you should contact the National Archives in Washington, DC, or the TN State Library & Archives in Nashville to determine if there is any detailed information available. These Archives can provide you with a cost estimate for acquiring copies of documents. Contact details for these Archives are available by clicking the links in this paragraph.

NameFolder #War
ADAIR, George W1Civil War
ADAIR, Susan Ghoates1Civil War
AGNEW, Margaret24War of 1812
AILEY, Arnold66Civil War
AILEY, Harrison66Civil War
ALEXANDER, Agnes McGaughy44Rev War
ALLEN, Absalom24War of 1812
ALLEN, Capt Lawrence56Civil War
ALLEN, Emilly Maddox2War of 1812
ALLEN, J S19Civil War
ALLEN, James2War of 1812
ALLEN, James3Civil War
ALLEN, John66Civil War
ALLEN, John J3Civil War
ALLEN, John T3Civil War
ALLEN, John T3Civil War
ALLEN, Matilda Finchum3Civil War
ALLEN, Reuben B3War of 1812
ANDERSON, Ann A48Rev War
ANDERSON, George49Rev War
ANDERSON, Col Robert26Rev War
ANDERSON, James W31Rev War
ANDERSON, William48Rev War
ANGEL, Charley20Rev War
ARCHER, Ensign Sampson50Rev War
ARMSTRONG, Capt James50Rev War
ARNOLD, Lt Robert7Civil War
ATCHELY, Jesse27Civil War
ATCHLEY, Abraham4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Alsey, wife of Abraham4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Benjamin4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Easther4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Elizabeth4Rev War
ATCHLEY, George4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Grace4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Hannah4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Isaac4Rev War
ATCHLEY, James4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Jean4Rev War
ATCHLEY, John4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Joshua4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Liddy4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Lydia4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Mary4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Noah4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Roda4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Sarah4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Thomas4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Thomas4Rev War
ATCHLEY, Thomas, Jr4Rev War
ATCHLEY, W D27Civil War
ATCHLEY, William4Rev War
ATKINSON, Capt John48Rev War
AVERY, Col Francis38Rev War
BAKER, Elizabeth Webb78Rev War
BAKER, Henry B5Rev War
BAKER, Martin78Rev War
BAKER, Samuel62War of 1812
BALL, Samuel26Rev War
BANCH, Joe27Civil War
BANDY, L R28Civil War
BANDY, Wesley9Civil War
BARNHART, Conard66Civil War
BARNHART, Erasoul66Civil War
BARTON, Rev Isaac78Rev War
BAUTHMAN, Catherine5Rev War
BEALL, Ninian26Rev War
BEAR, Andrew51Rev War
BEAVERLY, Capt John26Rev War
BELL, Samuel17Civil War
BELL, W M17Civil War
BERTRAM, Jake9Civil War
BEWLEY, I W39Rev War
BILL, Jim9Civil War
BINKEY, Elizabeth Dall (Dull)34Rev War
BINKEY, Frederick34Rev War
BIRD, Elizabeth Shrader8War of 1812
BIRD, Jim27Civil War
BIRD, John8War of 1812
BIRD, John62War of 1812
BIRD, John78Rev War
BIRD, Michael62War of 1812
BLAIR, Samuel30War of 1812
BLAIR,H S79Civil War
BLAKE, Bill27Civil War
BLANKENSHIP, David9Civil War
BLANKENSHIP, Samuel9Civil War
BLANKS, Henry17Civil War
BLASER, Jacob74Civil War
BLAZER, George M79Civil War
BLAZER, Martha Patterson Webb79Civil War
BLAZON, George27Civil War
BLOUNT, Capt Reddin68Rev War
BOGART, Elizabeth74Civil War
BOGART, Margaret A33Civil War
BOGART, Margaret A74Civil War
BOGART, Margaret Ann79Civil War
BOGART, Samuel79Civil War
BOHANON, J S21Civil War
BOND, Allen20Rev War
BOWEN, Capt Arthur29Rev War
BOWERMAN, R P30War of 1812
BOWERS, Anderson52Civil War
BOWERS, James47Rev War
BOWLING (Bolin), Jesse6Rev War
BOWMAN, Jacob64Rev War
BOYD, Dan20Rev War
BOYD, Lt Jim7Civil War
BOYER, Creed27Civil War
BRADFORD, James79Rev War
BRANAM, W E53Civil War
BRAY, Allen P10Civil War
BRAY, Angley10Civil War
BRAY, Artimissa Gunn28Civil War
BRAY, Elijah7Civil War
BRAY, Elizabeth10Civil War
BRAY, Elizabeth Patterson7Civil War
BRAY, Franklin10Civil War
BRAY, J F7Civil War
BRAY, James10Civil War
BRAY, John D28Civil War
BRAY, Lt W M7Civil War
BRAY, Wilson9Civil War
BRAY, Wilson10Civil War
BRICKELL, Col William79Rev War
