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The text contained in this article is from a Web document that was formerly available at the Sevier County Library's Web site. The document is no longer on-line, but it was located in an Internet Archive. The actual source and transcriber were not identified in the document, nor was there any indication of whether the extraction was complete. Some minor, obvious corrections were made to the text because it appeared to have been mechanically converted (OCR).

No copyright infringement is intended by posting the information here for the benefit of researchers.

J. M. Kidd to Jennie Vineyard

Hartwell Ga., Jan. 10, /86

Miss Jennies

Yours of recent date has been received and read with much interest.

The old pear has past away and we have entered in the near. During Xmas holidays there was a great deal of amusement first and last in our little town among the young and old for myself I had a sad time. On Wednesday before Xmas I was thrown from my buggy to the ground that bruised my face which for several days give me much trouble but it is all over now. Miss Jennie after receiving your last note I intended to pay you a visit before this time but the above has prevented but unless providential hendered I am going to visit you some time soon. And now I Will tell you what I am coming for if I and you when we meet are not so changed from what we once was I shall offer you my hand and heart to unite in holy wedlock then and there and bring you with me on my return I hope this will meet with your approbations most assuredly if you give me your consent to this proposition I Would be willing for you to change when we meet. I make the proposition for the benefit of both of us. I think it is useless for me to write more until I hear from you hope you will reply at your earliest convenience.

Your friend and well wisher

J. M. Kidd

P. S. Does the train make connection at Dalton and what time will it arrive at Spring Place.

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