BRICKEY, Leigh53Civil War
BRICKEY, Will53Civil War
BRIDGES, Robert17Civil War
BRIMER, Elizabeth11Rev War
BRIMER, William11Rev War
BRIMMER, John66Civil War
BRINNER, Rote66Civil War
BRINNER, Tom66Civil War
BRITHAM, Jacob B28Civil War
BROWN, Howell38Rev War
BROWN, J P20Rev War
BROWN, John20Rev War
BROWN, Nancy20Rev War
BROWN, Robert46Rev War
BROWN, Thomas46Rev War
BRUCE, John17Civil War
BRYANT, A S3Civil War
BRYANT, R T3Civil War
BRYANT, William3Civil War
BRYON, Rev William38Rev War
BUCHANAN, Hugh8War of 1812
BUCHANAN, William8War of 1812
BUFORD, John67Rev War
BUFORD, Thomas67Rev War
BUIE, W L21Civil War
BUIE, W L28Civil War
BULL, Elijah74Civil War
BULL, Elizabeth Bogart Trotter74Civil War
BUNCH, Col Samuel24War of 1812
BUNCH, Col Samuel62War of 1812
BURKHALTER, Capt Peter14Rev, War
BURKHART, Caroline A44Rev War
BURKHART, Elizabeth66Civil War
BURNER, Capt Jacob65Rev War
BURTON, Rev Henry50Rev War
BUSH, George80Rev War
BUSH, William38Rev War
BUTLER, A W23War of 1812
BUTLER, Ella23War of 1812
BUTLER, H C23War of 1812
BUTLER, Henry23War of 1812
BUTLER, Martha Emert23War of 1812
BUTLER, Mary23War of 1812
BUTLER, Thomas20Rev War
BUTRAM, Jacob B21Civil War
BYARS, William29Rev War
BYRD, Andrew38Rev War
BYRD, Jake66Civil War
BYRD, Jim66Civil War
BYRD, Mike66Civil War
BYRD, William A66Civil War
BYRD,S A66Civil War
CALDWELL, Capt D M74Civil War
CALDWELL, Hardy20Rev War
CAMPBELL, Col Arthur16Rev War
CAMPBELL, Col William16Rev War
CAMPBELL, George12Rev War
CARTER, Capt Soloman79Rev War
CARTER, Charles17Civil War
CARTER, Peter50Rev War
CATES, C T30War of 1812
CAULDWELL, A24War of 1812
CHAMBERLIN, David63Rev War
CHAMBERLIN, Lt Joseph63Rev War
CHAMBERS, Capt James47Rev War
CHAMBERS, Perry27Civil War
CHANDLER, J P17Civil War
CHAPMAN, Robert12Rev War
CHEATHAM, Capt Henry50Rev War
CLABOUGH, Nancy Jane60Civil War
CLARK, Baxter23War of 1812
CLARK, G R50Rev War
CLATON, Lt Robert54Civil War
CLEAVELAND, Col Benjamin26Rev War
CLEVELAND, Capt John6Rev War
COLEMAN, Col Dave56Civil War
COMPTON, Elizabeth13Rev War
COMPTON, Jeremiah H13Rev War
CONYERS, Capt James5Rev War
COOK, John14Rev War
COOPER, Capt B J10Civil War
COOPER, Henry34Rev War
COOPER, Mary3War of 1812
COPPINGER, Mary Mitchell15Rev War
CORNER, William10Civil War
COSBY, B P21Civil War
COWAN, John50Rev War
COWAN, John79Rev War
COX, L Pate9Civil War
CRAWFORD, George M29Rev War
CRAWLEY, Henry49Rev War
CRAWLEY, Thomas49Rev War
CRESSWELL, Andrew16Rev War
CRIGGER, Capt Valentine26Rev War
CROCKER, Rev Thomas79Rev War
CROCKETT, Col Joseph75Rev War
CROSS, Ransom66Civil War
CROW, Rev J C61Rev War
CUMMINGS, Rev James74Civil War
CURLEY, Elizabeth M10Civil War
CURRY, Elizabeth Mitchell48Rev War
DANIEL, Wm M61Rev War
DAVIDSON, Capt George50Rev War
DAVIDSON, Capt H H56Civil War
DAVIDSON, Capt Harvey56Civil War
DAVIDSON, S M56Civil War
DAVIS, A H79Rev War
DAVIS, Alfred2War of 1812
DAVIS, Capt Moses79War of 1812
DAVIS, Capt Thomas50Rev War
DAVIS, Jim27Civil War
DAVIS, Lt John67Rev War
DAVIS, Marion27Civil War
DAVIS, W T33Civil War
DAVIS, Will20Rev War
DAVIS, William26Rev War
DAVIS, William M43War of 1812
DEAN, Luke50Rev War
DECHERD, Robert9Civil War
DECKARD, G10Civil War
DeLOZIER, George27Civil War
DENNIS, Robert19Civil War
DENTON, Amos23War of 1812
DENTON, Carl23War of 1812
DENTON, Charles23War of 1812
DENTON, Eli23War of 1812
DENTON, Emily Roe17Civil War
DENTON, Frances Rutherford19Civil War
DENTON, H G17Civil War
DENTON, Henry23War of 1812
DENTON, Isaac17Civil War
DENTON, Isaac A18Civil War
DENTON, J B17Civil War
DENTON, James2War of 1812
DENTON, James R18Civil War
DENTON, Laura V Trotter23War of 1812
DENTON, Ozias17Civil War
DENTON, Paul23War of 1812
DENTON, Ray23War of 1812
DENTON, Robert W17Civil War
DENTON, Ruthie17Civil War
DENTON, S W23War of 1812
DENTON, William Anderson19Civil War
DERRICK, Ruth27Civil War
DERRICK Jonas27Civil War
DESHEN, Lt Peter14Rev War
DICKENSON, Pleasant34Rev War
Dickey, John31Rev War
DILLARD, Will9Civil War
DIXON, Tom9Civil War
DOLLINS, Ensign Presley31Rev War
DONOHO, Sara Shrewsbury67Rev War
DOSS, Alfred H21Civil War
DOSS, Berry20Rev War
DOSS, Clarissa Walker21Civil War
Doss, Ethel N21Civil War
DOSS, Euniss20Rev War
DOSS, Fanny20Rev War
DOSS, James A20Rev War
DOSS, Jemima20Rev War
DOSS, John20Rev War
DOSS, Martin20Rev War
DOSS, Mary W21Civil War
DOSS, Nancy Brown20Rev War
DOSS, Sally20Rev War
DOSS, Sarah (Arabella)20Rev War
DOSS, Wilford R21Civil War
DOSS, William20Rev War
DOSS, William D20Rev War
DOSS, William Yancey20Rev War
DOSS Joshua20Rev War
DOTSON, Daniel50Rev War
DOTSON, William50Rev War
DOZIER, Joseph17Civil War
DRAKE, Benjamin B31Rev War
DRISCOLL, Lt David3Civil War
DRIVER, Alvin28Civil War
DRIVER, H A21Civil War
DRIVER, Jane21Civil War
DRIVER, W G21Civil War
DUGGAN, Wilson62War of 1812
DUGGIN, Wilson80Rev War
DUGGIN Robert80Rev War
DULIN, Mary78Rev War
DUNKIN, John12Rev War
DUNN, Joseph20Rev War
DUNN, S P3War of 1812
DURHAM, Frank20Rev War
DURHAM, Jim20Rev War
DURHAM, M D9Civil War
DYKE, J H18Civil War
DYSON, Thomas A50Rev War
EDMONDSON, Capt William29Rev War
EDMONDSON, William46Rev War
EDMONS, Bill27Civil War
ELLIBEE, Capt Thomas35Rev War
EMERT, Barbara22Rev War
EMERT, Barbary22Rev War
EMERT, Barbary35Rev War
EMERT, Daniel22Rev War
EMERT, Daniel35Rev War
EMERT, Elizabeth22Rev War
EMERT, F L23War of 1812
EMERT, Frederick35Rev War
EMERT, Fredrick22Rev War
EMERT, George22Rev War
EMERT, Katharine22Rev War
EMERT, Margarett22Rev War
EMERT, N W23War of 1812
EMERT, Polly22Rev War
ETHERTON, William35Rev War
EVANS, Catherine23War of 1812
EVANS, James59Rev War
EVANS, Katharine Emert22Rev War
EVANS, Rev Richard23War of 1812
FAGG, Bartlett20Rev War
FAGG, J A20Rev War
FENTON, Col James63Rev War
FERGUSON, A J53Civil War
FERGUSON, John24War of 1812
FERGUSON, John M59Rev War
FERGUSON, Lee53Civil War
FERGUSON, Lee53Civil War
FERGUSON, Margaret53Civil War
FERGUSON, Margaret Agnew24War of 1812
FINCHUM, Matilda3Civil War
FISK, Charles W53Civil War
FLEEMAN, Thomas25Rev War
FOLDEN, Peter V66Civil War
FOLY, Jacob17Civil War
FORESTER, John B46Rev War
FOX, Adam26War of 1812
FOX, Adam26Rev War
FOX, Cam66Civil War
FOX, Caswell27Civil War
FOX, Daniel26Rev War
FOX, Elizabeth26Rev War
FOX, George11Rev War
FOX, George27Civil War
FOX, George40Civil War
FOX, George80Rev War
FOX, Jacob26Rev War
FOX, Mark5Rev War
FOX, Mary Shrader26War of 1812
FOX, Matthew26Rev War
FOX, Nancy26Rev War
FOX, Pleasant26Rev War
FOX, Ruth Derrick27Civil War
FOX, Vina F40Civil War
FOX, William C62War of 1812
FOX Gilbert27Civil War
FRANKLIN, Tip66Civil War
FRAZOR, James47Rev War
FREEMAN, Artimissa Gunn28Civil War
FREEMAN, Capt Wm49Rev War
FREEMAN, Jesse S28Civil War
FREEMAN, John B28Civil War
FREEMAN, Julina Bray28Civil War
FREEMAN, Leo D28Civil War
FREEMAN, Lewis S28Civil War
FREEMAN, Michael B28Civil War
FREEMAN, Virgin A28Civil War
FRISTOE, Robbin2War of 1812
FRY, Capt Joshua31Rev War

NameFolder #War
GADYS, James66Civil War
GALBRAITH, J P8War of 1812
GAMBLE, David29Rev War
GAMBLE, George29Rev War
GAMBLE, Jane McCaulley30War of 1812
GAMBLE, Jasias30War of 1812
GAMBLE, Moses30War of 1812
GANN, Alex27Civil War
GANTES (YANTES), Jesse67Rev War
GARBER, Michael51Rev War
GARNER, Capt John29Rev War
GARNETT, Larkin61Rev War
GARRETT, James47Rev War
GASS, D P79Civil War
GASS, John39Rev War
GASS, Myranda Chance Webb79Civil War
GENTRY, Abner27Civil War
GEORGE, S H30War of 1812
GHOATES (GOATS), Susan1Civil War
GILLEN, Liss (?)66Civil War
GILLERLAND, Lt William50Rev War
GILLMAN, David20Rev War
GILLMAN, Will20Rev War
GOATS, George1Civil War
GODDARD, Moses50Rev War
GOFORTH, Russell12Rev War
GOOD, Elizabeth M Curley10Civil War
GOODE, Maj (later Col ) Thomas50Rev War
GOODWIN, Capt Uriah12Rev War
GORDON, Capt John50Rev War
GORRELL, W3Civil War
GRAHAM, Joseph79Rev War
GRAHAM, William79War of 1812
GRANTS, Mike9Civil War
GRAVES, Geo L69Rev War
GRAY, Harrison3Civil War
GRAYBILL, Capt Henry80Rev War
GREEN, Capt James38Rev War
GREEN, Col John15Rev War
GREEN, Lt Col Jno69Rev War
GREEN, Obed79Rev War
GREEN, William17Civil War
GREER, David3War of 1812
GREGG, John79Rev War
GREGORY, A J28Civil War
GREGORY, W C28Civil War
GRIERSON, Thomas17Civil War
GRIFFIN, Thomas79Rev War
GRIFFIS, John D63Rev War
GUIN, John31Rev War
GUNN, Artimissa28Civil War
HADLEY, Joshua47Rev War
HAGGARD, Bartlett31Rev War
HAGGARD, David31Rev War
HAGGARD, Henry31Rev War
HAGGARD, James31Rev War
HAGGARD, Nancy31Rev War
HAGGARD, William31Rev War
HAILY, J S17Civil War
HAILY, William17Civil War
HALL, Capt William6Rev War
HALL, Sarah61Rev War
HAMILTON, A P , M D10Civil War
HAMILTON, Abner71Rev War
HAMILTON, John26Rev War
HAMILTON, Maj Andrew50Rev War
HAMLIN, Hezakian49Rev War
HAMMAR, Sam M27Civil War
HAMMOND, Col Leroy80Rev War
HANDLEY, Capt Wm55Rev War
HANEY, Nathaniel53Civil War
HARBORSON, James50Rev War
HARDCASTLE, Jim17Civil War
HARDCASTLE, Joe17Civil War
HARKLEROAD, Henry32Civil War
HARKLEROAD, Jacob32Civil War
HARKLEROAD, Rosanna Riley32Civil War
HARKLEROAD, William D32Civil War
HARPER, Thomas17Civil War
HARRIS, Capt John31Rev War
HARROD, Capt William50Rev War
HARTLEY, James66Civil War
HATCHER, John12Rev War
HAUNETT, Philip48Rev War
HAWK, Jacob51Rev War
HAWK, John (Hag)51Rev War
HAWK, Magtalena (Hag)51Rev War
HAWK, Margaret Myers (Peggy)51Rev War
HAWK, Myers51Rev War
HAWK, Sara51Rev War
HAWK, Stophel51Rev War
HAYS, J B1Civil War
HELTON, France17Civil War
HENDERSON, James54Civil War
HENDERSON, James78Rev War
HENDERSON, Mrs O R23War of 1812
HENDRICS, Allen27Civil War
HENRY, Col James53Civil War
HENRY, Elizabeth22Rev War
HENRY, James30War of 1812
HENRY, John F31Rev War
HENRY, Patrick50Rev War
HENRY, William22Rev War
HICKAM/HICKMAN, George54Civil War
HICKAM/HICKMAN, Hattie54Civil War
HICKAM/HICKMAN, Robert Berton54Civil War
HICKAM/HICKMAN,Elizabeth Jane Plemmons54Civil War
HICKS, Col George35Rev War
HICKS, Harry66Civil War
HILL, Bill66Civil War
HILL, Isaac37Rev War
HILL, James79Rev War
HILL, James M26War of 1812
HILL, N P79Rev War
HILL, Preas66Civil War
HILL, Randal77Rev War
HILL, Thomas11Rev War
HILL, Thomas80Rev War
HILL, William62War of 1812
HILL, William Randall12Rev War
HIND, Lt Charles49Rev War
HODGE, W T53Civil War
HODGES, Elizabeth70Rev War
HODGES, Jack20Rev War
HODGES, James W26War of 1812
HODGES, John H26War of 1812
HOLLAND, C W , M D3Civil War
HOLLAND, John9Civil War
HOLLAND, Judie9Civil War
HOLLAND, Polly9Civil War
HOLLIS, Mary Elizabeth10Civil War
HORTON, Joseph M2War of 1812
HOUK, Beecher33Civil War
HOUK, Belle33Civil War
HOUK, Cassie33Civil War
HOUK, Cordie33Civil War
HOUK, George W33Civil War
HOUK, Henry11Rev War
HOUK, John78Rev War
HOUK, Margaret A Bogart33Civil War
HOUK, Mollie33Civil War
HOUK, Prosser33Civil War
HOUK, Sarah McMahan33Civil War
HOUK, Sydna Jane33Civil War
HOUK, Tillman27Civil War
HOUK, Tilman A33Civil War
HOUK, W R33Civil War
HOWARD, George D50Rev War
HOWARD, John78Rev War
HOWARD, Rebecca43War of 1812
HUFFAKER, J R , M D18Civil War
HUGER, Col Isaac5Rev War
HUGHES, James51Rev War
HUNDLEY, Joseph34Rev War
HUNDLEY, Sarah (Arabella) Doss20Rev War
HUSKINS, Wm C72Civil War
HUTTON, Samuel31Rev War
HYATT, Meshock26Rev War
INMAN, Charles24War of 1812
JAMES, Martha Thurman73Rev War
JENKINS, John35Rev War
JENKINS, Hannah35Rev War
JENKINS, James35Rev War
JENKINS, Mary35Rev War
JENKINS, Pate9Civil War
JOHNSON, Capt Jacob38Rev War
JOHNSON, Capt Samuel26Rev War
JOHNSON, Lt Richard20Rev War
JOHNSTON, George66Civil War
JONES, Ann13Rev War
JONES, Capt Lafayette27Civil War
JONES, Ike17Civil War
JONES, Lee17Civil War
JONES, Rev J S23War of 1812
JUSTICE, Julious27Civil War
JUSTUS, Julius A66Civil War
KAGLE, Henry37Rev War
KEAR, Mary11Rev War
KEE, John73Rev War
KELLEY, Alcy (Alsey)36Rev War
KELLEY, Capt John36Rev War
KELLEY, Daniel36Rev War
KELLEY, Dinah36Rev War
KELLEY, Easter36Rev War
KELLEY, Elizabeth36Rev War
KELLEY, Emeline36Rev War
KELLEY, Jane36Rev War
KELLEY, Jesse36Rev War
KELLEY, Joel36Rev War
KELLEY, Joshua36Rev War
KELLEY, Judah36Rev War
KELLEY, Lewis36Rev War
KELLEY, Nancy36Rev War
KELLEY, Rachel36Rev War
KELLEY, Richard36Rev War
KELLEY, Samuel36Rev War
KELLEY, William36Rev War
KELLEY,John36Rev War
KENDLE, Elizabeth37Rev War
KENDLE, William37Rev War
KENNY, T P17Civil War
KEOGH, William37Rev War
KEYS, Capt James29Rev War
KILLAM, Thomas H50Rev War
KINCANNON, Lt Andrew29Rev War
KING, Robert70Rev War
KINSOLVER, Nancy Ann72Civil War
KITE, Granville66Civil War
KNIGHT, J H3Civil War
KNIGHT, J H, M D3Civil War
KOONTZ, Ensign John38Rev War
KOONTZ, George38Rev War
KOONTZ, Godfrey63Rev War
KOONTZ, Phillip38Rev War
LANE, Moses E27Civil War
LANGSTON, Ben66Civil War
LARGE, Adam39Rev War
LARGE, Deborah39Rev War
LARGE, Elizabeth39Rev War
LARGE, Elizabeth Webb79Rev War
LARGE, Jacob39Rev War
LARGE, John39Rev War
LARGE, John79Rev War
LARGE, Lucy Gorman39Rev War
LARGE, Mary39Rev War
LARGE, Mary A79Civil War
LARGE, Phoeba Cook39Rev War
LARGE, Sarah Harper39Rev War
LARGE, Thomas39Rev War
LARGE, William39Rev War
LATIMER, Daniel47Rev War
LAUGHLIN, Jane44Rev War
LAUGHLIN, John44Rev War
LAVENDER, Lt Lemuel38Rev War
LAW, Margaret21Civil War
LAWSON, Anthony80Rev War
LAWSON, Rev James33Civil War
LAYMAN, Ace66Civil War
LAYMAN, Asa27Civil War
LAYMAN, Asa40Civil War
LAYMAN, Daniel13Rev War
LAYMAN, Elizabeth13Rev War
LAYMAN, Jacob41Rev War
LAYMAN, James40Civil War
LAYMAN, John66Civil War
LAYMAN, John M24War of 1812
LAYMAN, Mrs A C23War of 1812
LAYMAN, Rev David58Rev War
LAYMAN, Sim66Civil War
LAYMAN, Vina Fox40Civil War
LEFTWICH, Capt20Rev War
LEWIS, A J79Rev War
LEWIS, Capt Aaron29Rev War
LEWIS, Capt Jack26Rev War
LEWIS, Col Samuel77Rev War
LEWIS, Robert L52Civil War
LILARD, Abram43War of 1812
LILLARD, Capt James43War of 1812
LILLARD, Col William43War of 1812
LISK, Barnabas26Rev War
LOGAN, Col Benjamin50Rev War
LOGAN, Francis49Rev War
LOVEDAY, Edward27Civil War
LOW, Samuel12Rev War
LOWE, Roadman C33Civil War
LOYD, P T19Civil War
LUNMANS, Daniel11Rev War

NameFolder #War
MacKAY, Alexander67Rev War
MADDOX, Emilly2War of 1812
MADDOX, Jacob42Rev War
MADDOX, James42Rev War
MADDOX, Nathaniel43War of 1812
MADDOX, Rebecca Howard43War of 1812
MADISON, Capt Gabriel50Rev War
MANTOOTH, Thomas26Rev War
MAPLES, Capt Wilson8War of 1812
MAPLES, Sam27Civil War
MAPLES, William C80Rev War
MARION, Gen Francis37Rev War
MARSH, Newt9Civil War
MARSHALL, Charles H69Rev War
MARTIN, Capt George80Rev War
MARTIN, Capt John31Rev War
MARTIN, Charles17Civil War
MATTHEWS, Col Sampson31Rev War
MAXWELL, Robert45Rev War
MAY, Capt Davis13Rev War
MAYFIELD, Jesse Kelley36Rev War
MAZE, Rev Wm50Rev War
McCAULLEY, Jane30War of 1812
McCLEAVE, James63Rev War
McCOWAN, M W24War of 1812
McCown, George11Rev War
McCOWN, George12Rev War
McCOY, J C30War of 1812
McCROSKEY, John16Rev War
McDANIEL, B49Rev War
McFALLS, George27Civil War
McGAUGHY, Caroline A Burkhart44Rev War
McGAUGHY, Elizabeth Lackey44Rev War
McGAUGHY, James D , M D44Rev War
McGAUGHY, Jane Laughlin44Rev War
McGAUGHY, Jane Robertson44Rev War
McGAUGHY, John44Rev War
McGAUGHY, Samuel44Rev War
McGAUGHY, William44Rev War
McINTOSH, Col5Rev War
McKAMEY, E A3War of 1812
McKENNY, J Ashley33Civil War
McKIM, Samuel79Rev War
McMAHAN, Ann Payne45Rev War
McMAHAN, Archibald45Rev War
McMAHAN, John27Civil War
McMAHAN, Redmon46Rev War
McMILLEN,Capt John63Rev War
McMURTRIE, James79Rev War
McMURTRY, Asa47Rev War
McMURTRY, Henry47Rev War
McMURTRY, James47Rev War
McMURTRY, John47Rev War
McMURTRY, M47Rev War
McMURTRY, Margaret Gomer (Peggy)47Rev War
McMURTRY, Mary47Rev War
McSWEEN, W J3Civil War
McWHIRTER, Newton20Rev War
MEADOR, Albert9Civil War
MEADOR, Jim9Civil War
MEBANE, Col Robert68Rev War
MEBANE, Frances Mitchell48Rev War
MELLON, Capt John75Rev War
MILLER, Capt John73Rev War
MILLER, James31Rev War
MILLER, Moses66Civil War
MILLER, William66Civil War
MIMS, C B19Civil War
MIMS, W O3Civil War
MITCHELL, Elizabeth49Rev War
MITCHELL, Samuel48Rev War
MITCHELL, Susan49Rev War
MITCHELL, Anderson48Rev War
MITCHELL, Anna Anderson48Rev War
MITCHELL, David48Rev War
MITCHELL, David48Rev War
MITCHELL, Elizabeth48Rev War
MITCHELL, Frances48Rev War
MITCHELL, Greenberry49Rev War
MITCHELL, Jane48Rev War
MITCHELL, Jane49Rev War
MITCHELL, Jessie49Rev War
MITCHELL, John48Rev War
MITCHELL, Lewis49Rev War
MITCHELL, Mary15Rev War
MITCHELL, Morris49Rev War
MITCHELL, Nancy49Rev War
MITCHELL, Polly49Rev War
MITCHELL, Rebecca49Rev War
MITCHELL, Richard49Rev War
MITCHELL, Robert48Rev War
MITCHELL, Robert49Rev War
MITCHELL, Solomon49Rev War
MITCHELL, Stephen49Rev War
MITCHELL, William48Rev War
MODE, Miller27Civil War
MONTGOMERY, Capt R A74Civil War
MONTGOMERY, Capt Robert79Civil War
MONTGOMERY, Daniel47Rev War
MONTGOMERY, William47Rev War
MOONEYHAM, Ransom66Civil War
MOORE, Thomas50Rev War
MOORE, Andrew50Rev War
MOORE, Chany12Rev War
MOORE, Col John66Civil War
MOORE, Elizabeth50Rev War
MOORE, Elizabeth Harborson50Rev War
MOORE, Hancocke50Rev War
MOORE, Henry50Rev War
MOORE, James50Rev War
MOORE, John50Rev War
MOORE, Nancy Cary50Rev War
MOORE, Samuel50Rev War
MOORE, Samuel50Rev War
MOORE, Sarah Angel50Rev War
MOORE, Severn12Rev War
MOORE, Tabitha50Rev War
MOORE, Thomas50Rev War
MOORE, Thomas50Rev War
MOORE, Thomas H50Rev War
MORGAN, John23War of 1812
MORGAN, John66Civil War
MORITZ, Capt John14Rev War
MORRIS, Rev Y J79Civil War
MORRIS, S W20Rev War
MORRISON, W B , Esqr10Civil War
MORROW, F B43War of 1812
MORTON, B A3War of 1812
MORTON, Edward T48Rev War
MOUNT, Lt C C56Civil War
MULLENIX, Belle Houk33Civil War
MURPHREY, J S17Civil War
MURPHY, Anna Nichols52Civil War
MURPHY, Eliza Trotter23War of 1812
MURPHY, John W252Civil War
MURR, Wesley19Civil War
MURRELL, Lt Samuel31Rev War
MUSGROVE, Pinckney31Rev War
MYERS, Barnibass G14Rev War
NAPIER, John P21Civil War
NEVILLE, John76Rev War
NEWMAN, Wm66Civil War
NEWSOM, Capt J F7Civil War
NICHOL, Hetty Jane52Civil War
NICHOLS, Anna52Civil War
NICHOLS, John W A52Civil War
NICHOLS, Mary H74Civil War
NICHOLS, Susana E52Civil War
NOLAND, Lewis53Civil War
NOLAND, Margaret Ferguson53Civil War
NOLAND, Peter Lafayette53Civil War
NORHOR, Jack27Civil War
NORMENT, Joseph69Rev War
NYE, Shadrack47Rev War
O'BANNON, George, W43War of 1812
OGLE, Isaac12Rev War
OGLE, Thomas12Rev War
OGLESBY, Wesley20Rev War
OLIVER, Mary M Tittle72Civil War
OLIVER, Thomas72Civil War
OUTLAW, Col Alexander26War of 1812
OWEN, Samuel17Civil War
OWENSLEY, James3Civil War
PACE, Capt Drury80Rev War
PAINE, John H43War of 1812
PARIS, Henry45Rev War
PARKER, Col Richard69Rev War
PARTIN, James80Rev War
PARTON, Mitchell23War of 1812
PARVIN, Nancy72Civil War
PATTERSON, Elizabeth7Civil War
PATTERSON, Jim7Civil War
PATTERSON, John66Civil War
PATTERSON, Martha79Civil War
PATTERSON, Mrs G W23War of 1812
PATTON, Capt Frank54Civil War
PATTON, Capt William8War of 1812
PATTON, Robert47Rev War
PAYNE, Ann45Rev War
PEDIGO, Jim9Civil War
PENDLETON, Edmund69Rev War
PENNINGTON, Miriam10Civil War
PENNY, William81Rev War
PERCY, George50Rev War
PERRY, Capt Simeon24War of 1812
PERRY, Capt Simeon26War of 1812
PHARRERS, John80Rev War
PHILLIPS, Catherine34Rev War
PHILLIPS, J J56Civil War
PICKINS, Col Andrew80Rev War
PICKINS, D W33Civil War
PICKINS, Gen Andrew26Rev War
PIFFIN, Richard79Rev War
PIGMAN, Capt Jesse50Rev War
PILLOW, William, Sr50Rev War
PIPKIN, Ira M28Civil War
PLEMMONS, Adolphus56Civil War
PLEMMONS, D P54Civil War
PLEMMONS, Elizabeth Jane54Civil War
PLEMMONS, Robert L56Civil War
PLEMMONS, W J56Civil War
PLEMMONS, William J54Civil War
PORTER, Alexander55Rev War
PORTER, Capt, John8War of 1812
PORTER, Elizabeth55Rev War
PORTER, Ester55Rev War
PORTER, James Douthit55Rev War
PORTER, John W55Rev War
PORTER, Joshua Mc55Rev War
PORTER, Mary55Rev War
PORTER, McKendra B55Rev War
PORTER, Mitchel A55Rev War
PORTER, Mitchell13Rev War
PORTER, Mitchell55Rev War
PORTER, Nancy C55Rev War
PORTER, Penelope55Rev War
PORTER, Sally R55Rev War
PORTER, William16Rev War
PORTER, William55Rev War
POTTER, A W , M D10Civil War
PRESTON, Col Alexander12Rev War
PRICE, Mattie54Civil War
PRICE, Elijah G20Rev War
PRICE, J E56Civil War
PRICE, Jesse P54Civil War
PRICE, S M54Civil War
PRICE, W J53Civil War
PRICE, W R54Civil War
PROFFITT, Samuel P79Rev War
PROFFITT, Sarah Webb79Rev War
RAMSEY, Joel45Rev War
RANSDALE, Thomas71Rev War
RAY, Col Daniel M79Civil War
RAY, George20Rev War
RAY, James50Rev War
RAY, Leander27Civil War
RAYNER, Amos57Rev War
RAYNER, John57Rev War
READ, Col Isaac69Rev War
RECTOR, W R53Civil War
REED, Noah26Rev War
REEVES, Absalom26Rev War
REEVES, Eligah26Rev War
REEVES, John G26Rev War
REEVES, Malinda Elizabeth26Rev War
REEVES, Marthy26Rev War
REEVES, Maryan26Rev War
REEVES, Nancy Fox26Rev War
REEVES, Reuben26Rev War
REEVES, William26Rev War
REEVES, William Nichols26Rev War
RENEAU, Jake66Civil War
RENEAU, Lewis66Civil War
RENEAU, Nip66Civil War
REYNOLDS, Pleasant C49Rev War
RHODES, Capt Joseph38Rev War
RICE, G W79Civil War
RICHARDS, Isaac37Rev War
RICHARDSON, Col Holt31Rev War
RICHARDSON, Lt Edward79Rev War
RICHARDSON, William58Rev War
RICKARD, William66Civil War
RIDDLE, Capt George38Rev War
RILEY, Andrew32Civil War
RILEY, Mary Little32Civil War
RILEY, Rosanna32Civil War
ROBERTS, Annie E60Civil War
ROBERTS, Benjamin59Rev War
ROBERTS, Daniel B60Civil War
ROBERTS, Elizabeth Emert22Rev War
ROBERTS, Elizabeth M60Civil War
ROBERTS, James J60Civil War
ROBERTS, John22Rev War
ROBERTS, John60Civil War
ROBERTS, Leviny C60Civil War
ROBERTS, Nancy Jane Clabough60Civil War
ROBERTS, Phillip61Rev War
ROBERTS, Rebecca60Civil War
ROBERTS, Samuel J60Civil War
ROBERTS, Sarah Hall61Rev War
ROBERTS, William E60Civil War
ROBERTSON, Capt Charles13Rev War
ROBERTSON, William50Rev War
ROBINETTE, Rev J J72Civil War
ROBINSON, Capt William3Civil War
RODGERS, Elijah80Rev War
RODGERS, George80Rev War
RODGERS, Jonah80Rev War
RODGERS, Micaja80Rev War
ROE, B L17Civil War
ROE, Benjamin17Civil War
ROE, Emily H17Civil War
ROGERS, Allen53Civil War
ROGERS, Elijah16Rev War
ROGERS, Elijah35Rev War
ROGERS, Elizabeth50Rev War
ROGERS, James50Rev War
ROGERS, John37Rev War
ROGERS, Rev Elijah77Rev War
ROGERS, Robert H12Rev War
ROGERS, T H53Civil War
ROWE, Benjamin38Rev War
RUSSELL, Capt Joseph53Civil War
RUSSELL, Hobert33Civil War

NameFolder #War
SAFFORD, S A23War of 1812
SARTIN, Dave66Civil War
SARTIN, John66Civil War
SAUNDERS, Fleming25Rev War
SCHOOLER, Benjamin67Rev War
SCOTT, Capt Joseph3War of 1812
SEATON, Ella Butler23War of 1812
SEATON, Mattie Trotter23War of 1812
SELLERS, Michell H70Rev War
SEWELL, Col Benjamin79Rev War
SHARP, Capt John50Rev War
SHARP, Willis B81Rev War
SHELBY, Col Evan29Rev War
SHELTON, Ensign Joseph31Rev War
SHIELD, Robert12Rev War
SHIELDS, Margaret Emert22Rev War
SHIELDS, Polly Emert22Rev War
SHIELDS, Richard22Rev War
SHRADER, Casper62War of 1812
SHRADER, Catherine64Rev War
SHRADER, Catherine65Rev War
SHRADER, Christopher62War of 1812
SHRADER, Christopher66Civil War
SHRADER, Christopher79Rev War
SHRADER, Elizabeth8War of 1812
SHRADER, Elizabeth Burkhart66Civil War
SHRADER, Frederick64Rev War
SHRADER, George62War of 1812
SHRADER, Harmon64Rev War
SHRADER, Henry62War of 1812
SHRADER, Henry66Civil War
SHRADER, Jacob63Rev War
SHRADER, John64Rev War
SHRADER, John64Rev War
SHRADER, Mary26War of 1812
SHRADER, Mary Webb62War of 1812
SHRADER, Mary Webb79Rev War
SHRADER, Philip65Rev War
SHRADER, Sam27Civil War
SHRADER, Samuel64Rev War
SHRADER, Samuel66Civil War
SHRADER, Sydna Jane Houk33Civil War
SHRADER, Wash66Civil War
SHREWSBURY, Allen67Rev War
SHREWSBURY, Nancy Wheeler67Rev War
SHULTS, A Preston22Rev War
SHULTS, Barbara22Rev War
SHULTS, Barbara Emert22Rev War
SHULTS, Elizabeth22Rev War
SHULTS, Frederick Jackson22Rev War
SHULTS, Jacob Witten22Rev War
SHULTS, John R22Rev War
SHULTS, Martin22Rev War
SHULTS, Martin22Rev War
SHULTS, Martin, Jr22Rev War
SHULTS, Mary Ann (Polly)22Rev War
SHULTS, Phillip22Rev War
SHULTS, Pleasant22Rev War
SICK, Capt William37Rev War
SIMMONS, Charley20Rev War
SIMMS, Ann49Rev War
SIMMS, George49Rev War
SIMMS, John49Rev War
SIMMS, Nathan49Rev War
SIMMS, Sarah49Rev War
SIMPSON, William P44Rev War
SIMS, Rance27Civil War
SIMS, S A24War of 1812
SITHERDALE, Lt James13Rev War
SMALLMAN, Grief50Rev War
SMITH, Capt Thomas77Rev War
SMITH, Capt William3Civil War
SMITH, G C26War of 1812
SMITH, Jason B26Rev War
SMITH, John17Civil War
SMITH, John49Rev War
SMITH, Lt Mel3Civil War
SMITH, Maj James13Rev War
SMITH, Nicholas22Rev War
SMITH, Rev George50Rev War
SMITH, William22Rev War
SMITH, William31Rev War
SMITH, William35Rev War
SNODD, Thomas39Rev War
SNODGRASS, Col William29Rev War
SPOON, Lavis27Civil War
SPOTSWOOD, Col Alexander25Rev War
STANSBERRY, Nancy68Rev War
STEIN, Capt James36Rev War
STEPHENS, Capt John30War of 1812
STEWARD, Isaac22Rev War
STINNETT, Mary A Large Webb79Civil War
STINNETT, P L79Civil War
STUART, Mrs G M23War of 1812
STUART, William25Rev War
SUTTON, Ann70Rev War
SUTTON, Ann Lewis69Rev War
SUTTON, Curdilla70Rev War
SUTTON, Elizabeth70Rev War
SUTTON, Elizabeth Hodges70Rev War
SUTTON, John69Rev War
SUTTON, John70Rev War
SUTTON, John C69Rev War
SUTTON, John Pierce70Rev War
SUTTON, John, Jr69Rev War
SUTTON, Joseph71Rev War
SUTTON, Lucy Carter69Rev War
SUTTON, Norborne E69Rev War
SUTTON, Polly70Rev War
SUTTON, Sarah Jane69Rev War
SUTTON, William69Rev War
SUTTON James Kinney70Rev War
TAYLOR, Capt Francis25Rev War
TAYLOR, Elizabeth65Rev War
TAYLOR, Gen Nathaniel3War of 1812
TAYLOR, Lt William25Rev War
TAYLOR, Lucretia79Rev War
TAYLOR, Peter67Rev War
TEDFORD, Sally47Rev War
TEMPLIN, David3Civil War
TEMPLIN, David T72Civil War
TEMPLIN, James Grant72Civil War
TEMPLIN, John F72Civil War
TEMPLIN, Martha Emeline72Civil War
TEMPLIN, Mary M Tittle Oliver72Civil War
TEMPLIN, Nancy Ann Kinsolver Worsham72Civil War
TEMPLIN, Nancy Parvin72Civil War
TEMPLIN, Polly Loyd72Civil War
TEMPLIN, Sarah Amanda72Civil War
TEMPLIN, William72Civil War
THOMAS, Carroll78Rev War
THOMAS, Col John36Rev War
THOMAS, Henry66Civil War
THOMAS, John12Rev War
THOMAS, John27Civil War
THOMPSON, O T18Civil War
THURMAN, J C18Civil War
THURMAN, John73Rev War
THURMAN, Lucy73Rev War
THURMAN, Martha73Rev War
THURMAN, Nancy73Rev War
THURMAN, Sary T73Rev War
TIPTON, B F8War of `812
TIPTON, Caswell3War of 1812
TIPTON, J W H3War of 1812
TITTLE, Jonathan72Civil War
TITTLE, Mary M72Civil War
TRIGG, Capt John67Rev War
TROTTER, A A79Civil War
TROTTER, A H74Civil War
TROTTER, Amos A74Civil War
TROTTER, Amos H74Civil War
TROTTER, Amos R74Civil War
TROTTER, Christopher75Rev War
TROTTER, Elizabeth Bogart74Civil War
TROTTER, George M74Civil War
TROTTER, Hannah A74Civil War
TROTTER, Isa C79Civil War
TROTTER, Isaac79Civil War
TROTTER, John76Rev War
TROTTER, John J74Civil War
TROTTER, John N74Civil War
TROTTER, Lemuel B74Civil War
TROTTER, Mary H Nichols74Civil War
TROTTER, Richard77Rev War
TROTTER, William77Rev War
TTRNER, Jemima20Rev War
TUCKER, Enoch G10Civil War
TUCKER, Mary Elizabeth Hollis10Civil War
TUNIS, Lucy Thurman73Rev War
TURNER, A20Rev War
TURNER, Nancy20Rev War
TURNER, Robert T69Rev War
TURNER, Yancy20Rev War
UNDERWOOD, William12Rev War
VARNAL, Richard5Rev War
VAUGHN, William H10Civil War
VINES, Rev William72Civil War
VINSANT, Capt Jacob36Rev War
WAKEFIELD, Gilbert9Civil War
WALBURN, Peter22Rev War
WALDROP, Emma54Civil War
WALKER, Clarissa A21Civil War
WALKER, James C79Civil War
WALKER, Jane Trotter23War of 1812
WALKER, Lt Peter E27Civil War
WALKER, Rev Benjamin38Rev War
WALKER, Tom66Civil War
WALLING, Jim17Civil War
WALLING, Ruthie17Civil War
WATERS, James30War of 1812
WATKINS, Charles47Rev War
WAYLAND, Mrs J W23War of 1812
WEAVER, Col Thomas54Civil War
WEBB, Anna78Rev War
WEBB, Anna79Rev War
WEBB, Ashley A79Civil War
WEBB, Elizabeth79Rev War
WEBB, Elizabeth Mc78Rev War
WEBB, Elizabeth W78Rev War
WEBB, George W79Civil War
WEBB, Jackson S79Civil War
WEBB, James79Rev War
WEBB, Jesse79Rev War
WEBB, Jesse79War of 1812
WEBB, Jesse79Rev War
WEBB, Jesse C79Civil War
WEBB, John78Rev War
WEBB, John79Rev War
WEBB, John79Civil War
WEBB, John H79Civil War
WEBB, Joseph78Rev War
WEBB, Joseph79Rev War
WEBB, Lorenzo D79Civil War
WEBB, Lucinda79Civil War
WEBB, Lucretia Taylor79Rev War
WEBB, Martha Patterson79Civil War
WEBB, Mary79Rev War
WEBB, Mary A Large79Civil War
WEBB, Mary S79Civil War
WEBB, Mary Trotter79Civil War
WEBB, Milos27Civil War
WEBB, Myranda Chance79Civil War
WEBB, Nancy Jane79Civil War
WEBB, Newton S79Civil War
WEBB, Perry27Civil War
WEBB, Rich78Rev War
WEBB, Sarah79Rev War
WEBB, Sarah Ann79Civil War
WEBB, William79Rev War
WEBB Wiley17Civil War
WEEDEN, John27Civil War
WEEKS, Bill66Civil War
WEEKS, John66Civil War
WELKINS, W A1Civil War
WELLS, Andrew11Rev War
WELLS, Andrew26War of 1812
WELLS, Andrew80Rev War
WELLS, Frank M54Civil War
WELLS, Levi62War of 1812
WELLS, Michael11Rev War
WELLS, Perry27Civil War
WEST, Will9Civil War
WHALEY, C P23War of 1812
WHALEY, C P54Civil War
WHALEY, M12Rev War
WHALEY, P U23War of 1812
WHALEY, Perry23War of 1812
WHALEY, Preston33Civil War
WHEELER, Nancy67Rev War
WHITE, Logan9Civil War
WHITE, William54Civil War
WHITESIDE, Capt William50Rev War
WHITLEY, Moses50Rev War
WILEY, Jane Mitchell48Rev War
WILHITE, ____ Stansberry68Rev War
WILKINSON, Thomas39Rev War
WILLIAMS, Bill27Civil War
WILLIAMS, Capt Isaac62War of 1812
WILLIAMS, Daniel38Rev War
WILLIAMS, Harrison66Civil War
WILLIAMS, Maj John79Rev War
WILLIAMS, Mrs C R23War of 1812
WILLIAMS, S J53Civil War
WILLIAMS, S L53Civil War
WILLIFORD, Jake66Civil War
WILLSON, Tom27Civil War
WINGFIELD, Capt Charles31Rev War
WOLLEFORD, Jake27Civil War
WOMACK, Jack17Civil War
WOOD, Belfield20Rev War
WOOD, Col James76Rev War
WOOD, Col Joseph26Rev War
WOOD, Lt William31Rev War
WOODS, Capt John50Rev War
WOODS, George68Rev War
WOODY, James54Civil War
WOOLSEY, Gilbert14Rev War
WOOTEN, T L21Civil War
WORSHAM, Nancy Ann Kinsolver72Civil War
WORTHINGTON, Capt Edward50Rev War
WYNN, Capt Mitchel79Civil War
YARBERRY, Albers66Civil War
YONG, Capt J H74Civil War
YOUNG, Thomas17Civil War
ZINK, Rev Jacob51Rev War
ZOLLINGER, Alexander81Rev War
ZOLLINGER, Peter81Rev War